Love in the Midst of battle (1x1 with RockettStarr)

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  1. (This rp has been switched to a 1x1 with RockettStarr and I)
    After the pact between the vampires, slayers and humans, everything had been fine. Years went by without incident, then a century. But the younger humans, whom had come to begin to ignore the pact or some not even knowing of it, had begun to hunt the prey that the vampires fed off of. This the vampires took as a threat, and with their animal prey dwindling, they decided to take revenge by taking humans as prey as they had before. After about half a year of the attacks, the vampire slayers came into to try to defend the humans and fight back.

    This three-way struggle has been going on for eight years now without end, as the humans continue to hunt because their food is also dwindling, the vampires still attacking the village, and the slayers acting as guards and soldiers to drive back and fight off the vampires.

    So which side are you on?

    Name: Seveline Grace
    Age: 18
    Type: Slayer
    Looks: [​IMG]
    (with blue eyes and darker red hair ) Seveline Avery (Each letter has a different picture)
    Theme song: Roses of May

    The sunlight was disappearing over the treetops in the forest, casting darkness and shadows across the small village. Young villagers scurried home to get inside before night fell entirely; they knew all too well what lurked in the darkness of the forest after darkness had overpowered the sun and reigned the sky. It was a normal sunset, the streets soon enough empty and silent. Doors locked, windows closed and blocked... the entire village in fear of the next attack from their enemy.

    Seveline was sitting up in the old abandoned barn, staring off through the large open air window on the loft. It was common meeting place for the slayers, as well as originally being her hideaway in the start. Half the time she wished she'd kept it that way and not let her duty convince her to give up what little peace and quiet she had left. With a soft sigh, she laid her head against the wood and let her eyes flutter closed; at least she'd been able to get away from all of this vampire fighting deal for just this moment... though she did have to admit, often times it was quite fun to brag of such things. After all, the villagers thought of the slayers as heroes and idolized them. But she, herself, had other reasons for putting up with all of this.

    Her peaceful frame of mind was suddenly shattered as she heard footsteps enter the barn at a hasty pace. "What is it now?" She called out before whoever it was could get any closer. The footfalls froze and for a second there was no reply. "The commander wants to speak with you." A voice called in response, and the girl sighed, getting to her feet and brushing her flame red hair over her shoulder. "I was sent to fetch you. He says it's very important." 'What could be so important this time? I barely get a moment of peace before I'm set off on another mission.' "I'll be right down." She replied instead, knowing better than to argue. 'Let me guess; another vampire attack, I have to deal with it because these rookies are useless in battle. Or another attack plan, and everyone wants me to help go over it. It's always the same.' After clambering down the ladder that led to the barn's loft, Seveline looked over at the blonde haired boy and followed behind him as he led her off towards the meeting place.
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    Name: Vincent Charles
    Looks: Bright yellow eye's. Black hair, quite tall about 6'4. Scar on his left on, small not huge.
    Theme song: Beautiful monster

    Vincent sat on a tree branch as he looked around occasionally sniffing the air for the scent of blood, the forest was dark, so he was able to sit out before the sun went down, but only in a few choice places. He caught a scent of a deer and launched for it, jumping from branch too branch, hoping he would beat the slayers or hunters there. he reached the deer, but he smelt more then just the deer's blood, a slayer was near. Vincent crouched low into the branches to hide his face, these slayers were too stupid to look up anyways. Vincent never understood why the slayers were so idolized by the villagers, the were mere humans, nothing under his teeth but a meal. Vincent had killed a slayer before, so he had many wanted posters up for him, dead, of course, that's the only smart thing about humans, they know when to kill something. Vincent watched as his meal was killed by the slayer and dragged away. a fellow vampire was soon by his side. "why didn't you kill it? The Human, slayer?" it was a blonde boy, he was young, but strong, he was stupid though." Vincent looked at him and ran his hand through his black as night hair. "Because I'm not stupid, they never come in here alone. You still have much too learn Colten. Night is coming, and i am hungry get the rest, we go into the village tonight, its gonna be a good night."

    Vincent waited for night to fall, the million sounds of locks clicking rang in his ears. He stood on a barn rooftop with his clan, scouting the area, when they started hunting humans, they made a pack, never kill a mother, or children, only men and old people, and the occasional whore the taste like shit, but it gets us by. Every now and then they would find a dumb human women wondering the streets, that was always a good night. Vincent was about to speak as heard a thud in the barn below them. Colten jumped at the opportunity to investigate, before Vincent could stop him, he was in the barn. Vincent listened and sent the rest away, to hunt. He he was silent, as he watched. A young slayer with an attitude you could bite followed Colten out of the barn. when Vincent realized his plan, He knew he had to get him out of there.

    Vincent Ju ped to a near by roof top where he knew that the slayer could easily see him and stared down at her, daring her too come after him, He saw that Colten had left as The girl glanced up at him, Vincent Smirked and kept his gaze.

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    Seveline followed behind the blonde haired boy, whom was her best friend, Lukas. As they arrived at the meeting place, s both were greeted. The big boss, the leader of the slayers (whom did not live nearby, so it was a rare occasion to see him... and it only meant trouble) had his gaze fixed on Seveline. The murmuring that had begun fell silent as their leader spoke. "Miss Seveline, as you've probably realized, we are in need of your guidance in an important plan to protect this village." "I have figured that out, yes. And what is this plan? Surely you plan to have me involved, if you asked for my presence here." She could feel the gazes of the rest of the slayers, all high ranked leaders and officials (all male too, as it was very rare that a female had the power or spirit to become a slayer) , but ignored their looks. "Well, yes... in fact, the plan involves just you, this time."'Just as I thought it would; another mission.' "There is a vampire whom has been the leader of the attacks that have caused several deaths over the past months. Since we've currently figured out who he is, and I have discussed a plan with the rest of your troop. Your task is to find him, seduce him, and capture him. Alive. Without their leader, the rest of his group will be in chaos and take a few days to regain their order." "And how do you expect me to just find this obviously elusive vampire?" "That, we leave up to you to figure out." With that, the meeting was at its end, and Seveline was left to figure out how in the world she would work with this mission.

    Sev turned and headed back to the barn, telling Lukas to leave her alone for a little bit. It was almost sunset, she needed time to think. Upon reaching the barn, she went up into the loft and laid down in the hay. "How am I ever going to get this crazy, clearly not thought through, plan to work?" She mumbled to herself. "It's not like this vampire is going to just show up in front of me. And how am I going to seduce him? This is just insane." The young woman sighed exasperatedly, putting her arm over her eyes. 'How do I act? I am not playing the helpless girl, no way. It's obvious I'm a slayer, he won't fall for it...' Seveline was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard Lukas's voice again. "What is it now?" She called, sitting up. "I just wanted to warn you, there are a few vampires already rallying up near the edge of the forest; I saw them while I was out hunting. One of them resembled the male you're supposed to seduce, so keep on look-out." The girl sighed, getting to her feet. "Alright, thanks for the head's up. Get to your post before any of them sneak in though, and make sure to keep the rookies in sight; we don't need anymore deaths from their carelessness." Lukas nodded and took off out of the barn. 'And now the real fun begins.'

