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  1. Nancy stood there in her grandmother's living room, all of the family and close friends visiting for her grandmother's retirement party. She was a spirited only woman, always putting her nose into other people's business and letting everyone know what she was thinking. Taking a sip of red wine she straightened her light blue dress and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

    Taking a breath she made her way through the guests, saying her greetings and small talk. She was beginning to become anxious, having heard that Brendan was going to be coming over to help her grandmother with something. Not having seen him in awhile she wasn't sure what to expect, especially after the break up a few years back.
  2. Brendan Conrad. That name had become quite the hit in the Arts world over the past three or four years, showing up in advertisements nation wide. For a man who usually prefers to keep himself to himself, he tried not to let the fame get to his head. After the breakup between him and Nancy, both of them mutually feeling that they were being pulled in separate directions under the force known as life. Brendan would have loved to stay with Nancy but things just weren't working out the way it used to when they were both in college. Having himself thrown into the Graphic Design world, Brendan soon learned to love his job first and Nancy second. Whether he had been aware of this fact or not, it was a paramount reason for their detachment. Resisting the urge to exchange e-mails or call Nancy, still having one another's phone numbers, Brendan moved on but never stopped thinking of her. He promotes his work all over the country but keeps an internal secret that if it weren't for Nancy, he wouldn't have been so successful for she was the one who made it possible for him to flourish.

    Brendan couldn't wait for his meeting with Nancy's grandmother because it would give him a chance, he knew, to seek out information on how Nancy has been holding up. For the heart has trouble forgetting love. Arriving in his pressed and dry cleaned designer suit, he couldn't help but feel overdressed and out of his aura. Taking off his shades, he places them on the dash before looking down to his tie, sharp broad shouldered suit and red tie. Taking the tie off, he throws it to the passenger seat, unbuttoning the top button to try and look more casual. Glancing to his rearview mirror, the bearded man can't help but hate what he sees. The last thing I want to do is shove it in her face.

    He agrees with himself internally, pondering to leave the jacket in the sleek BMW Z4 as well. Adjusting the peaked lapel of his tanned suit, he clicks open the car door and shoves the keys in his pocket. Locking the car and buttoning his jacket half way up the walk then unbuttoning it as he gets to the door, he rings the bell and stands tall even though his knees are shaking. Three years? Comes his thoughts, wondering how long it's been, Four? Hearing the delighted sounds of chatter and buzz of life within the house, Brendan combs his crippled hair back with a hand before buttoning his suit jacket once again.
  3. Her mind wondered as she looked at the walls she once knew from a child, with her grandmother retiring she would move in to help her with anything she needed. Her grandmother raised her after her parents died in a drunk driving accident when she was young. Nancy was an artist at one point, but chose to become a psychologist, Brendan sparked the artist in her when they were in college but after the break up the love for it died. Whenever she'd pick up a pencil, to even doodle, he flooded into her mind and it just hurt to think of what to draw.

    Attention was brought back to reality upon hearing the doorbell, black heals, adding a good two inches to her height, clicked against the hardwood flooring as she made her way to the door. Before she could even answer a short old woman, her grandmother, beat her to the bunch.
    "Brendan!" the woman shrieked and enveloped the man around the waist, "Been such a long time! Come in! Come in!" Nancy ducked into the kitchen upon seeing him, her heart almost seemed to pound out of her chest. She couldn't tell if she was happy, sad, excited, afraid. He always kept her feeling funny on the inside.

    Peeking around the corner she watched her grandmother practically pull him into the house, if she could even do it with her fragile form, and bit her soft pink lips before whispering to herself, "He's really here..." she quickly finished the last of her glass of wine and smoothed at her hair and dress one last time.
  4. "Hello grandma Leo!" Comes his silken voice, almost a hint of his old Irish accent coming to light as he easily wraps his free arm around the elderly lady. It is a short and tender embrace for him before just resting his arm on her shoulder as she leads him though the house. "Might I say, you don't look a day over twenty!" Leaning down, he kisses her cheek as he usually did when him and Nancy were an item. Old habits are hard to kick. Glancing to the interior of the house, he is able to spot Nancy's artistic touch whether it be the positioning of the flowers in an opaque vase or a vast splash of pictures hanging on the cracked walls. "And what is this wonderful occasion you have going on here?"

