Love Found In War

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  1. "Are you dead yet man!?" he asked breathing heavily. A saber tooth tiger was simply giving him a hard time. "Listen buddy could you go any easier on me!? All I have is a knife. I wasted all my ammo on your buddies back there! If you pounce on me one more time, I won't guarantee that you'll live." The saber tooth tiger morphed into a tall man. During that moment of the man's vulnerability, he got on one knee. "Listen it's either you or me. Do you seriously want to kill me, a human, who can't even match the powers you have?" as the man let his guard down to answer, Michael through his knife towards his head. It smashed through his skull and rested in the frontal section of his brain. "And he's down!" Michael exclaimed pumping his fist. Now where am I... he thought to himself. He looked around and all he saw was dense forest. Shit...where the hell is home from here? He thought to himself. He began to walk aimlessly, grabbing his knife as he passed the shapeshifter.
  2. Ash has been watching him, Michael. her lips pursed, she keeps her eyes glued to him and quietly follows the man as he curiously walks through the forest. Her eyes flit down to the dead shapeshifter and her palms are damp. Her blond hair threatens to get tangled in the branches that she ducks beneath, but she's quiet. she's almost positive that she cannot be seen or heard. Her knife is tucked into the waistband of her jeans, just in case she will need to fight.
  3. Michael felt like he was going in circles. He was almost positive that he'd been through that area quite a few times. He sighed, but then an idea struck. He looked towards a branchy tree and jogged to it. He started climbing the tree, testing each branch of its strength as he climbed. Once he reached the top, he began to jump up other trees and branches until he could see over the forest. His eyes scanned the scenery. He had given up on finding home, he just needed a place to stay. He looked for a town, maybe even a small house. At this point he was getting desperate for shelter. There were no signs of civilization that he could spot. Damn... the curse echoed in his head. He climbed back down onto the dirt ground of the thick, and now dark, forest. He had to set up camp, if he wanted to live through the night. He found an open area, and declared it his camp area. It seemed that there was someone there before him, so a fire pit was already dug, and set up. Michael then scanned around the area once more, only to notice no one. He eventually shrugged then pulled out his lighter and lit the fire. It crackled and burned in front of him. Michael then sat down and watched it intently. The small flesh wounds he gained from the fight with the morpher didn't seem to hurt as much anymore, however he still felt like they needed to be treated. He had no idea how he would treat them, for he wasn't too much of a survival specialist. Michael took off his jacket, leaving him in a tight black tank top that was ripped in some places due to the fight. The black tank top showed off his body and muscles which was something he loved about it, and once he noticed the rips he was a little upset. He shrugged it off and laid down in front of the fires, his knife in hand, starting to doze off.
  4. Ash is bent behind a bush, having found Michael again. she'd lost him shortly after he started ascending the trees, but her eyes are locked on him once more. she has her knife out, slicing at leaves and branches. little nicks appear on her thumb as it holds up the leaves she cuts. the breath whistles out of her, frustrated that Michael had stolen her camp grounds. color jumps to her cheeks as she sees his muscular form beneath his shirt.

    instinctively she steps back, her combat boot coming down on a branch. the sound of it cracking is loud and she flinches.
  5. Michael's eyes snapped open. He sat up quickly. "Who there?" he asked in an assertive tone. He grabbed his knife and gripped it tightly. He stood up, and stared towards the direction of the sound. "I said who's there!?"
  6. Ash curses, loudly, finding no point in being quiet now. she jerk backwards, darting through the trees and brush. Ash is still armed with her knife, but she has more faith in her speed than her fighting skills. her fingers are wrapped around the blade's handle tightly. she doesn't bother looking back to see if Michael's running after her.
  7. Michael noticed the brush being moved, and pushed to the side. Food! he thought, he smirked, and held his knife in a fighting grip. He ran through the bushes after the creature. "Come here ya little runt! All I wanna do is eat ya!" he said with a smile. As he got closer to the creature he noticed blond hair bouncing with each step the thing took. "You're not a runt..." Michael stopped in his footsteps in confusion. "What the...c-come back!" was all he thought to say. He continued to follow the blond haired, creature....or human?
  8. Ash stops, spinning around to look at Michael. her chest rises and falls, matching the upbeat rhythm of her breathing. her eyes drop to his raised knife, so she does the same to hers. her green eyes are wide as they flit over Michael, analyzing him briefly. there's a smudge of dirt along her jawline.