    Seveline clambered down from the loft, knowing that if anyone snuck in, that would be their first choice to get in; the doors would be too easy, they'd expect a trap. She knew how vampires thought, they were clever and sneaky. However, she had equally as much experience, and even more when it came to figuring out their plans before they could attack. As she got to the bottom of the ladder, she heard a couple thuds on the roof. 'Barely past sunset, and they're already out. How reckless. Or desperate.' She jumped down the last before steps, intentionally making a thud to attract the attention of any newbie vampires; there was always at least one who snuck in, thinking they could find an easy meal. They were the first to die. Hiding among the shadows, and keeping her breath silent and steady, she awaited a challenger. It wasn't long before she heard noise, and a young vampire male caught her eye. 'Not my target for my mission, but obviously a newbie... or overly curious. A deadly mistake.' He cast a few glances around, but when he saw nothing he headed out. Only then did Seveline follow, sneaking behind him with her hand on the handle of her sword; ready to kill when she got the chance. However, a shadow on a rooftop distracted her and she glanced over from where she was. This time, it was obvious she'd found her target. Her gaze returned to the other vampire, but he was already gone. 'Great, missed my kill... but this may play out in my favor. Now, to just get him down here, make sure he is the right vampire.' "You don't have to hide up there, you know." She called, purposely adding in a smile. "I promise I won't bite." 'No, I should worry more about him on that topic.' She had to make sure this act was believable.
  4. Vincent kept his eyes locked on her as she spoke. Colten was gone and most likely being scolded for such stupid and reckless behavior, but Vincent would scold him later as well. He lifted his scarf over his mouth to only show his bright yellow eyes and launched himself into the air. He landed silently behind the girl, quickly after. looking at her hand on her sword. 'now how to get the slayer to release the sword?' Vincent heard a woman in the distance waling, the clicking of her heels and the smell of warm blood filled his body. "You really should release the sword if you wish to met someone new." Vincent whispered in her ear before jumping back in front of her, so that he wouldn't be attacked. "I apologize for the young one, he is new, and quite well young." Vincent chuckled under the scarf still hiding the majority of his face. "but killing him is a little exaggerate don't you think?" Vincent turned away from the girl and began to walk away. he knew that this night wasn't over yet, especially with this girl, he would make sure of it. Vincent returned to Colten and picked him up from the ground he stood on. "YOU IMPASSIBLE IDIOT, YOU NEARLY HAD YOURSELF KILLED!!" Vincent's scarf was now removed to show his exposed fangs, he figured the girl had followed him, he didn't care. Vincent threw Colten onto the ground. "Make a easy kill, not a slayer! and go home Colten!"

    Vincent Left Colten, to find the women he had yearned for. he found her cowering in a corner behind a barrel. *tsk* *Tsk *tsk* "Why so scared, young lady, you should be home, its late and monsters are out at this time, let me guide you." Vincent put his hand out too guide her, she easily took it and began to leave with him. He lead her into the open courtyard, where he preferred too make kills. "Now my lady, I need you to promise to scream." Vincent smiled at her and bared his teeth, pulling her close and biting into her neck. Her blood entered his mouth and and his body trembled. The woman screams and shrills filled the air as her last breath was taken from her. Vincent drank to his heart content then left her to lie there, dead. he wiped his mouth, then noticed and young girl standing alone just off in the distance. "come with me girl. I can take you someplace safe." Vincent Picked up the young girl and launched into the air, rooftop to rooftop he looked for the slayer girl he had spoken to before, once he had found her he landed in front of her. Dust twirled around the two as wind from the landing did the same. "Take her to an orphanage, I have killed her mother by accident." Vincent knelled down in front of the girls face. "I am sorry for what i have done, i hope you can forgive me." Vincent kissed the young girls forehead, she hugged him in return. "Please take care of her." Vincent nugged the young girl towards the Slayer and realized hsi face was exposed. 'Shit!'
  5. Seveline saw the man shift towards the edge of the roof, but when he jumped, he moved too quick to follow. She glanced up to the roof of the barn, wondering if he was hiding up there, but with no luck. "You really should release the sword if you wish to met someone new." The girl instantly spun around, but the vampire was too quick; she had reflexes that had been sharpened like a knife for years and years of experience, but her speed was no match for her enemy. She always had to rely on her wit to outsmart them, or her technique to catch them off guard. Very rarely, however, did she resolve to teamwork, as she was surrounded by newbie slayers constantly and they would be more likely to be killed than to help her. Snapping back into reality, she turned back around as she heard the male speak again, then footsteps going away from her. "I apologize for the young one, he is new, and quite well young. But killing him is a little exaggerate don't you think?" Her lips parted to answer, to either that statement or the first, but instead she followed silently a ways behind him. 'He's playing around... any other vampire would have attacked me instantly; This may be interesting after all.' She followed for a bit, but with the twists and turns of the alleys and streets she eventually lost track of him. Sev glanced around then continued down the alley she was currently on. When she exited, she found herself on one of the main roads, and just walked along it for a while; eventually a vampire would show up, though she wasn't sure about the one she was supposed to catch. Through the scarf, she hadn't been able to tell. Any vampire could have yellow eyes, though most had red. It could just be a mistake. 'No, he was the right one. I am sure of it.'

    A shrill scream caught her attention and instantly she started to head towards it. However, with the winding alleys and streets that echoed with sound, there was no promise that she would know where she was going. The noise soon died away, and Seveline was yet again left on one of the streets, trying to find her way; it wasn't a big town here, but confusing at times. She stopped upon hearing noise nearby, sounding like it was on the rooftops. Her gaze flitted around, but she saw nothing. At the last moment, she caught a shadow on her left side, jumping back a bit as it jumped from the rooftop. The wind and dust made her shield her eyes for a moment, her flame red waves frizzling around her like they were as fiery as they looked. Once the dust had settled, Sev glanced up and realized it was the same male from before. "Take her to an orphanage, I have killed her mother by accident." That was the last thing she expected to hear. 'And he would care why? He is the one who murdered her parent... why didn't he kill her too?' The girl didn't question him out loud though, just puzzled and dazed about his actions. A vampire who cared about those whom his attacks hurt? Not a chance. Seveline was even more shocked when he set the young girl on her feet and actually apologized for what he had done! "Please take care of her." Sev just blinked for a moment, but instantly snapped out of it, looking over at the male before he had the chance to fix his scarf; he hadn't noticed at first, but she had. 'Yep, he's definitely the right one.' How could anyone have not seen the pictures and drawing and posters up all over the place calling for his capture? The girl glanced away for a moment, gently picking up the young child and then looking back to the vampire. Her expression was lit with many emotions; intrigue, confusion, anger, doubt, just to name a few. Her eyes narrowed a bit, and without a word she turned to head off; she knew he wouldn't attack her now that she had the little girl... besides, he looked like he had other plans instead. But she had given him a very clear message without words before; Better watch your step.
  6. Vincent Watched as the slayer left, he was shocked that she didn't question his ways. He would not have killed that woman if he knew that she had a child, that was the rules, never kill a mother or child, not just because it makes for food later, or because it makes for more vampires, but because it was wrong, children were innocent an needed their mothers, that was why mothers lived. Vincent Returned to his clan after leaving the slayer to take the girl to safety. The next highest in rank, Lucillia, smiled at him. "How was the hunt Vincent, make a good kill?" Vincent snarled at her. "No, we are done here, recruit the others and return to the forest." Vincent left her to sit alone on rooftop out of sight from his clan and the woods. It wasn't that he felt that bad, he just liked being alone looking at the moon. Vincent had not grown up in the village, no, he had grown up in a village in Transylvania, were werewolves rule, His mother and father were pure breeds, as is he. He left as soon as he could, he stumbled upon the village and the disorganized clan when he first arrived. He liked not having to kill humans, though there blood was much more satisfying, he hated the thought of being killed for his crimes, for being what he was, he thought it was stupid. 'kill me because I was born this way, fine, I'll kill you because you are human and I find you disgraceful and oddly satisfying to my thirst' Vincent chuckled at that thought. He looked into the distance and watched as his clan disappeared into the woods once again, the sun still had long too rise, but he needed to not have to worry about any of them dying tonight. Though his clan was not the only vampires in the village, they were the strongest. Just as Vincent began to think how many lone Vampires lived among-st the village one happened to appear, on the rooftop. "Hello Vincent. Long time no see."