    Smelling of a light and airy cologne wafts through the rooms as her grandmother leads him from place to place. For the most part, the six foot gentleman seems delighted to see the slow repairs of the house. Stopping her every so often, he points out a detail he doesn't remember and questions her. The smile lights up the room as they wave in between Nancy's family, some clapping him on the back and asking him how life is but others rolling their eyes and turning away with spite towards the man who they believe broke Nancy's heart. Such things are gossiped and rumored but Brendan hardly notices because of the euphoric atmosphere all around him. Those steel colored eyes catch every detail, not a lot changing on Brendan's part. Silently hoping to run into Nancy, Brendan can't help but feel the temperature in the room rising and sweat pooling on his temples. Blonde hair is cut short and flipped over to the right side, barely coming down past his ears.
  5. Nancy couldn't help but giggle as she watched her grandma drag him around the house, she never did let Nancy forget how much she missed and adored Brendan. After her grandma was finally down she took a deep breath and made her way through the crowd once more. She could hear soft murmurs of comments on why Brendan was there, good and bad, a lump caught in her throat, never being able to block out the comments and looks she caught. Taking another deep breath she placed a hand on her grandma's shoulder.

    "Anma.." something she called her from childhood, when young she couldn't pronounce the word so Anma was all she could get out. "Aunt Beth was looking for you." she smiled watching her grandma make her way over to her aunt. Mustering a smile up at Brendan she spoke softly, her voice like that of a bird, "Long time no see, Stranger."
  6. Brendan, finally letting go of grandma Leo's arm, he adjusts his suit jacket before letting his eyes come to meet hers. The last time they talked, he had been in ripped jeans and old band tee's. Now he stands before her looking as sharp as a tack but not even the tallest of men could stand completely upright when talking to Nancy. He finds his shoulders slumping forward slightly, just her energy itself drawing him in closer to her. With a concerned smile to his face he contemplates stepping forward and kissing her or hugging her, never usually seeing his ex's after breaking up. Like a deer caught in the headlights, he just lets her image sink into his minds eye. "You look..." He starts to say in a dreamy sort of manner, composing himself and straightening up before continuing, "Nancy, you look lovely and it's such a delightful surprise to see you once again."

    Something deep within his chest thumps against his ribcage, taking in a much needed breath before continuing. "I am just here because of business purposes...." He starts, knowing that she -had- to be asking that question internally. Always using his hands to speak, Brendan's arm comes up, the hand motioning to her grandmother who is chatting away with Aunt Beth. "But all that talk can wait. You and your welfare, your life! My, my, how your age has increased your eternal beauty," His face turns a bit red, feeling the words spill from his mouth before his mind can block them. Introducing a cough, he adds in a more customary manner, "How are you, Nancy?" Making the best of the situation, he beams at her, his eyes looking nowhere else.
  7. As she took him in she couldn't believe how grown up he looked, she never thought she'd see him in a suit, she even remembered joking about it with him in college. She was taken back by how proper he seemed to be now, she couldn't imagine how much had changed in just a couple of years. Straighten her posture she cleared her throat once more, "You look..." she paused searching for the right word, "Different... Well in a good way!" she quickly added and averted her eyes, she must have sounded stupid.

    Eyes went wide at his comment, her cheeks turning a soft red as his words sank in. Her lips parted not sure what to say at first, the truth, what she was thinking, or lie. "I uh.. I'm well." she said looking back up at him with a gesture to the house. Seeing how well off he had become, she couldn't bare to be honest with what was going one in her life. Her grandmother, her job, life in general. With a sigh she lowered her back back down into the other, fingers fiddling with one another, "H-How about yourself? You seem really well... Perfect... Great..."
  8. Smiling with both his eyes and his lips, Brendan lets out a small chuckle at her comment about how he looks. With a shrug, he leans his head to the side. The right hand of his raising it's palm horizontally in the air. "I am sure you meant the comment well, I am not offended by it in the least." Having to force himself not to reach out and grab her loyal fingers, he places them at his sides. "I thank you for your compliment but you have aged -far- better." Not being completely sold on her attempt to make sure things are fine, he steps forward, immediately knowing what he had done wrong. Being frozen a step closer to her is like waiting for the chill to travel up your spine, you know it's coming but its all part of chance.