    "you were at my camp," is all she can think to say. she licks her lips and runs a quivering hand through her hair. her muscles are coiled and she's on the balls of her feet, prepared to run if she has to.
  9. Once Michael saw her pull out her knife he put his hands up. "No I don't want to hurt you..." he said. He dropped his knife to show he wasn't trying to hurt her. "I was at your camp? That fire pit was yours? I'm sorry..." Michael tilted his head as he noticed how extremely attractive she was. He smirked. "Maybe we could share it for tonight...i-if you're up for it..."
  10. "share it," Ash replies slowly, letting the words roll on her tongue for a bit. she raises an eyebrow as she notices Michael's smirk. "i think it'd be best if we didn't. im not the best company. trouble always find me," she smiles slightly, tucking away her knife and waltzing past him, her should purposefully brushing Michael's. the direction she's heading is back towards the camp.
  11. Michael turns around quickly. "But I-I have no where to sleep...come you expect me to stay out here in the cold where I could be killed by some mutant creature? Could you be that cold blooded, and be that beautiful at the same time?" He was practically yelling at her as he struggled to keep up with her.
  12. "come on," Ash calls over her shoulder, "you handled that sabertooth pretty damn well!" she laughs, but doesn't stop Michael from following her. she weaves effortlessly between the tree trunks and branches.
    at the camp now, she whirls around and waits for Michael to appear between the trees impatiently. her arms are crossed over her chest and her foot taps the ground.
  13. Michael emerged from the greenery only to see the attractive girl waiting for him impatiently. "Um...hi?" he said. He decided to mimic her to maybe make her laugh a little.
  14. "hey," she answers smoothly, coming towards him to stick out her hand. "i'm Ash." she decides not to broadcast that she's a criminal on the run from the kingdom that neighbors the forest. her tongue stays bitten in her mouth and she smiles tightly.
  15. Michael met her hand with his. Her hand was very soft. "I'm Michael... you're introducing yourself to me, but a second ago you were just running from me...I'm confused," he said to her.
  16. a smile lifts Ash's lips.

    "i'm a confusing person," she winks but then lets the playfulness drain from her eyes. She drops Michael's hand and turns away stiffly. she points to a nearby tree that's close to the fire. "You can sleep there. if it rains the tree'll cover you."

    her chin nods towards a set of bushes that's thick with leaves and branches. "i sleep over there." she walks towards the bushes and sits down in front of them before turning her attention to the fire. she takes a match from her leather jacket and lights it, dropping into onto the charred pieces of wood.

    "do you think you could go find some branches or something in the woods?" she asks Michael without looking up.
  17. Michael nodded and gave her a small smile. "Uh, sure. No problem," Micheal made his way towards the dark and thick forest and began to look for dry branches and kindling that may have fallen on the ground.

    A few minutes later he emerged out of the darkness of the forest with a sets of dry wood under both arms. "Is this good?" he asked with a smile.
  18. i look up from the fire, on my knees in front of it. "yep. it's great. thanks." i gently take the wood from you and take out a set of matches. i quickly light the new wood and brush a stray stand of hair out of my eyes.
  19. Michael took off his shirt and decided to wipe off all the dirt, blood, and sweat that resided on his body. He then tied the shirt around a cut he had on his arm so it wouldn't bleed out too much. "So uh...what are you doing out here? Are you a metahuman like me or a morpher?" he asked in curiosity. At this point it wouldn't matter. Michael was planning to stay with her. Protect her if he had to. She was too beautiful to be ignored or left alone.
  20. Ash shrugs, picking at the dirt beneath her fingernails. Her embarrassment floods her cheeks but her gaze steadily meets Michael's, here eyes blazing.

    "i'm not much of anything," is her calm reply. she tries not to flinch. she's only a human; a fugitive. she sighs and keeps her eyes from straying to Michael's muscular chest and arms.
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