    The vampire was a male. he had not been a vampire for long but he was a vampire non the less, and quick weak. Vincent had an idea, spring into his mind. "Hello, Luke." Vincent had by now known the smell of the slayer he had run into that night very well, he began to smell for her, she was not far at all. "Come I want you too met someone." Vincent left to find the slayer, Luke was slow, compared to Vincent anyways so it was easy for him to find the slayer before Luke caught up. He landed in front of her without pulling the scarf over his face, she had already seen it so it was no reason to hide anymore. "Listen Slayer, there is a rouge vampire headed this way and I don't need your help to kill him, but I figured it would be enjoyable for you. Ah here he comes." Vincent looked up at the roof top were Luke stood and yelled for him to come down. "Hide your weapon, he is too young to smell your human scent." Luke came down and stared at the slayer curious.
  7. Questions and thoughts rampaged through Seveline's mind as he continued towards the orphanage; but she tried to concentrate more on the matter at hand before thinking of other things. The poor child in her arms was yawning, leaned against her arm and her crystal blue eyes half closed with tiredness. The girl reminded Sev of her sister... a bitter memory to say the least... but she knew she could not care for the kid herself. It was a threat to the girl's safety, and would only distract Seveline from her duties. It would only slow her down. It wasn't that she was cold-hearted, but from past experience she had become more wary of others and hard-shelled in a way. Nothing could hurt her if she didn't let it bother her. Never let her mind wander when she had work to do. Never step the wrong way in battle, always let her sword lead and never her heart. That was the way of the slayers. It was a bland and harsh existence for others, but for Seveline it was her life. Half her life she had spent being exactly this way.

    As they finally arrived at the orphanage, Seveline gently woke the young girl, who yawned and whined a bit, but complied. Placing her on her feet and holding onto her hand, Sev knocked lightly on the door. A few moments passed before there was any answer. A lady answered the door, opening it only a crack; that was the way around here, always careful and wary of others. "It is late, m'dear Seveline. You should be at home." "I'm sorry, madam, for waking you at such an hour. But it will only take a moment." The woman sighed and looked down at the little child holding tight to Seveline's hand. "Her mother was killed in a terrible accident. I found the poor girl wandering around. Please, can't you care for her? I have work to do, I cannot keep her with me. She'll be in even more danger if she's left out here." There was a moment of silence, then a soft sigh. "Alright girly, come on. Come on now, it's chilly outside." The child managed a small smiled and snuck inside, glancing back at Seveline with a look that shook Seveline's usually chained up heart. The child's curly red hair and blue eyes soon disappeared into the darkness of the orphanage; a memory stirred, but was soon pushed down and hidden again.

    Sev turned away from the building as the door was shut, sighing and walking off back towards the barn. It was still late, probably around midnight as the moon was high in the clear, dark sky. The night was cloudless, which usually meant less vampires; more light, less shadows to hide in, but the more reckless ones still remained... or the trouble-makers. Her mind returned back to the vampire she had run into... twice, actually. Had he been following her? Was he planning something too? Back to the little girl again. Why hadn't he killed her? Why had he killed her mother? Had he known the little child was there, or went looking for her? She knew nothing of the rules vampires considered. She had been brought up to believe they were nothing but monsters who would slaughter anyone that crossed their path; be it woman, man, or child. That's how all of the other vampires had been. What made this one, out of all of them, so different? 'And why am I so interested to figure that out?' It was really none of her concern, though it intrigued her to find a vampire that acted a bit more human than monster. His speed was more than any other vampire's, his yellow eyes set him apart from most of them; and none she had seen were so bright and vivid.

    Seveline was snapped from her thoughts as she heard noise nearby and froze. This time she saw the shadow coming and readied her hand at her sword before he jumped down at her. The same vampire male; and yet again he had left his scarf down... he was quite the mystery. "Listen Slayer, there is a rouge vampire headed this way and I don't need your help to kill him, but I figured it would be enjoyable for you." 'Enjoyable? Since when is killing others enjoyable?'She didn't think killing vampires was wrong exactly, as they had attacked first and harmed innocent people, but didn't enjoy it. However, Sev hated rogues, as they were always the worst; although she had other reasons on top of that. "And why do you want to pull me into this-" "Ah here he comes." She nearly pulled out her sword, but the notion that was given to her made her pull her hand away. The girl was wary, wondering if this was some kind of trap, but keeping herself calm for the moment. "Hide your weapon, he is too young to smell your human scent." Easier said than done, as her sword was long, but Sev shifted so that it was hidden behind her leg. Her gaze shifted from the first vampire to the 'rogue'. Her eyes became unreadable, as to hide her expression; she did this often around vampires so that they could not tell if they had angered her or upset her or frightened her; though it was rarely the last one.
  8. Vincent Smiled at the rouge an dthen at the salyer. 'she listened, thats surprising' noticing her wespon was somewhat hidden. "Who is this?" The rouge asked very heasitantly, he was smart to do that. "This is a acquantiance of mine, she is going to do something for me, But I need your help as well." The rouge looked at the slayer and then at Vincent, he looked scared. "I need you to attack her." Vincent said this knowing she would attack back, and this rouge wa too young too have as many skills in combat as the slayer and no where close to compete with Vincent, not al9one anyways. "Now, my acquantince, when he attacks, do the same." The rouge looked at Vincent and Vincent winked at the slayer. He was only really doing this too se if her could get her to listen, he knew of the plans of the slayers all too well, and he was simply using this inseside rouge too his advantage. Vincentt waited for the attack to comence. The rouge did not attack though. "This Rouge ios diffrent from the others I have met and I know its a rouge because I have never seen her in your clan, she is too new. She looks diffrent her eyes and body." The rouge looked at The slayer eying her body, its slimness was normal but the build was not, most Vampires were slightly muscular, she was slightly scrawny. The rouge noticed the sword peeking out from behind her leg and frooze, staring at her, his fangs starting to peek out from behind his plae lips.