    "Hardly perfect, let me remind you, Nancy." Not finding the strength to stare at her anymore, the confidence in him deflates in increments as he tries to think of what else to say. "Just as we left one another - I am still married to my job. I tried to start a company that failed nearly half a year later. Luckily the business partner of mine knew a guy, who knew a guy," Smirking he comments off to the side, "You know how those things work." His hand bounces around in front of him in a rhythmic way, trying to keep things casual and calm. "And I found myself climbing up a ladder of business and bam... I struck gold with one of my projects." Coming to a lighter subject, he feels himself telling her something before the filter comes in, "I couldn't have done it without you."
  9. As he took a step forward, a smile began to form on her lips, but she took a step back at how close he was getting. A hand placed itself over her chest feeling her heart about to pop right out of her ribcage. Eyes fell down to the floor when he mentioned how well she had aged, she didn't think so at the time, a bit of stress wearing her down at times but maybe she was wrong. "Thanks." giving another smile she took the hand from her chest combing her fingers through her hair before forcing herself to look back up at him. Those grey eyes of his haven't changed.

    Giving a soft nod she let her hand fall back down into her other hand, "Glad to hear that things are going well." she said though her heart sank upon hearing that he was still married to work, she was hoping that besides his clothes that had changed. "You could have done it without me. You always find a way, you always have." she glanced around seeing a few of her relatives watching them, a judgmental expression on their faces. "I uh... I have to go back to the... um kitchen. Enjoy the party." she said quickly before zipping off through the crowd.
  10. "No, I really couldn't have, Nancy. My work rests--" But before Brendan can finish, she is already slipping through the crowed and to the kitchen. "You too Nancy!" He calls after her, not caring what her relatives are gossiping about, he tries to go after her. Only getting past about two or three of the guests, he is stopped by someone he vaguely remembers. Right now all he could really think about was Nancy and how much his heart -still- after all these years, belongs to her. It's true that news of this girlfriend and that girlfriend spread through various tabloid papers but Brendan always compared them to Nancy and thus always broke it off. Seen as a bit of a playboy now, he understands the looks and snide comments. If he were in their shoes he would too throw his head to the side and roll his eyes.

    Her hair had grown so long since their last meeting and Brendan can feel himself rocking on his heels as he converses aimlessly to the guests who will speak to him. They don't understand me. His mind reminds him as his hands smoothly slide into his jacket pockets, revealing more of the buttoned shirt underneath. Taking a moment or two every few statements, his eyes glance at the kitchen door and deep within his chest he hopes that he can catch another glimpse of her. She must think me an ass. Fleeing... running to the hills... why the hell did I say I was married to my job. It's the truth but it caused her to run.

    The uncle or cousin, Brendan is not sure, who he is talking to finally releases him. "Alright, enjoy yourself and take care with that heart problem." Brendan assures the man, giving a friendly shake to his shoulder before moving off to look at some of the artwork in the adjacent room. He needs a break. There are too many questions firing themselves at him and his head has started to thump with annoyance but never outwardly showing it. Standing with one hand in his pants pocket and the other around a glass of red wine, Brendan takes a sip and lets the fine red wine move around his whole mouth to enhance the flavor received by his various tastebuds.
  11. Staying in the kitchen for a few brief moments, her back pressing against the wall, "I'm such an idiot." she mumbled to herself as she smacked a hand to her forehead. She couldn't let herself fawn over him any longer, part of her still wants to be with him but she couldn't help remember all of those tabloids, "Brendan with Another Babe." or "Conrad Scores Again!". With a shake of her head she pushed the thoughts from her mind as she steps back out of the kitchen. Glancing over to see her uncle had distracted him, it was perfect, she slipped past the guest with ease, already having greeted them all and made small talk.

