Love In Time [innocent devil & wildpelt]

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  1. Emilia sat in her classroom in her usual seat by the window. She didn't stand out in the crowd too much and she didn't associate with a good majority of the class. It wouldn't be surprising if she didn't know half of their names. Being a straight A student meant more to her than popularity.
  2. Jordan had his head down and wasn't focusing in anything. He was buried in a book, but most of the time he was acting like he was reading. He was extremely shy and thus made few friends he didn't have already. He wanted for class to start intently. But he was only on e desk in front of Emile.
  3. Emilia stretched her arms out as far as they could go. She felt somewhat cramped sitting in her seat all day. A small noise escaped her lips as she stretched. She rubbed her eyes and started doodling little notes and drawings in her notebook on a blank page.
  4. Jordan looked over at the girl of his dreams: Emile. He thought she was smart and pretty and something else. He wanted to hear that she loved him and he say he loved her, then perhaps a kiss. But he was never going to get her.
  5. Emilia looked up at Jordan having a feeling that he was staring. She flashed a slight smile and combed some of her hair back. "Yes?" She had never really talked to Jordan even though he has been sitting next to her for quite some time.
  6. Jordan jumped a bit when she realized he was starring, "Uh n-n-nothing Emile. Just uh you know, watching the sunrises!" Idiot! Shell never go for that! He berated himself.
  7. Emilia laughed a bit. "Watching the sunrise? The sun has already risen. Silly boy. I could've sworn you were staring at me..." She stopped herself and sighed. "I suppose that is pretty selfish to think something like that. You could've been staring at anything."
  8. Jordan suddenly felt compelled to reveal it, "and I-I-if I was staring at your cute face?" He braced himself for an insult.
  9. "I doubt you would've been. I'm not cute." Emilia looked around, her face slightly red. Although this wasn't the first time a guy has called her cute, she still wouldn't believe it.
  10. Jordan moaned a bit, "and hot "
  11. "No way. I'm neither of those. I no different from any of the other girls in class." Emilia slumped onto the desk and laid her head on a text book.
  12. Jordan shyly squeaked, "go out with me so I can prove you wrong."
  13. Emilia blushed more than she did early. "I-I don't know what to say. I'm flattered."
  14. Jordan looked down, "w-would you?"
  15. Emilia smiled seeing how innocent he looked. "Sure. I don't see why not."
  16. Jordan blushed softly, "m-meet me by the cafe around 5, k?"
  17. "Alright." Emilia poked his blushed cheek and laughed seeing how adorable he looked.
  18. Jordan looked down, blushing more.
    Jordan waited at the cafe door.
  19. Emilia arrived at the cafe they were suppose to meet at. "Sorry I'm a bit late. I had a phone call I needed to take care of."
  20. Jordan hadn't noticed, "it's okay Emile. I'm j-just glad you came."