    Vinent looked at the rouge and then at the sword. The rouge lanche himself towards the slayer but Vincent was quicker and grabbed the collar of the rouges neck, throwing it donw onto the ground. "Kill him." Vincent ordered the slayer too do as he held the rouge with his foot. The rouge looked at the slayer and ten at Vincent. Vincent had not normally bothered with rouges at all, unless they had braking rules or were becoming a pest, this one was however do both both. "Why Vin-" The rouge was chooked out, Vincent was smarter then to let his name be said. He realesed slightly. "Do not say my name!" The rouge chuckled. "Oh Vin-" one again choked out by Vincents foot. Vincent was becoming well over annoyed with this rouge. Vincent bent dow, he nails extracting and sharpeningpointing into the rouges necck making the rouges neck crack slightly, you see a vampure was hollow inside, they had blood yes, but it was dry, just dust, it was really a miracle how they survived all these years. "You are to be exucuted by the order of me, you know who I am, you have killed a mother and her child, which as you know is against the rules. Now you will punish in hell for it." The rouge attempted to claw at Vincents hand. Squeaking out a final word. "Yes but so have you." Vincent tightned his grip and craced the neck of the rouge off, making the rouge disitergrate into dust all that remained wa his head, which was also stepped on by Vincent. Vincent dusted off his hands and looked at the slayer. "I apologize for bothering you with the vampire nations probems, but sometimes I like to add pazaze into the executions." Vincent chuckled. pulliung a pair of white gloves from his pocket, and slidding them onto his cold hands.
  9. Seveline had only obeyed out of curiosity, playing along with this vampire for now. Until he proved to have ill intentions towards her, she would not attack him. She may be a slayer, and he may be a vampire; but without anyone being in danger, she had no reason to attack. 'He did kill someone though. Another death by his hands. But my task is not to kill him.' The girl was clever, but kept her eyes hooded and expression hidden as she glanced between the rogue male and her 'accomplice'. "Who is this?" "This is a acquaintance of mine, she is going to do something for me, But I need your help as well." Sev was wary, listening and watching closely. This didn't seem right... "I need you to attack her." This instantly snapped Seveline's attention, but she remained patient, a small spark of realization in her eyes before it disappeared without another trace. "Now, my acquaintance, when he attacks, do the same." 'What is going on?' Her gaze switched from one male to the other, though neither made any move towards her. The rogue was obviously equally as confused and wary as she was. He didn't understand either. "This Rouge is different from the others I have met and I know its a rouge because I have never seen her in your clan, she is too new. She looks different her eyes and body." 'He thinks I'm a rogue like him?' Her mind returned to what she had been told earlier, that the boy was still too young as a vampire to sense her humanity. A second after his gaze had flashed with a look of realization, she knew she had been caught; he had seen her sword. His fangs were in view, and at the first shift of his stance Seveline swiftly pulled out the her sword and was ready to defend herself before he had the chance to attack.

    However, instead of that, the other male instead came to Sev's aid, throwing the rogue to the ground equally as quick as she had pulled out her weapon. For a second she was caught off guard, as she hadn't expected him to try to protect her if she was in actual danger. But he was. Why? What was she to him? Or was this just a game? "Kill him." Seveline snapped out of her thoughts and stepped forward, sword in hand and ready to strike. But again, she wasn't able to use it. She was stopped when the rogue spoke, and the other male reacted instantly. "Why Vin-" The voice was choked out. "Do not say my name!" A chuckle arose. "Oh Vin-" Another choke. 'Vin? Part of his name... obviously not all of it... Vinson, Vinton, Vince, Vincent? There aren't too many names that start like that.' But she didn't speak, stepping back a bit as 'Vin' knelt down, his hand at the rogue's throat. "You are to be executed by the order of me, you know who I am, you have killed a mother and her child, which as you know is against the rules. Now you will punish in hell for it." This shocked Seveline even more. Not only was a vampire attacking one of his own, but for attacking a woman and child no less. She had known of no rules that the vampires had set in place. For the ones who wanted to exist with the humans, but not alongside them. The rogues did as they pleased, unless they were caught. "Yes but so have you." Those were the lat words that managed to be uttered before the rogue's death. Sev stayed where she was, glancing around for a moment before looking down at the male vampire whom was rising to his feet and dusting himself off.

    "I apologize for bothering you with the vampire nations problems, but sometimes I like to add pazaze into the executions."

    At first Seveline didn't answer, still holding her sword in her hands. Her lips parted to speak, but she could not find any words. She was silent for a few moments more, not meeting his gaze entirely ever at any point. "You were testing me... You could have done this without pulling me into the middle... but you did anyways. What do you want from me?" Her sword was lowered, and she soon enough sheathed it; there was no point in keeping it out, she knew he had no intention of attacking her. Her blue eyes narrowed as she looked over at him, then looked around again. The moon was just over the trees, there were still a couple hours before sunrise.
  10. Vincent raised an eyebrow as the slayer spoke. "Why you ask? Well..." Vincent finished pulling his gloves on. "You interest me in some way, not quite sure how but you do." Vincent looked around and then at the moon, he was so used to howling it was almost unusual not too hear it, it put Vincent on guard at all times. "I know I may seem odd to you, having rules and all, but I have them for a reason, my clan follows them as do I when I can..." Vincent was a t a loss, the slayer stood listening to him, not attacking, not running like some have done, oddly enough. "But I must ask you...Why are you so good at what you do...but the rest seem to suck as much as me and my clan?" Vincent chuckled lightly at the statement. "And why have you not killed me or at least ran away....that is why I have interest in you, your different..I wonder if its all just a mission for you...are you up to something Slayer, because if you are, I can kill you in the blink of an eye." Vincent looked over at her locking with her gaze, his eyes as yellow as the stars.
  11. Seveline listened closely to the answer she got, but the first answer caught her off guard. 'I interest him?' This would make this whole mission of hers much easier, all she had to do was play along and wait for him to fall for the trap. But somehow, something within her didn't want that. Her mind went back to the meeting: Without their leader, the rest of his group will be in chaos and take a few days to regain their order. Obviously the slayer council hadn't gathered enough information on this... then again, how could they? In this case, if their leader was taken, then the rest would turn back into rogues. They would revolt and attack and murder to get revenge. It was not a safe or intelligent way to go. Perhaps, if she stuck around long enough, she could gather up some information to bring back to the council to defend this group, and explain that some of the vampires weren't as monstrous as they seemed.... 'They are vampires! They kill for the sake of blood, they...' She couldn't find enough proof to support that even to herself anymore. Everything was just so messed up now.

    "I know I may seem odd to you, having rules and all, but I have them for a reason, my clan follows them as do I when I can... But I must ask you...Why are you so good at what you do...but the rest seem to suck as much as me and my clan?"

    This snapped Seveline back to reality again, and she shifted slightly. "I am not like the rest of the slayers; they are all rookies, and attack at the first sight of a vampire." She answered, and stopped there. She was careful, trying to keep from being figured out entirely. However, this vampire only knew that she was a slayer and a female, really, nothing more. She knew the beginning of his name... not that it would do her much luck. It's not like the council had information on every vampire alive and all they needed was his name. "And why have you not killed me or at least ran away..." "Well, I have never met any vampire who lives by the rules. I hadn't known there were any. I guess I'm curious." 'But curiosity often kills the cat... so I must be on my guard.' "That is why I have interest in you, you're different... I wonder if its all just a mission for you... are you up to something Slayer? Because if you are, I can kill you in the blink of an eye." Sev didn't answer right away choosing her words carefully when she did answer. "Slayers are always up to something. That doesn't mean that 'something' is always bad, though." The sky was beginning to brighten just a bit, sun rise probably an hour or so away by now. "I should be heading back though, and so should you. I know sunlight burns terribly, and that would do you no good." Seveline walked past him, purposefully letting her hand brush his gloved hand. "It's not just the mission." She whispered as she went past, grinning to herself. 'This is going to be fun... but I have to tread carefully with him.'
  12. Vincent smiled at the slayer with each of her responses, she was smart and choose wisely what she said, which was also smart. She knew part of her name, which was all she was going to get. Vincent knew of her plans, but he found it very easy to let tat go with this slayer. When she spoke of the sunrise, Vincent was shocked how fast time went by. As she walked away, Vincent licked the point of his fangs with the tip of his tongue, and chuckled. "My clan won't go crazy without me you know...They are more civilized then you think..but they will avenge me, slayer." Vincent said before he jumped onto a rooftop and returned to the forest. Once back Vincent sat in a tree that he had claimed as his, he usually slept at this time, right before sunrise, but his slumber was interrupted by a female clan member. "Where were you, we were looking for you, we thought they got you, we were ready to strike." Vincent chuckled. "I was dealing with a rouge. I have too go into town today so wake me when the sun is at its highest." Vincent had been out in the sun before,he had a cloak and face covering that had to be worn, but now a days most towns people did the same. Vincent waited for the female to leave and the fell asleep. He dreamt of the slayer, of her just doing her job, nothing special, but something was different about her, like she had a secret, and a shadow seemed to follow her. Vincent woke with the pain of the sun hitting his feet. "Ah" Vincent said as he pulled his feet away and moved to a different tree, he looked up and noticed the sun was rather high, but he had not been awoken. "Hm?"