    Finally making it into the art room she sigh out an exhausted sigh and slouched into an arm chair by the window. It was her favorite spot, the piece of furniture always seemed too bit, even for an adult, but she enjoyed being able to curl up into the cushions. Kicking of her heels and tucking her feet under her legs she propped her chin into the palm of her hand, "I'm ready for this day to be over with." she grumbled trying to push thoughts from her mind. Her grandma said that Brendan might be staying longer than a day, but now she wasn't sure how happy she was about it. After they broke up she dated a few other men, but nothing past a few dates. Always comparing them to Brendan, even with his vice of always putting work first, seeing other men just didn't seem right.

    Upon seeing Brendan walk into the room she perked up in surprise, usually no one came into the art room, then again it was Brendan and he knew the house as well as she did. "Hi... Again..." she muttered with a slight wave of her hand, "Enjoying the party?"
  12. Not even noticing Nancy at first, Brendan simply gazes at each and every picture. Internally and externally he is concentrated and studying the various paint strokes used or marks from a pencil to present a certain effect. Being invited and praised at art galleries, he acts as if he were just at another one. Gracefully sipping his wine again, he holds it to his chest as he steps onto the worn winter colored rug. Red, blue, gold, and tan are just a few of the many opulent colors offered, all neatly meshed together to create a breathtaking boarder around the edge and an intricate flower pattern the middle. Brendan was always fond of this particular rug, even glancing down at it's traditional style on the brick red background.

    As soon as her voice reaches his ears, Brendan jumps out of his skin, sharp eyes moving around the room. Of course he recognized her voice moments later and his eyes rest on hers. "Comfortable?" Comes his appealing voice, the wine glass still flush against his chest. "I hope that I am not disturbing you in your little sanctuary, Nancy." Slowly his memory clicks and he connects the chair with the smile in her eyes. But once his gray ones latch onto hers, he can see the struggle between keeping eye contact and looking away. Wishing to save her from his presence, not wishing her to be uncomfortable, he looks back to the painting he started to admire of a ship out at sea. "I am enjoying the party, as much as an ex can." For a second, the marred look comes across his face, "But I deserve no less and I knew what I was getting myself into when I agreed to help your grandmother."

    Turning to face her, he places his wine glass down either on a mantle or a table that is close with a coster. "You don't mind my being here, do you? I just don't want to ... be a disturbance." His voice chokes up at the end, almost lightly adding her nickname he used to lovingly tell her all the time. Swallowing, he hopes she doesn't catch his -almost- trip up. A hand comes out of his pocket to itch his jaw before rubbing his ear. There is a slight lack of tan around his eyes, considering he wears sunglasses all the time. Not being sure where to look, he glances from her to the window, waiting for his answer.
  13. "Of course. I love this chair..." A small grown found her lips at his comment but bit her lip to cover the reaction. Her eyes followed his to the painting, one that seemed older than her, she couldn't remember a time when that painting wasn't there. She loved this room, the room she used to paint in and share ideas with Brendan in. Her old easel and brushes still in the corner by the oak book shelf, gathering dust. His voice brought her mind back to reality, her mind seeming to drift more than it should lately.

    "Hm? Oh no... Its just been a very long day." a nimble finger traced the arm of chair's border, her eyes turning back up to him noticing his little ticks. The ones he would have when something was up "What? Do you not want to be here?" she asked softly brushing a strand off of her cheek, "Don't lie." she added with a tilt of her head to give him a stern look, "I know its been awhile, but I don't want you to be uncomfortable." Even though they had been broken up for a few years now, she still cared about him and wanted to make sure that he was okay. She always put his happiness first, quickly finding herself doing it once more, it was a hard habit to kick.
  14. Picking up the wine glass again, he rolls his neck once before glancing to the chair opposite her. He crosses his legs and leans back, smiling as he gazes across the room. After a moment of silence and him gathering his thoughts, Brendan speaks, "I am perfectly alright being here." As he speaks, those eyes come back to hers, the truth shining in them. "I would just like to know if you are alright with my presence. Darl--" The word 'darling' almost rolls off his tongue but he covers it up, pausing to wipe his mouth with his unoccupied hand. "Nancy..." He starts out, nodding his head as if agreeing with himself never again to call her such titles a boyfriend would call his girl. Those times were long ago but just being with her unearths all the coffers he thought he buried deep within him.

