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  1. The Story of Oliver Conway In July, 4,1905 John Conway was born in Dublin, Ireland. In May, 27, 1910 his family immigrated to America and settled in the lower east side of Boston. Oliver's father, James Conway was a great fisherman and businessman and made a name for his family in the fishing ports. In 1926 on his 21st birthday, Oliver inherit his father's business. August 17, 1929 years later he meets Jennifer O'maley, young daughter of wealthy businessman and friend of her father's. 6 months later they were married. In November 8, 1931, Oliver's wife died in childbirth of his son Elias Conway. With no one to take care of his infant son, Oliver stood down as CEO of Conway Fishing and gave the Title to his younger brother,other Thomas. That way he would spend raising his son. On the anniversary of his wife's death Oliver decided to take his boat alone on the ocean. It was then a great storm came on November 8, 1932. Oliver was caught in the storm with waves over 20 feet high. Oliver lost his balanced falling into the water and knocked unconscious. After that two things happened. The first thing was his death. The second, a lightning bolt struck him in the water kickstarting his heart and.bringing him back to life and changing the cells in his body and from that moment Oliver Conway will never again be affected by the ravages of time. He will never grow old nor die. The next day he was found alive washed up on the shores of Boston port. Oliver continued with life like normal. Over the past decade he began to realize something was not right. He spent a year in medical research for his condition. He concluded that there was no answer to his condition. Then WWII came and Oliver enlisted lying about his age. Then in June 06 1944 Oliver stormed the beaches of Normandy. He was 38. He saw many horrors and took nearly fatal wounds but still managed to survive with his injuries healing almost instantly. This raised many suspicions when he returned from the war. So on his 45th birthday July 4th 1950, Oliver Conway decided to disappear never to be seen again. And for the next 65 years he would travel but every decade would return with a new Identity.
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  2. Born on December 12, 1913, Evangeline Wright was born in London, England. Her family stayed in England until their death in 1934. Her mother died during the birth of her brother, and her father, Richard Wright had died of disease and left her nothing. He was just a crazy man that couldn't find a job. On the stormy night of December 12, 1938, on her twenty-fifth birthday, Evangeline had gone out to relax when a drunk driver ran her off the road, causing her to hit a lightpole and lose her life instantly. After a few hours, she was struck by lightening, bringing her back and she was gone before anyone knew who had died. She didn't know it at the time, but she would never age again. She went on with her life, realizing with time that she was different. Learning to live with what she was blessed/cursed with, Evangeline now moves from city to city every two years to keep from having to answer questions. Now she sat in the park in New York City, watching the children play and the dogs run around as she thought about her life. 102 and never been married or had any kids moving around all the time. And she was happy. She never thought she would be, but she was and she didn't think it could get better.
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  3. In Oliver's travels during the decades he went all over Europe to South America. He was able to afford this from shares he saved from his family fortune in and help from his son who was the CEO of his company.
    In his travels he tried to find research of people who have suffered accidents like he did and see if the survived. In old newspapers he heard of one such incident from a Evangeline Wright. He tried to dig further in archives finding there was no information of her after that.

    Then one day by chance walking in the park of New York City. He came across a familiar face he saw in a old newspaper. It was the face of a beautiful woman sitting on a bench watching dogs. Her eyes were bright and captivating. Her face had a very strong resemblance to the women in the paper.

    This feeling in his heart made him feel like he needed to go up to this person. "Excuse me miss. Do you mind I sit here for a moment?" He said pointing at the empty space of the bench next to her. He spoke with a soft accent. Over the years his strong Irish accent began to fade to better hide his identity.
  4. Evangeline glanced up when a handsome man approached her. When he asked to sit down, she gave a small, nervous smile before scooting over and nodding. "Oh not all all. It's not my seat anyway," she pointed out as she returned to watching the animals, her English accent prominent when she spoke. As she glanced over at thean, she recognized him from somewhere but couldn't quite place it before she thought about his slight accent. The it hit her. He looked almost exactly like the man she had read about back in 1933 that had gotten struck by lightening. Deciding not to bring it up, she crossed her legs and put her hands in her lap, being careful of the white blue sundress she was wearing.

    She gave him a small smile, her bright eyes seemingly brighter from the light from the sun. She suddenly stood up and smiled softly. "Umm, I'm going to run over there and get some ice cream. Do you want any?" She asked him softly as she felt a light blush cross her cheeks as she looked down.
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  5. (Actually it was 1932, not to be critical)
    Oliver tried to act casual looking out not trying to act too suspicious that he knew her. When she offered him ice cream he smiled with a twinkle in his eyes that shined when the sun. "Oh, that's quite generous of you, miss. Here I'll walk with you there if you don't mind trusting a complete stranger." He said standing offering his arm. "I'm Chris by the way, Chris O'Brien"
  6. (Oh I know. I meant like she read the paper about it after it had happened)