    Vincent Jumped from tree to tree looking for his clan, he eventually found them watching something and whispering, he approached them and looked down, what he saw made him gasp. "Move!" Lying in the sun was the youngest of the clan, Coltin. He laid in the dark, right by the sun with a shot to were his heart should lay. It was possible to kill a vampire yes, with a shot to the heart was not recommended because they didn't always die, the best way was dismemberment. Vincent jumped down and lifted Coltin's head onto his lap. Looking up at his clan he glared. "What happened!?" The clan all looked away except the female. "A slayer, he came into our woods and Coltin had not had food last night, his instincts took over, but this slayer was here too kill one of was purposeful." Vincent became angry and jumped back into the tree. "Give him a proper burial, I will return before nightfall." Vincent left to retrieve his cloak and dagger he had normally carried with him. Vincent soon was back in the village. people with covered faces wandered the streets. Vincent was out for blood ,you kill his he kills yours. Something caught his eye though, the slayer from last night was out wandering non the less but she was still out. Vincent looked at her and then moved into a crowd before she spotted him. He had no idea what this slayer looked like, but if it was a rookie, then he would be gloating. Vincent eventually found a group of slayer laughing and talking. He listened in as they did. "That stupid vampire had no idea, I walked right in and killed it, bullet too the heart." Vincent walked into the room the were in and did nothing but stood there. "you guys should get back to work though, I will help this civillion" Vincent smiled, fangs bared, but unable too see. The others left and Vincent waited for them to farther away to do anything.

    Vincent looked up at the slayer still smiling, The slayer was taken aback and drew his sword. "vampire, out in the sunlight, but how!?" Vincent walked towards him. "The dark has many secrets my friend." Vincent wasted no time and stuck, killing the slayer quickly, this would be his second slayer that he has killed. The slayer screamed of course, but not for long. Vincent too a drink to mark it and then left walking deeper into the dark alley.
  13. Seveline could tell the vampire had figured something out, but pushed it aside. She was probably over thinking this. It was very often said that she was paranoid about small things. As she headed off, the last words hung in her mind. But they will avenge me. 'As anyone would. A leader is a leader, and if they are kidnapped or hurt or killed the rest will do all they can to get revenge. And there is nothing that will stop them.' The council needed to rethink their plan, and perhaps back out on this mission. But with this information, would it make the others back off, or want to know more? Who knows how far they might go with this one. As Sev came into the barn, there was someone waiting for her. "Well it's about time you return." The girl was caught off guard, but she hid it the best she could. Still, Lukas caught on, chuckling as he strode towards her. "It seems you don't take long with your missions. Will this really be as hard as you said it would? I saw you out there, standing around with your target. You weren't doing a very good job at seducing him though. More amusing him, by my perspective." Seveline blushed a tiny bit, glancing away with the excuse of putting away her sword for a little bit. 'At least he hadn't seen what happened with the rogue... but what did he see?' "You can't rush these things, Lukas. If you try, you will be caught. But unlike you, I am patient. I will wait this vampire out; and he seems to be following me already. A promising sign, even you have to admit." The boy shrugged, and the female rolled her eyes. "Rally up all the rookies, make sure they stay at their posts today. I caught a few of them wandering yesterday."

    Lukas nodded and took off, leaving Seveline to clamber sleepily up into the loft of the barn and curl up in the hay. She didn't care so little about what she had said before, she had been playing up an act so that her friend wouldn't catch her. If she told Lukas that she planned to resign from this mission, he would think she was crazy. It seemed like such a simple task... but there was something about her target. He and his clan were not the real threat here. If they worked with the slayers, then this war and massacre would be greatly lessened. If she went through with this, there would be even more blood that will be shed. It was not good results. Seveline sighed, closing her eyes and soon drifting into a light sleep. Her mind wandered over things that had happened throughout that night. Thoughts of what she had learned, what had happened, who she had met... Memories stung the back of her thoughts, but she pushed them back. Concentrating more on the vampire male. 'Vin... Vincent.' The name fit, but she wasn't sure if it was right. There were very few names that started like that though, so it was the one that made the most sense. An older style name, a simple yet sophisticated name. A handsome name, to perfectly suit a handsome- 'Stop! I cannot think of such things. He was my target, he will not be much longer though. Just forget about him.' The problem was, she couldn't.

    Seveline woke when the sun was half risen; probably having been asleep for about three or four hours, give or take some. She was used to not sleeping much though when she had missions and such. She would sleep the whole day away when she got a chance for a break. Sitting up, and brushing the hay from her dress, she stood and climbed down the ladder. The barn was barren, no one in sight; just as it should be at this time. The rookies that were on duty today should be at their posts; those that were not shouldn't be slacking off. However, they really didn't need the full force of rookies during the day, so they often had jobs around the village to help out. At night, they switched out with the day watchers, who returned for their night shift soon after too. Slinging her sword strap over her shoulder, Sev walked out into the daylight, shielding her eyes for a moment. During the days, she was on patrol for fights and crimes; the slayers acted as police too, to keep peace within the small town and keep everyone safe.

    A few hours went by without any problems. The streets were crowded as the bustle of people wandered from home to home, or to some of the small shops. There weren't too many who could afford to pay fr the food and things at stores with gold and silver, but bartering wasn't uncommon; in fact, it was still a prime way of trade. Seveline leaned against the wall of a house, watching the people moved by.It was slightly chilly today, so it was no surprise that every was so bundled up. A shady cloaked shadows caught her eye for a moment, and she could have sworn she had seen yellow eyes peeking out from under the hood. But the next second, within a blink, it was gone again. "Either I'm really tired or I'm hallucinating." A few moments later, Seveline heard a scream rise into the air, and the crowd began to shift and turn to figure out the cause as well. Attacks during the day were rare, crime wasn't common around here. The people knew they were safe in daylight from the night's threat. Or so they thought. Seveline pushed her way through the crowd, getting closer and closer to where it was the most packed. A ways away, she could see the body of a young man, bloodied at the chest, collapsed on the ground. By his skin he was obviously dead. A panicked chatter arose, and the rest of the more experienced slayers, Lukas included, came along to help control the crowd. "Continue on. We will figure this out." "It'll be okay. Don't worry." Seveline knelt beside the body, recognizing it to be one of the newbie slayers. At first she assumed it may have been a fight, perhaps he'd ended up drunk; she really didn't bother with the inexperienced slayers, that was Lukas's job... but then her eyes caught on something that made her stifle a gasp. The bite marks that marred the boy's throat were obviously from a vampire. 'A vampire... at high noon? But how?!' "Can you three deal with this?" One of the males looked back and nodded. "Go on ahead, Seveline. We'll make sure he's dealt with."

