Love in a Godless Place

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  1. I'm using this plot in a novel I'm writing for creative writing, but I really need to develop my main character, kind of give her a past. So here goes...

    I learned two things when I moved into the city. One, don’t ask for directions from strangers. They’re more likely to kill you than they are to help you. Two, if you see a cop, run. Out the front, out the back, climb on the damned roof if you have to. They don’t look up, and they don’t pursue. What lies outside the wall of the City is scarier than it is here. Keep your god to yourself, it's too late for supernatural intervention.

    Additional Information:
    I'm looking to play the female in this, as I already have the character made. This is supposed to be in the late 2070's, where we've fallen into a dark age that has technology nearly nonexistent and the country has reverted to a dictatorship. I have no problem with this becoming a mature roleplay, but I am 16 so we have to stay in my age bracket. I can explain more of this idea in pm, or we can continue to develop it together.

    Let me know if you're interested!
  2. I'm quite interested in this idea. :D And I happen to be 16 as well so if we did decide to roleplay it, it could end up being mature if you wanted.
  3. Sounds great! I'll send you a pm.