    "I think you know when I'm lying and when I'm not, yes? You were always good at telling how I really was and thus you have become a psychologist, yes?" The neat line of his eyebrow rises, the smile coming to his eyes again. "Before I ask more, just know that you could never make me feel uncomfortable. Part of the reason I came and accepted your grandmother's request is -to- see how you have been. It's been so many years and I feel foolishly rotten for not calling you or sending you an e-mail. I didn't know how you would respond." Brendan was always an honest man, not weaving around an issue but rather smacking it right in the face. "How many I seek your forgiveness?"
  15. A 'brow arched as he almost called her darling, a spark lighting in her heart but also a feeling of sadness. A mix of him calling her that pet name but also the fact that he stopped himself. She swallowed and looked out the window, the wind blowing leaves across the yard, fall was coming into season. A sigh left her lips as her back slouched into the chair "I -was- a psychologist..." she admitted, her eyes locking on a leaf as it rolled over and stopped half way through the grass. The frown found her lips again, and this time she couldn't cover it up, delicately she placed her hand over her mouth in thought.

    After a moment of collecting herself she took a deep breath and straightened back up, turning her eyes back to meet his gray hues. "I never blamed you. I understood what was going on and the choice we made.... I just..." taking a moment she thought back on that night, the night they decided to end the relationship, going two very different ways with careers and life in general. "I just..." with a shrug she gave up trying to find the right words to express what she thought and felt towards him about the matter, "I don't know. There is nothing to forgive, its not like you did anything wrong."
  16. Silently, Brendan mouths an 'o' with his mouth as she tells him that she was a psychologist. Feeling a bit awkward, he shifts in his chair, hand coming up to itch his face again. "I'm sorry to hear that you decided not to pursue your love for digging into people's minds." A soft consoling smile appears on his lips and he adjusts himself in the chair. Legs come off of one another and he scoots forward, resting his arms on his knees. Touching the glass in between his fingers, Brendan lifts it half way up to his lips and then pauses, lowering the drink again. "You don't have to talk about it if you don't wish to." His hand curls onto his own knee, wrinkling the fabric that is there. With all his being he wants to reach out and touch her hand but the reason for doing such a thing would only make it harder for her. That much he knew.

    That night at the small wooden table in the kitchen is something that Brendan never would forget. The creamy yellow of the walls and the black streams of eye liner running down her face. He passed her another tissue and then the box. Remembering his own eyes tearing up but knowing that it was the right choice to make. Offering her tea, she refuses and they sit alert towards one another, arms or legs crossed defensively. Their words weren't angry like most breakups are but rather quiet, knowing that they had to come to terms with the facts sooner or later.

    Blinking, Brendan is thrown back into reality, his grip loosening on his wine glass before placing it on the table. Workless hands rub together as he straightens up and adjusts his jacket. "You're right that it was indeed mutual but... I regret it most days. Thinking to myself that something could have been done to mend the broken bridge between us." Looking down at his hands, he opens his mouth slightly, thinking again before talking. "But, what has been done is done. I hope we can at least be friends again. We don't have to be close or anything but just talking more and checking in on one another. I would bring you flowers or some ice cream if you're sick... friend sort of things." His lips twist, pondering if those items he listed really are just friend material.
  17. It wasn't that she decided to go a different route with her career, she lost her job because of cut backs, but she wasn't going to tell him. He was doing so well, and she was back home with grandma. "Eh... It happens." she shrugged off as she watched him, the way he sat, touched his glass, his hand on his knee, she couldn't help but wonder if there was something on his mind. Her head tilts to her side as she took in his words, "Regret? If you regret that night then why didn't you do something about it?" she asked sharply, the emotions of that night boiling up inside of her. "If it bothers you that much why did you wait until now, years later, to say something about it?"