    Sev got to her feet and continued down the alley; going through the street was a disaster waiting to happen with this chaos stirring. 'Could it be a day-walker? Has some vampire gotten the ability to be unaffected by the sun?' This was a terrifying thought; no one would be safe, day or night. The village would be in complete chaos, no one would want to leave their houses, and anyone who did would be suspicious. She had heard of it happening before... a very long time before. Hopefully that was not the case. 'I need to make sure the rest of the rookies are safe. If this has happened in the middle of a crowded street, then what next? This could be a full out invasion for all we know. I need to figure out what is going on.'
  14. Vincent walked into the darkest part of the alley and sat in a corner, the sun was begging to get to him, it was making him sick, non of his comrades were able to do this, but he was, the sun hurt yes, but he was always able to deal with the pain as long as he had something covering him. He heard footsteps coming down the alley and sunk deeper into the corner which he sat. His deed was done, his wanted level would go higher, but he would survive non the less. Vincent felt an anger that he had not felt in a long time, humans were worthless killing Vampires because they were different and because they could gloat about it, did they have no sense of family, compassion and love. Vampires were not ruthless they didn't kill just because, we kill to eat, if the humans had not killed of the game in the woods there would be no need for human death. It's the humans fault that Vampires are in their village, but killing of of their own was crossing the line, every rookie will die, if they have too, thinking they can kill just for the fun. Hell even the female slayer can die, she is probably just as bad. Vincent ran his hand through his hair. 'no I can't kill her, she is too beau- STOP THIS! SHE IS A HUMAN Vincent, BUT WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO BE SO...SO....INTERESTING.' Vincent waited for whoever was walking down the alley to approach, when the slayer came into view, Vincent's eyes went wide, her. 'Shit!' There really was no way for him to escape not now, why had he waited, not that he could have gone anywhere, the rooftops were too high up and he would be spotted there, and the sun, god the sun. Vincent stood and stayed in his corner. "You are making a mistake, you and your slayer friends, killing one of my own was a huge mistake and all of you will pay. Vampires have rules and we follow them what we have done in the past year is your fault, the slayer killed out food in the woods and forced to resort to this and rules were made to make it less....bloody." Vincent stepped out from the shadows and took down his hood. "Family is a big deal to me, and my clan, you kill a family member we kill 3 of yours." Vincent hated how mean he had to be with her, but she needed to know the truth, why the vampires were the way they were in this village.

    Vincent approached her. "By now you most likely know my name. I applaud you for that much, when my clan first arrived here, you village was in chaos, fearing the rouges, and now look how many are left, maybe only a few, and they stay in the shadows, never leaving them, My clan has been doing your job for you, the slayer I killed before this one I killed for the same reason, he killed my sister,and now a brother. You humans know nothing of family." Vincent smirked and his fangs showed, still slightly stained with blood. "But you, your so different from them...and you know it...yet you listen to their idiot ways, my clan will kill all of you, if they have too. and you know what I mean." Vincent had nothing else to say too her, she was a slayer and if she was smart she would repeat what he had just said to the rest of the slayers, and if they were smart they would back the hell off, this could start a war but Vincent and his clan were stronger and quicker it would be over fast.
  15. Seveline continued down the alley, though soon finding it was coming to a dead end. She hadn't meant to be chasing the culprit of this crime, just trying to get away from the crowd. But unintentionally, she ended up coming across the somewhat day-walking vampire. As she reached the end of the alley, the shadows dark and cold, Seveline stopped for a moment and glanced around. Her gaze caught on a bit of movement, and her hand went to the handle of her sword out of habit. "You are making a mistake, you and your slayer friends, killing one of my own was a huge mistake and all of you will pay. Vampires have rules and we follow them what we have done in the past year is your fault, the slayer killed out food in the woods and forced to resort to this and rules were made to make it less....bloody." She recognized the voice instantly, and her fingers loosened on the handle for a second. 'But why is he out here? It's the middle of the day! I would have expected something like this from a newbie vampire.' She stepped back slightly as the male stepped more towards the light, but not into the sun. "The rookie killed one of your clan? Had no wrong been committed?" Obviously she had known the answer, but wanted to be sure. Her eyes did not turn away as she met his gaze, catching sight of the dried blood at the edge of his lips. "Family is a big deal to me, and my clan, you kill a family member we kill 3 of yours." Sev stayed where she was taking this in. An eye for an eye, retribution; it seemed fair. No one in this clan would have been a true threat unless forced to be. Besides, she knew the tendency the newbies had of trying to attack vampires and getting themselves killed because of their recklessness. She would not blame the vampire for avenging wrongs done to them; what was the difference between what the slayers did and that? Both sides had their argument in this nightly struggle.

    Seveline stood her ground as the male, Vincent was still her guess at his name, stepped towards her. She would not back off, she never showed fear; fear was weakness. "By now you most likely know my name. I applaud you for that much, when my clan first arrived here, you village was in chaos, fearing the rouges, and now look how many are left, maybe only a few, and they stay in the shadows, never leaving them, My clan has been doing your job for you, the slayer I killed before this one I killed for the same reason, he killed my sister, and now a brother. You humans know nothing of family." Sev nearly nodded, understanding the thought process of this; revenge for those whom are wrongly killed. When she thought of it, that same reasoning was what had pushed her into becoming a slayer in the first place. Her lips parted to speak, but she held back. 'I understand why, and I respect that. I have had my share of losses due to such occurrences.' She wanted to say this so very badly, but didn't, knowing the vampire wouldn't care. She would seem weak. "But you, your so different from them...and you know it...yet you listen to their idiot ways, my clan will kill all of you, if they have too. And you know what I mean." Different? Was that how he viewed this? Then again, she was different from the rest. Though her heart was cold when things had to be set straight, she did still have feelings. In fact, she was conflicted even now. The rules of the slayers were harsh and called for punishment and torment for vampires who slaughtered humans, slayer or not. But could they really be blamed? Which side had more fault than the others... really, it was the slayers who started it. And in this case, what would Seveline do? Stick with the rules, which she had never broken before, and kill this vampire for murdering one of the slayers; kill him for avenging the death of a friend and colleague? Or would she let him go?

    "Your revenge has been taken. You should go, before anyone else catches you. They will not take this death so lightly." Her voice lowered as she turned, ready to walk away. "But I know your point and state of mind. Do not punish all for the actions of a few." 'Don't make my mistake.' With that, and a slight glanced from the corner of her eye, the girl walked off, trying to find her way back out of the alley without returning to the scene from before.
  16. Vincent smiled at her last response, she understood which is what he though but he needed to make his message clear, he need to kill someone important, but who? With that Vincent left scaleing what he could of a wall and grabbing onto a sheet that hung from a line, he eventually made his way back to the forest, where his clan was waiting. "Its done, we attack tonight."His clan confused looked at him and asked. "Attack who?" They assumed he meant very slayer, but they knew Vincent better. "....Lukas..he dies...Tonight." The clan all smirked, Lukas had been an enemy for some time, but the slayers had gone to far, killing for fun was wrong. "But we need too go over some rules." The clan nodded and all found a limb to sit upon as the eyed Vincent waiting for his rules and his plan. "We kill only Lukas and those that get in our way, they want to fear us, lets give them a reason too. There is a female slayer, he hair is red, she is slim, don't touch her, I will deal with her myself." By this Vincent simply meant make sure she didn't get in the way, Vincent had had his clan scouting the area that Lukas patrolled for the past couple of nights so the attack would simple, he is alone 99% of the time, tonight shouldn't be any different and him against all of his clan, all 15 of them would be an easy kill.

