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  1. We have things we love.
    We have things we hate.
    And sometimes we have things we both love and hate.

    What are some things you have a love hate relationship with?

    One thing I both love and hate are taps that work via sensors/timers. I love them because they stop water wastage. I hate them because many times you have to stand in front and wave your hand at it like an idiot before it works.

    Another thing is public washrooms. I love them because as someone who travels quite a bit, they're available pretty much everywhere. I hate them because people don't flipping clean up after themselves. x.x
  2. A friend and I have a love hate relationship. We love to hate on each other. He is the only one one from my grade who was ever mean to me, and I loved it. Now we are out of school and have kept up that relationship.
    We used to work at the same place, and it was all fun to hate on each other until the boss's wife showed up. Then we became completely friendly to each other so we could team up and complain about how much of a witch that lady was.
    I think last time I saw him was at the place he worked. He told me I wasn't allowed to eat there, and I threatened to cover his car in motor oil. Good times.
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  3. Various games! Like Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

    Because they're both games that I love the story and gameplay, but can't say I thoroughly enjoy because of one or two parts which are just way too damn frustrating!
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  4. O.O I think I cheered a little actually reading that someone else played this game :bsmile: I can relate though. The part where you have to go down that huge tower without the dagger? Made me want to murder Farah O_O
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  5. I love/hate Dark Souls. I hate dying, but I love the journey. I was borrowing it so I didn't get very far before returning it. xD

    I love being able to go to a convention every year. I just hate the long drive to get there and sleeping in a hotel. Its not anything against the hotel, its a great hotel, I just would rather my bed.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Love/Hate

    Pokemon Go!!!

    Love it cause it is Pokemon and makes me feel like I am fulfilling the dreams of my kid self.

    Hate it because Niantic fucked it up and released a terrible, buggy, shitty game.

    Still love it though. Play it for hours every day.
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  8. A horse named Roeshay. She's kind sometimes, but most of the time I hate her.

  9. surprise mothafuckaaaaa
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  10. Starting with what I Love: Online games, RPG, swimming pools, cats, scary movies, a whole bunch of new story ideas; great music, fun, kind people, lots of different books, candy, my family and friends.

    Things I absolutely hate: Snobby people, richies, dried cranberries, spinach, lima-beans, POLITICS- constant fighting between people, and when friends turn their backs on me like douchers do. I hate cheating on spouse scenarios too.
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  11. I hate/love really good storylines with wonderful characters.

    I hate how they can wring out all kinds of different emotions within me. How they can leave me on the edge of my seat, how they can have me smiling like an idiot, how they can have me crying in the early hours of the morning.

    But that's the exact thing that I love about them. I love how much they move me. How much power they have over me.

    It's a complicated relationship >_<;;
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  12. Milk. I'm lactose intolerant, but I flippin' love milk. It doesn't always love me though and I suffer for it.
  13. Gyros. I love eating gyros. I usually end up hating myself for eating gyros.
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  14. I have a love/hate relationship with Taco Bell. I love it while I'm eating it, but hate it when I'm digesting it. Heart burn deluxe!

    Any show that I watch. I love it when things are going the way I like, and hate it when there's some twist I don't.

    Books! I love reading, but I hate the fact that I get so engrossed in them that I forget about everything else.
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  15. Bruh. YOu are suppsoed to talk about stuff you love and hate the same time.
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  16. I love World of Warcraft--
    But hate the Devs for removing the camera function that allowed me to continue to play the game.
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  17. I hate falling in love because they never love me back....
  18. I love and hate my blanket. It's way too soft and snuggly. Makes sleeping in it wonderful and leaving it a misery.

    *Burrows further into blankie.*
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