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  1. This is a plot Idea where your character goes to this place someone referred them to because she just broke up with her boyfriend then saw this commercial.

    To all female charters.
    Do you feel frustrated with your sex life?
    Don't have time to find a boyfriend to tend to your every need?
    Feel neglected or unappreciated?
    Maybe It's time to try something more adventurous, something new, take a Vacation to the LOVE HOTEL. A complete underground resort made to service women by fulfilling their every sexual desire and fantasy provided for the right price. Our staff and service is strictly professional and trained to serve you. We have a wide variety of fantasy specialist and escorts to help play our your favorite scenarios Like SxM Teahcerx Student, Princex Princess, Vampires, and much much more. Everything is done and provided with the utmost discretion. We wish to provide our customers with the privacy they need while at the same time giving the the opportunity reveal their true dark selfs. Ladies take this opportunity and contact us at the LOVE HOTEL, "Our Business is Your Pleasure"

    This might be interesting please PM me
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