Love/Hate [Criminal underworld role-play]

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Is the fact this is based in Ireland off-putting?

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  3. Irland pls...

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  1. I'm thinking a modern Irish crime drama (don't stop reading!) depicting fictional characters and events in Dublin city's criminal underworld. The role-play would start off revolving around the story of one particular gang and their ventures, making it easier to keep everybody in the game with each other until we could expand a bit further. The gang's major game would be the drug trafficking business but as money starts being lost and the Gardai (Irish Police) start picking up more and more of the gang, they have to venture into other aspects. Alliances and rivalries are formed and broken with other gangs and IRA contingencies and even the brutal "Traveler community" in and around Dublin. It's important to stress that this role-play will be venturing into very dark themes. Not just your usual drug use and other recreations but having an ultra-violent underlying theme.

    There's not really anything you need to know too in-depth about to take part in the role-play but it would be preferred if you had some knowledge of modern Ireland. By this I mean you don't believe that all Irish people are leprechaun's and that you don't think the Yankee (American) stereotype of a Dublin accent is accurate. I'm basing the idea for this role-play off of an Irish TV show called 'Love/Hate'. Some of you may have seen it as it recently has been broadcast somewhat abroad. If not even watching one or two trailers to the show might help. I'll post some short videos below so that you can see what I'm talking about.

    So, for anybody who is interested leave a response here so I can put you down for it and we can get a start on an OOC if this gathers enough interest. I've been hoping to do something like this for a long time so hopefully all you Yanks aren't put off by the fact it's based in Ireland. ;)

    Note: The characters here will be completely original. The title of this thread will not be the title of the role-play. The show 'Love/Hate' simply sets the underlying theme.
  2. Has nobody got any interest in this? Nobody? D:
  3. well honestly, I'm interested in just about everything, so.. ^^
  4. Nice to see a bit of interest! See if anyone you know would be interested, don't need too many to get this going.