    Vincent thought for a moment about what the slayer had said, "they wont take this death lightly" He thought, why, its just a rookie like any other, they recruit a new one to replace him. "any rookie, you kill, and advanced slayer leave be, especially the girl." Vincents voice was stern. "the only one tat needs to be dead by the end of the night is Lukas, and I understood?" The clan nodded and knew that was the Q to get prepared fro tonight, it would be a fight and not easy, Lukas would not go down without a fight and they all knew that. The night came quickly and Vincent listened to the sounds of doors locking and windows shutting and doing the same. Vincent met with his clan on the border, woods and village. Tonight they would march right in, no fear no running or hiding in the shadows, Vincent had had enough. The walked in and the few humans who still roamed the streets quickly went inside. It didn't take long for the clan to split ways as the plan was discussed they wouldn't stay together for long. Vincent was in charge of 2 things tonight, finding Lukas and the female slayer that interested him so.

    First order of duty was Lukas, he was not too be killed quickly, no slowly, captured as they had planned to do with Vincent. He was easy to find. "Hello Lukas." Lukas was in an alley looking for his clan as usual. when he heard Vincent's voice he quickly spun around. "Vincent! You know better then to come right out, i could have killed you." Vincent and Lukas had some what of a truce, that was made a long time ago, when Vincent first arrived, but Lukas had long broken that truce. "Yes you could have and in fact you should have." # of Vincent's clan members we quickly;y behind Vincent and Lukas, blocking him in. The rest were over head or scouting the area. "Vincent, what is this, I thought we had a truce!?" Lukas drew his weapon, the clan stood still not moving because of fright, fro they had none. "as did I Lukas, as did I, but as you know, Coltin has been killed, by one of your slayer, yet he posed no threat. A rookie walked into MY FOREST AND KILLED MY KID!" That is how Vincent looked at the newborns as his kids, he was to properly raise them and Lukas's slayers had killed him and Vincent's once "sister" "Listen Vincent, we can talk about this, I can tell my slayer to leave your forest alone, but killing me is only going to make things worse....I hope you know that."

    Vincent looked at his clan members and they all turned their backs. as Vincent approached Lukas. "You know you can't kill me Lukas." Vincent said as he walked into Lukas's sword, Lukas's eye's went wide as he watched. "I'm already dead." In one quick motion Lukas was dead, bite marks, many, were left upon his body as his clan feed, on every last drop. Vincent pulled the sword from his abdominal region and left his clan, to find the female slayer. He found her wandering, sword drawn as usual. "Hello Slayer."
  17. Seveline returned to the barn an hour or so later. The scene around the building, however, was far from normal. Even after a death like this, everyone didn't start all of a sudden freaking out. But she found that Lukas was instead the one leading this time. "We need to be especially on guard tonight." He told them all, glancing from each person to the next. "An attack in broad daylight means trouble. We must defend this village to our dying breaths, if need be. But we cannot allow for any more innocent lives to be destroyed." 'If only he knew the real cause.' Sev walked around the crowd, stepping onto the ladder when she heard her name called out. "Won't you join us? You've been a ghost for days on end. No one except me and the rest of the council has seen you since the meeting." The girl sighed, turned around and walked up beside him. "Fine, but only because it's you that's asking." "You can't refuse me, and you know it." "I could, but I choose not to. Why ruin such a friendship?" The playful bantering was a common thing between the two, whom we like brother and sister; or, at other times, master and apprentice. Lukas had been the one to train her when he himself was newly taught in the ways of a slayer.

    After going over the plans and where everyone should be, making sure no one would be sneaking off this time, the rest of the slayers dispersed. "I'm going to look through the alleys, in case any vampires are still hiding out. Who knows where they may be." His next comment was more mumbling to himself than anything else. "An attack in broad daylight. What could be next?!" "The newbie probably ended up cocky, got into a fight while on duty but chickened out and ran off." "Yeah, but if that was the case he wouldn't have gotten away the first time." "Then perhaps... revenge?" "That's a possibility too... oh well, it's hard to understand what goes on within a vamp's mind." With that, the two parted ways, leaving Seveline to wander a bit while she too looked around for any stray vampires. Particularly Vincent. She was sure that was his name, as it had been the only one she could come up with... but how had he known she had figured it out? The young woman sighed and brushed it from her mind, walking along the outer edge of the small town, searching aimlessly really. Her sword was in her hands, as if half expecting an attack. But the clan would probably keep a low profile tonight, especially if they knew what had happened during the day... unless they had all planned it.

    Seveline soon wandered closer to the main street, a ways away from where Lukas had been attacked. She was far out of hearing range when the attack had occurred, and quite frankly too distracted to notice. However, it was oddly still and quiet... very eerie for her, though she knew there was a reason behind it. Even the wind was unusually absent on that night. Something just wasn't right. "Hello Slayer." Seveline started a bit, but quickly regained her focus, turning towards the voice and realizing it was the same vampire. However, there was more blood on his lips, and as she realized, a bit on his cloak. "Another attack? Quieter than last night. You set the village into panic earlier, everyone is frightened to death." She didn't realize that perhaps the victim wasn't meant to be heard. Maybe that was why she hadn't heard any screaming. Or she just hadn't been nearby. "But then, of course, that was your plan, wasn't it? You definitely set all the slayers on guard, that's for sure." 'I shouldn't be so friendly around him. He's one of the enemies. He kills slayers, he and his clan will kill for revenge... but who is responsible for the actions of the rookies? No one was given the task to watch out for the newbies; every man, or woman in Seveline's case, was on their own. Their choices and actions affected them, and only them; that was how it was supposed to be. "Shouldn't you be back with your clan? Surely they are still as grieved as you are over the loss." Little did she know they were closer than ever.

    ((I hope you don't mind that we were sharing Lukas ^^ I just realized it, but oh well. Neither of us really laid claim, he was kind of there for the sake of being there at first)
    ((ooo, also, maybe later when Sev comes across Lukas (whom I will explain the full relation between the two) either Vincent should be nearby or find her later... lets see how she will react. Continue the cycle of revenge, or let it go? Hmm, decisions decisions))
  18. ((I don't mind ha ha, and I actually have a plot twist for her fining him.))

    Vincent chuckled at her remark about the clan. "Well, you see Slayer, or should I call you by your name, Seveline, that is your name is it not, the clan finds out these things for me." The clan was in fact very close, standing on rooftops out of her sight or in alleys watching, even all of the rouges were out tonight, which was odd considering they had nothing to do with this. "I would hide if I were you, Seveline, something awful is going too happen tonight and I don't want you..." Vincent moved quickly behind her whispering in her ear. "To get hurt, my love." Vincent extracted his fangs and grazed her neck." "Ha ha ha, you show no fear, to me, I like that." Vincent moved back in front of her, but slowly. "The blood is from a kill yes, but the blood on my cloak..well you will find that out yourself." Vincent smiled at her. "I have to ask though, why are all the rookies hiding tonight? do they know of the danger they have put themselves in?" Vincent chuckled. A clan member moved closer and Vincent shot a glance. "You don't have to hide anymore..." His clan soon reviled themselves all of them, including the Rouges who seemed more on his side tonight. "well, say hello Seveline, this is my family, all filled with anger fro the death of my Coltin, I have found my revenge, now they must find theirs." Vincent smirked and walked closer to Seveline who seemed not startled by this at all, there had to be at least 20-30 vampires out in the town right now, yet she stayed strong. "as many vampires as you see before you, is how many will and must die."

