Love from Above

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  1. Human Name: John Smith

    god Name: Exnos, god of virtues and loyalty

    Age: 1250 (looks 25)

    Sex: usually male however has walked around as a female form.

    Hight: 6'1

    Weight: usually is about 210

    Eyes: dark brown

    Hair: black

    Skin: dark

    Personality: serous, mellow dramatic, arrogent
  2. Name: Alexandria Killiran

    Age: 23

    Sex: Female

    Height: 5’7”

    Weight: 135

    Eyes: Steel blue

    Hair: Light brown

    Skin: Light Beige

    Personality: Shy, stubborn, loving, day-dreamer
  3. .....another day, and no luck......

    Alexandria slumped her way back to the temple for the night. She spent the day begging in the streets for money. Being homeless in times like this was hard, and people did not treat those that were kindly. But she nowhere else to go. She had nowhere to go back. So, she had to live this life. Today was no different then the others. No one offered her coin, or food. Just glanced at her and walked away quickly. At least the temple was welcoming to her. They never chased her off or yelled at her for sleeping there. The temple of the god, Exnos, was kind to those that seek shelter there. She headed inside to find a comfortable spot. The temple was simple, a long cathedral with many window. There are a few pews for those that wished to pray to him and at the end was a large alter with the image of the god himself watching over it. Moonlight now lit the hall as well as the few candles that remained lit from today's service. She took a deep breath and let the peace of the temple soak in. She had thought about joined the temple, but she was not exactly priestess material. It seemed like she was the only one in the temple tonight so she decided to sleep somewhere special. She made here way up to the statue and started to set up her sleeping arrangements at it's feet. She liked sleeping there. It felt like she was being watched by him and it made her feel safe. She didn't do this when others were here, though. They might think of it as sacrilegious. She settled down to sleep for the night.

    "Good night, Exnos. Thank you for watching over us." she muttered before curling up at his feet and falling asleep......
  4. “But Aelia...” Exnos said, she was the goddess of beginnings and openings, and his wife.
    “no” Aelia said “we will not get involed with the world of mortals anymore.” then she left the room. For 150 years the gods of this world had forsaken humans; the wars the commited in there names were atrocious, and most agree that they don’t deserve the help of the gods. However Exnos and a few other gods didn’t agree, just because a few committed crimes against them. To punish all was not right. he began to walk around the halls of Visheinanhu, the home of the gods. He turned a corner and saw his wife kissing Godel, the god of thunder and infidelity. Exnos was surprised and hurt. he quickly left them and soon he jumped into the world of humans. Landing in a temple located in a big city. He possessed the big statue, the stone turned to skin and shrunk from a 10 foot tall to a 6'1 in front of him was a alter and a girl that was laying at his feet. He looked at the temple, it was night time, it had been a while sense he walked in the realm of humans. First things first, he knelt next to the girl, from the looks of her she was homeless, he poked her in the face and asked “hello young one, why do you sleep in a besides my feet?"
  5. Alexandria stirred when she was poked in the face. Her vision was not clear and she could barely tell what he said or what he looked like. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. "I'm sorry. I just was sleeping for awhile. I promise I will move. I didn't mean to be any trouble." She blinked a few times and noticed that the statue was gone. "Wha?" she muttered and looked up at the man who woke her. She didn't not recognize him. He was not one of the temple's priests. He was way to handsome to be one. She stood up quickly, now starting to wake up. "I am not sure what happened to the statue, but I promise you that I have nothing to do with it." She said looking up at the man that stood before her.
  6. Exnos then laughed at the prospect of this little girl moving the ten foot nude statue. “no, i don't expect you did, would be quite a feet if you could” Exnos said. Exnos looked at her face, underneath all that grim and dirt she was quite beautiful. He now was quite aware to the fact that he was naked. Exnos got a genius idea of how to get back at his wife. He took his hand and brushed the hair out of her face.
  7. Alexandria finally got a good look at the man that was standing before. Her face turned beet red when she realized that he was naked. She had seen her fair share of naked men before, but it was still not something she was completely comfortable with. As he went to touch her face, she flinched a little. She was not use to kind touches. "I'm sorry, sir. If you wish for me to move, I will." she said pulling away from him.
  8. Obviously embarrassed the girls face turned bright red. Exnos sighed and removed his hand from her face. He stood up and offered her his hand "can you tell me young one where I can find clothes.
  9. Alexadria thought about it, looking away to hide her face from his naked body. "Well, the stores are all closed now that it's night time. There may be some extra clothes here in the temple but I do not know where...." she said quietly, her hand moving to her mouth. She didn't want someone to walk into the temple and see them there. What would the temple priest think? They wouldn't let her back for sure.

    "May I ask are naked?" she asked sheepishly.....
  10. Exnos laughed "what a curious question, young one. I know no more than you do on the matter. I'm always curious of why you mortals depict us an naked"
  11. "Depict you naked? Are you saying you are a-" and then it slapped her in the face. The statue missing, the now extrememly handsome naked man before here.....Her voice dropped low, her eyes staring at the ground, nit daring to look up. "Are you a God?" she said, almost in a whisper....
  12. Exnos face twisted into a confused look, and tilted his head to the right "you did not recognize me when you first saw me" he then threw his head back and laughed so loudly that the monks retreated from there bed chambers and into the room Exnos and the girl occupied.

    The head monk spoke first "what is going on in..." Exnos turned his head and the monks saw his face they all bowed and lifted there hands in the mannor most of his followers did. "My lord Exnos" the head monk said.
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