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  1. IC:

    Love in the OtherLand​

    Tull, the ruler of Otherland, a world full of demons, mythical creatures, and monsters observed his people. Seeing that the inhabitants were far from being able to communicate right with humans, he decided to teach them. His plan is for his world and the human world to be able to live together. To teach his people, ne unwillingly brought in a human girl. She must teach the inhabitants what it’s like to be a human, however when affection and love come up, feelings between everyone start to appear.

    ~You can be whatever you want.
    ~You can play as many characters as you want.
    ~Your character can fall in love with whoever, or how many you want them too; it’s your choice when and how they all in love too.
    ~Basically this is a comedy/romance between the characters learning about humans, each other and love.
    ~Feel free to ask any questions.

    Character Sheet:

    Species: (if it’s not obvious please explain what you are.)
    Sexual orientation:
    Extra information: (anything that might not fit the other categories)
    Looks: (picture of description)

    My Characters:

    Name: Cadence Night
    Age: 19
    Species: Human
    Sexual Orientation: Straight*
    Personality: Cadence is spunky and friendly for the most part. She is intelligent but has a terrible temper she always has to deal with. She is usually brave, though seeing creatures she has never seen before can scare her a bit at first.
    Bio/History: Cadence was born on accident. Her mother didn’t want a baby, so the mother left her alone on a bench. Some guy found her and decided to take the baby home. He named her Cadence and raised her as his own daughter. However, her father’s parent’s didn’t like their son bringing in some girl like that, after all, they were rich. So, when Cadence was old enough to realize this, she left and went to live on her own. With no family yet still a happy girl Tull thought she would be the perfect person to send to Otherland and teach his people.
    Extra information: *While my character may be straight I am okay with any gender liking her and I will make things happen to make misunderstands to keep that crush going, after all it’s a comedy.
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    Name: Claudia
    Age: 18
    Species: Angel
    Sexual orientation: Straight
    Personality: Claudia has multiple personalities, or in her case multiple forms. As a Good Angel, she is kind, sometimes shy, and sweet. When she is her Dark Angel form she id playfully evil, outgoing and can be mean. She usually ends up being a mixture of both.
    Bio/History: Claudia didn't always have two sides to her. She used to be only a good angel. But, she became corrupted somehow. No one knows what but it seems to have to do with humans. Ever since that day, she has struggled with her two sides.
    Extra information: Three different forms of her.
    Show Spoiler
    Dark Angel Form

    Good/Light Angel Form:

    Human Form: (Usual form)

    Other characters in the RP:

    Asura CrimsonBlade

    Amelia Cross

    Sellic Johnson

    Kathrine Alesandra


    Damien Schwarz

    Era Saint

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  2. Name:



    Sexual orientation:

    Macha is a very curious and bold person. She will often speak her mind regardless of what other people think. She's very eccentric and sometimes playful. This all ads up to make her quite cute and very lovable

    Macha was raised by her parents. She was the runt of the litter and barely made it through childhood. She became very good at arts like weaving and embroidery. She lives at the base of a massive hollowed out tree. This place is quite cozy and inviting.

    Extra information:
    If she says something don't take offense. Also please don't get mad when she snoops a bit. She is VERY curious
    Looks: Annie_for_Jeso_by_chalosan.jpg
  3. Accepted. :D
  4. Your character just changed sexual orientation didn't she? XP
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  5. No, she's straight but since I want it to be funny if any girls like her I'll personally make things happen that Cadence doesn't really mean to do but somehow the crush takes it as romantic. :)

    But I think you were probably joking for you character. :P
  6. I was joking. Why u no laugh at me joke? \o.o/
  7. Honestly I didn't realize it was a joke at first because I was distracted. :P But, when I realized it, it was funny.
  8. Name-
    Neltharion Goldenscales.

    24, well atleast if you go based on his looks.


    Sexual orientation-

    +Easy going.

    Neltharion, or Nel like some people call him was raised by a single father and grew up as a rather normal kid. Well if a normal kid could turn into a huge fire breathing monster, when their great lord Tull decided to send the human to their world so that monsters would learn from the human emotions as love and similar experiences Nel realised that he himself never felt the same kind of atraction. While some monsters would sit and talk about a certain female being hot or using similar words Nel never really got what they were talking about and instead managed to befriend a large amount of people from both sexes, being close friends to them but still not feeling any kind of atraction.

    Extra information:
    +He likes to read books on his spare time.
    +Owns a small little Cafe called "The sleepy Hollow" which allows customers to relax in comfy seats and read books as they enjoy their time there.
    +Tends to act like an older brother to those who are younger than him, the more years younger you are the more he acts like a brother.

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  9. You're accepted. :D
  10. Yay, now i have my Asexual to diss all and any advance! XP
  11. Name: Asura CrimsonBlade

    Age:18 (120 in demon years; young adult)

    Species: Oni

    Sexual orientation: Straight

    Personality: Asura is very intelligent and level headed when he's not in his true form. He is also very formal and kind, often helping out others and putting their needs and happiness before his own. He has a strict sense of duty and righteousness and will protect those close to him with everything he has; even though he doesn't wish to become king he will do it for his father and his people's sake. In his true form he is almost the complete opposite, he is like a beast that simply wants to fight strong opponents to increase his strength and cares for nothing else.