    Vincent pulled Seveline close to him and jumped into the air, landing on a a rooftop. A scream filled the air. "This is just a small fraction of what will happen. "I am sure, you have many more slayers that will come to your aid, none the less." I am going to apologize for what I am about to show you. Vincent pulled Seveline close again and took her to were Lukas's dead body lay. "I want you to look at what happens when you kill one of us. You see me and him we made a deal a long time ago, that no slayer will ever enter the forest, ever kill a vampire just because, only vampires that broke the rukles would die, and they are too die at my hand and no one else's, me and him made that deal and signed in blood, but he broke it. Vincent pointed at the dead body that lay before him and Seveline.
  19. Moments before any of the other vampires had stepped out, Seveline realized that she and Vincent were not the only ones here. "I would hide if I were you, Seveline, something awful is going to happen tonight and I don't want you..." The air shifted and she knew he was behind her, making be on edge but not visibly so. "To get hurt, my love." A shiver traced her spine as his breath brushed her ear, and his hearts caught her mind, and she yelped a bit and jumped out of reach the moment she felt his fangs on her throat. Her blue eyes fixed on him, his laugh surprising her. "Ha ha ha, you show no fear, to me, I like that." "You've take your revenge, haven't you. Earlier, that is. What do I have to fear now?" A bit cocky, but not completely an act. She didn't trust Vincent exactly; it was more of an agreement that had never been spoken. As if she knew he didn't really mean her any harm unless she gave him reason for it. Sev mirrored his movements as he moved back around so that she was facing forward again. "The blood is from a kill yes, but the blood on my cloak..well you will find that out yourself. I have to ask though, why are all the rookies hiding tonight? Do they know of the danger they have put themselves in?" "Lukas and I had been making sure they stayed at their post and didn't leave from now on. To try to avoid any of this happening again."

    Vincent glanced away, but Seveline didn't follow his gaze. "You don't have to hide anymore..." At first she was confused, thinking the comment was for her. But then movement on her left side, then her right, then all around them caught her eye. As the rest of the vampires slid from the shadows, she stood where she was, glancing around at all of them. Some of them also had bloodied mouths. And most of them had their eyes set straight on her. "Well, say hello Seveline, this is my family, all filled with anger fro the death of my Colten, I have found my revenge, now they must find theirs. As many vampires as you see before you, is how many will and must die." Seveline didn't really show any reaction to this until the very end. This many vampires against all of the slayers? They were nearly more than the entire council combined. "There are not as many rookies as you seem to think. Besides, you have shed the blood that has caused you harm. The rest are innocent of this treason. Why punish them?" Her sword had been put away soon after Vince had come along, but Sev's hands went to the handle again. But before she had a chance to react, she was pulled close to him and up on the roof of a house.

    Seveline glanced in the direction of the scream, hearing it clearly and wanting to figure out what was going on. Then her mind returned to what she had been told a moment ago. As many vampires as you see before you, is how many will and must die. "This is just a small fraction of what will happen. I am sure, you have many more slayers that will come to your aid, none the less. I am going to apologize for what I am about to show you." Sev turned her gaze back to him, holding slightly tighter as Vincent sped off across the rooftops before jumping down into an alley. At first she saw nothing, glancing around. Then, the scent of blood; she knew it well enough by now. It took her a second, after seeing the shadowed form on the ground, to realize who it was. And when she did, she had to cover her mouth to keep from screaming. "L-Lukas..." She choked, her fearless and emotionless facade beginning to chip and break. "I want you to look at what happens when you kill one of us." Seveline stepped away from both the body of her dead friend and the vampire who had killed him... no, murdered him. "But w-why?" "You see me and him we made a deal a long time ago, that no slayer will ever enter the forest, ever kill a vampire just because, only vampires that broke the rules would die, and they are too die at my hand and no one else's, me and him made that deal and signed in blood, but he broke it." Sadness mixed with anger and agony, this loss was not something Seveline could take lightly. "He never set foot in the forest! He has never killed anything just because, animal or vampire! W-why did he have to die?! Why did you k-kill him?" 'He wasn't the one who killed Colten... a trainee did.' "No one can c-control what other people do. He w-was not in charge of t-the rookie w-who killed your friend! I told you, every s-slayer's mistakes i-is their own fault. Everyone is on their own! L-Lukas did not deserve t-this! He had done n-no harm to anyone!" Tears streamed down her face at this point, and the girl looked about to collapse. Not that Vincent would care any. 'This is what he had planned all along... and now he'll kill me.' She collapsed to her knees beside Lukas's body, cradling his head in her lap, like Vince had done to Colten upon finding him dead, and held him close. "You s-said earlier t-that we humans h-had no sense of f-family. W-well, where is that sense n-now? Because L-Lukas was the closest t-thing to f-family I had l-left. And y-you and your c-clan have murdered h-him!"

    Seveline then turned her attention away from Vincent, unable to even look over at him. He sickened her, killing Lukas so violently. Him and his clan of monsters. Her strength was failing, and the edge of anger turned to bitter sadness and loss. "I h-hope y-you're happy now." The message was supposed to be to Lukas, knowing he was out of his misery now. But the double meaning was obvious. Her tears soon stopped, as she had never been one to cry forever. But her sadness remained as she stayed there on her knees with Lukas's head in her lap. Her fingers trailed through his hair, wet now with her tears. Another memory struck her, and it felt like a knife had been driven through her heart... yet just under it, not killing her, but paralyzing her in the pain. Her lips moved in an almost silent whisper. "Riposa in pace, amico mio. Vedremo mai saputo di nuovo." Italian, as she had known all her life. Her parents had taught her to speak it before their death, and she taught Lukas a little bit after he had found her and her sister huddled up in a corner, shaking and scared. Another painful memory, another poisoned shard to her heart. How much would it take before she shut down completely? How much poison would it take to kill her? I hope you're happy now.
  20. Vincent was in shock as too how pain she seemed to be in, but her questioning only angered him. "WHY! If you knew that someone could have stopped someone you loved from dying, yet they did nothing, wouldn't want revenge, for them to feel the pain that you do, i may be a vampire, but as you know by now, I am a pure breed, i have a heart, feelings, that's what sucks about Pure breeds, we are humans with a disease, I can fall in love,feel pain,anger,sadness! The others only feel empty,they feel how they think they should not how they want. Coltin was more then jut another clan member I saved him from death, when he was 10 he tried to kill himself by cutting his wrist and walking into a town inhabited by vampire...only vampires, if it was not for me, he would have died. if it were not for your Lukas, he would still be alive, each person is responsible for their actions yes, but the leader is responsible for them all." Vincent pulled up his sleeve showing bite marks, on his wrist. "Each bite is for a clan member that has done wrong, you are different I know as I have said before, you know the meaning of family and I apologize for having to kill him, I don't know who he was too you, but obviously he meant something." Vincent was angry, he had never been more angry. He saw how much he had hurt Seveline and that hurt him even more. Vincent bowed his head. "I can make the pain stop, Seveline, I can help you forget if you want...Me and my clan will leave tonight, if that's what you wish. I can also resurrect him, but he wont be the same." Vincent and another clan member had the ability to bring the dead back to life, they had a venom like none other vampires,it could change the living and the dead.

    "I know your pain...My family was killed, right in front of my eye's...but every person has to pay for the wrong they do, and I swear too you, every person and thing that has wronged me will pay." Vincent could feel the hate she had towards him now. She thought he was a monster, and he was, but his killings were not monster like, they were based around the love for family. "La vendetta e 'un figlio di puttana" Was all Vincent said before turning to leave, His clan waiting not that far away for him. "We a re leaving tonight. we must bury Coltin and leave." His clan eyed him. One steeped forward and spoke. "But if we leave who will control the rouges, they will kill everything." Vincent looked back at the alley. "I know, but there is nothing we can do."

    ((sorry its soo short))