    Taking a breath and pinching the bridge of her nose she calmed herself back down, pressing a hand out in front of her as if to stop herself, "I'm sorry... But.." pulling her fingers from her nose she pinched her lips together between her teeth in thought. Staying silent for a moment before finally speaking, "You said that same thing when we started dating. How can I be sure you mean it this time? You won't just go off again? I mean, you are 'married to the job'." she said making the quotation marks in the air with her fingers. She couldn't believe he was bringing this up, and couldn't figure out why, it was awhile ago.
  18. "I do regret that night but it had to be done." The words are like gravely dust to his throat and he can't help but cough, bringing up an arm to cover his arm. Hearing her words strike at him, the wounds of that night truly reopening. "It bothers me but I know it was for the best, at the time. We agreed mutually ... I did think of it, at the time, a smart decision." Seeing her flare up makes his insides fortify against her but even as that happens, he finds himself leaning forward. Soon he is standing up from the chair, wine glass clutched within his hand. Looking down at her, his face is unreadable for the first time. Sometimes he looks angry and within a blink of an eye, broken. Is he truly happy?

    Moving to the mantle, he places his wine glass down before turning back to her. Not caring what people think, he walks right up to her chair. Not knowing what he might do next, he adapts on the fly and kneels down before her. A single tanned hand comes out and collects her hands from the air, placing them in her lap for her. He calmly starts to speak, one arm lapping across his thigh and the other holding her hands down lightly. If she wishes to pull them away, he will recoil and give her what she wants. "There is no need for you to be sorry. I am sorry. There was no reason for me to bring it up - only stirring up trouble. That's not what I meant to do." Well, for one, his fiery temper really cooled down from when she knew him in college. Before he would literally be ripping his hair out and yelling but here he kneels before her, calm and collected.

    Patting her hand with his, he slowly stands, resisting the urge to kiss her on the cheek. The sweet oder of cologne and aftershave intensifies and then he steps back, hands going to his pockets. "If you don't want to, that's alright but I promise you that I will keep this promise unlike the other filthy ones I let break. You may just think these are false words that I am throwing around but I truly mean it and I am now determined to prove it to you."
  19. Letting out a sigh, she shook her head and turned her attention back out the window, he was right. At the time it probably was a smart decision, on both parts, and looking back at what they discussed and she thought that maybe she would have held him back if he stayed and didn't move on. Her eyes stayed looking out the window until she felt his hand on hers, "What?" she asked more to herself of what was going on. He usually wasn't like this, she prepared herself to hear him yell and stomp about the room in a rant.

    She wanted to pull her hands away but she enjoyed the feelings on his hand, it was one of the things she missed the most. Half way through his speech she removed her hands from under his, she wasn't sure how to take everything. She was positive that he was telling the truth but at the same time she couldn't help but think that everything would happen all over again. They'd get close and then he'd leave for work and wouldn't see him for another three years. "Maybe its best if you just go back to your girl of the month..." she mumbled as she stood up, smoothed her hands over her dress and made her way out of the room, leaving her heels behind. Before stepping through the doorway she paused, placing a hand on the frame she said one last thing, "It was nice seeing you again."
  20. Oh that is a low blow, he felt it drop right into his stomach. That's when the anger hit him, unable to contain it any longer. Shoving his hands deeper into his pants he crunches them into tight fists and looks towards the window. The gusts of wind will, in time, help ease his anger but as of right now he lifts a hand in the air, signaling his goodbye, "Until next time." She may or may not hear him mumble through barred teeth. He tried to find happiness, it's not his fault that it never worked out! Well, he blinks, knowing that's a complete lie. It was not his fault all the women out there were not like Nancy. Nothing will be able to fill his desires unless it was -his- Nancy.

    Knowing he has caused enough trouble he moves over to Nancy's chair and picks up her shoes one by one, placing them out of scuffing range. Making sure they are neatly placed beside one another, he thinks about stomping on them, ruining them for her comment. All this time he was just trying to be nice and fix the gap between them. Was it really so wrong of his intentions? Shaking his head, he soon moves to his wine glass, fumbling the lip of the rim of its base before turning from it completely. Spotting her grandmother, he sifts through the crowed and places a hand on her shoulder, receiving half a hug in return.

    "Grandma Leo -" He smiles, thinking internally that he should make some sort of excuse to leave but she would be heartbroken. "Is there anything you require from the store?" He offers her lightly, keeping his hand on her shoulder as a comforting gesture. "I was thinking of getting some air... there are lots of sharks out here and I'd rather catch my breath before battling them again." Oh how Nancy's grandmother knew who hated him and who talked about him behind his back.
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