    Bio/History: Asura is the eldest of three and the only living child of King Tull. His two younger sisters died from a rare disease which left him as the only remaining heir for the throne, oddly Tull raised Asura himself; though he did have help from their servants. Asura's father saw it as a chance for his son to be taught by a human so when Asura would become king the two worlds could finally coexist.

    Extra information: He is the Tull's son and the next in line for the throne. Also he has a seal placed on his body which suppresses his true form that can only be nulled for a short period by someone other than himself in a dire time of need.

    Sealed State:
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    True form:
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  12. Accepted! :D
  13. I added a new character to my list, it's on the first post. :)
  14. Name: P.A.

    Age: P.A. remembers being conscious for up until 8 years ago, so they assume that is their age.

    Species: Enchanted Armor

    Sexual orientation: Unknown, to be discovered I guess?

    Personality: Despite P.A.'s height and imposing demeanor, they are very childlike, falling for simple lies and still believing in children's tales, it wishes only to discover the world and why it was made. P.A. does not like lies of any form, informing those of being plotted against as soon as they can. The nature of their creation masks their voice, giving a sound that can't be distinguished from man or woman. They try to P.A. attempts to stray from combat, disliking it after so many years of nothing but violence. Despite this, they aren't afraid to fight, having the combat experience of when it was a piece of armor.

    Bio/History: P.A. took form when a person loved by their family had died inside the armor, unable to get out. Through a divine miracle, the person assimilated with the armor, becoming one. What exactly happened no one knows, did the human take the form of the armor without memories, did the armor gain sentience, or maybe they combined to create a whole new being? Nevertheless, the armor was driven away by the family when it first attempted to greet them. For many years, with only the knowledge of fighting, the armor went on a mindless journey trying to figure out exactly what it was. Noticing two words scratched inside of it after many years, it took the initials of them and called itself P.A. Then something else miraculous happened, it started to think. It started to recall small things, such as language, and the moment it started to gain consciousness. P.A. now finds itself a part of the police force, tirelessly watching the city day and night, sometimes taking time off to admire wilderness.

    Extra information: The armor is definitely a gender, it is just unsure. There may or may not be a person inside the armor. As it uncovers more about itself, it will start to act more and more like the person who died inside of it.
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  15. You're accepted. :)
  16. Name: Amelia Cross
    Age: 18
    Species: Human
    Sexual orientation: Lesbian

    Personality: Amelia is a pretty casual person, she doesn't tend to startle very easily and strange creatures don't really scare her. She's also moderately outgoing and friendly enough, but is prone to the occasional quip or joke about the current circumstance (or whatever she finds amusing or unusual, really.)

    : Born to reasonably well off merchant/trader parents, Amelia spent a lot of her life either in a large trading hub city or travelling around the world with her parents. As a result, she's seen a lot of different things and people. She's never really had a hard life, but her parents didn't spoil her excessively or otherwise treat her indulgently. However, she doesn't really have much experience with relationships or love.

    Extra information:
    This sounds pretty amusing (and it'd work with my character), I'm probably going to take you up on that.

  17. Name: Abijah
    Age: Irrelevant
    Race: Angel
    Sexual orientation: Abijah hasn't had time to explore his sexuality

    Personality: Abijah is determent and uptight. He compusively follows rules, even when they don't make sense, and he has almost no experience dealing with mortals, leaving him very bad at dealing with them. He often acts like he's looking down on mortals, when in reality he's actually scared of them.

    Bio: Abijah is a loyal servant of the heaven. He was sent to this world to investigate rumors of growing corruption. His investigation was inconclusive. When he went to return to the heavens, he found he couldn't. Since then he has been looking for a way back home.

    Extra: Abijah is an Ophanim, a sub species of angel said to be originally made from the wheel of God's chariot. His angelic form reflects this. He has a human form but hes uncomfortable using it, he much prefers his angelic form.
    human form (open)


    Angelic form (open)
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  18. You two are both accepted. :)
  19. name: jasmine
    age: looks 15 is really 400 years old
    race: kitsune
    sexual orientation: bisexual
    personality: jasmine is very outgoing and playful. she gets distracted easily unless in a fight.
    bio: jasmine was the only girl out of 5 siblings. she was normally picked on by her brothers but once she left home she became who she is today.
  20. Name: Gor'tek
    Age: 18
    Race: Orc
    Sexual orientation: Bisexual

    Personality: Gor'tek is a pig-headed Orc warrior who is cruel in combat. However when not in the battle field she is kind hearted individual who is deeply loyal to her clan and anyone who she considers a friend. She is also very curious and naive of the world at large.

    Bio: Gor'tek grew up in the Orcish village of Rotcoast. She was trained (as were all of the Rotcoast Orcs) in martial combat to defend the village if anyone tried to invade. Gor'tek was trained to be a fletcher for the village. She became curious about the world outside the village when a bard passed through. So she headed out of the village to explore the world.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
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