    Evangeline shrugged her shoulders and smiled. "All I can do is hope that I can defend myself if there is a need to," she had with a light giggle. She hesitated briefly before smiling. "I'm Evangeline Williams," she said as she took his arm. She had thought out her name and knew with the way she was that she wouldn't be able to remember a name if someone had called her which would ruin everything and plenty of people had her name. She slowly started to walk towards the ice cream stand, the slight breeze feeling wonderful against her skin, causing her to smile a bit more than normal. "So is there anything this so-called stranger wants to tell about himself?" She asked as she looked over at him. She wasn't necessarily suggesting about her suspicions, but she also wanted to know about him in general.
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  7. Oliver turned at her looking completely dumbfounded. Not only was his suspicions correct but she made it so easy. She didn't even try to change her identity. He had to work so hard to keep his true identity a secret. Changing names and even his appearance to keep groups of interest from finding him. Yet this lady was able hide while keeping her first name. Has the Federal Bureau of Investigation gotten sloppy or stopped looking?
    Of course he could let her know what he was thinking so he played it off with a laugh and smile. "That's a very pretty name miss"
    He said as they walked to the cart. He listened to her question while they an. ice cream cone. "Well only that I saw you there and I couldn't help to thinking that you and I must have met before, once upon a dream. But I know that couldn't be possible could it....Ms. Wright?"
  8. The moment Evangeline heard her true last name, she froze only briefly before putting on a smile and taking her cone after paying. So he knew who she really was which only confirmed her own suspicions. "I wouldn't call it a dream, Mr. Conway. But perhaps a near-permanent death experience," she said simply as she turned and walked back to the bench. "You know if you want to hide then you might not want to talk to someone who knows about your situation. Everyone is so afraid of death nowadays but it's really no big deal. You just feel the initial pain then nothing. Everything just stops. And then you've got us that end up waking with no more pain and can't even talk to anyone you have before while they age because you know that the situation is uncommon and we could be seen as freaks. Then theirs the differences between us. I've technically been dead for 77 years now and still keep my first name. No one today knows what happened so to them, I'm just another face. And you, from what I've noticed within the ten minutes I've known you, go around changing your name. Don't you ever think that people are going to meet and talk and eventually find out that you've been lying? Sure I lie about things, but I just have to memorize my apparent last name while you have several different aliases you go by," she said as she sat back down and ate. She wasn't trying to seem like she knew everything, but rather just tell her thoughts from what she has come to understand.
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  9. Oliver listened to her calmly as she spoke not really fazed by her words. Being as old as he was made him more at ease. Death did not fear him and sometimes he even wished for death. But the thought of being away from his son or family was too much. "I like how your tone changes after I mentioned your name. Is what I do not uncommon or any of your business for matter? I had many people looking for me for the past 60 years. I kept suspicions down not talking to anyone because there's not many to trust. But it's fine by you you can just pretend to be dead. You have no family no connections. You probably figure what's the point am I right? Anyone who was ever suspicious is long gone. But can you really wish to go on with life alone. Be nothing more than a rock in a stream sitting still as the water and river changes. You're right Ms. Wright, death isn't that scary. Not living is far scarier" he said looking at her seriously. "Thanks for the ice cream miss"
  10. Evangeline listened quietly, knowing that she should be angry at the things he was saying though she wasn't. She remained calm, seeing it from his side of things. "you're right. I have no family. No children, no husband, so I shouldn't be happy, but I am. I've lived over a hundred years and the only men in my life have been my father and my brother. My father is dead and my brother is back in England probably lying on his deathbed. But I'm happy. I don't need a man to make me happy. Would I be happier with someone? Maybe but I'm just going to let nature take its course. I have all the time in the world. But I'm not gong to rely on some guy to make me happy," she said as she shrugged. "It's kind of hard when you're not compatible with anyone," she said truthfully as she kept eating. "You're welcome, sir," she added quietly as she finished her food quietly
  11. Oliver felt like he offended her in his statement though it was not his intention. "Ma'am I apologize if I'm seemed cruel in what I said. I didn't mean to offend. But I believe you have the wrong idea. I never said you needed a man and I certainly didn't come here looking for a woman. I only had one woman in my life and she's been long gone after giving birth to my only son who's getting close to having great grand children now. I too understand pain lass, and I'm glad you're still happy in spite of that." He said smiling. "Do you know the Shakespeare story of a Winter's Tale. About a man falling in love with a dying woman. She ended up loving him so much that he simply could not die and after a century he found her reborn and he realized that the reason he lives for so long was he had to save her. What I got from that story is the moment you stop looking for love, it finds you."
    He finished his cone. "The reason I came to you today was to find answers and given our similar circumstances I think it would we fair if we continue our conversation at dinner maybe?"
  12. Evangeline listened quietly, watching the leaves on the trees. She listened about the Shakespeare story, having never heard of it before. When you stop looking for love, it finds you. Hate to put down your beliefs, but I stopped looking when I died," she said simply as she shrugged though when he asked her about dinner, she froze. She was about to decline when she thought about the fact that she would never get to talk to someone like her again. Finally giving in, she nodded ever so slightly with a small smile. "I suppose that's okay," she said softly as she looked at him.
  13. Oliver smiled. "Great, this time I'll buy" he offered his arm for her to hold and led her out of the park. On a less serious note Oliver wanted to talk about what they have done over the decades, where they traveled things they saw.
    Conway had been a complete gentleman to her opening doors and pulling her chair out for her to sit as they decided to eat at a classic diner.
  14. Evangeline smiled softly as she took his arm gently and walked with him, glancing around at all the people and homes. When they arrived at the restaurant, she couldn't help the faint blush that crossed her cheek when he opened the door for her, and again when he pulled out her chair. She murmured a soft "thank you" as she pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. Crossing one leg over the other, she set one hand in her lap as she began looking through the menu. "They have much better food today than back in the twenties," she said softly as she look at him.
  15. "Oh I don't know miss. Some things did get better over time. You remember when this place was just a small little dinner. And that was a park over there. Times have changed quite a bit." Conway looks into her eyes for moment with a gentle smile. "Have you ever had a chance to travel out of the states, Evangeline
  16. "Some things though we're better back then," Evangeline said simply, deciding on a steak and a salad. Looking up into his eyes, with a smile as she shook her head. "No sir, I haven't," she said softly. "The only place I've been was England and that's only because I was born there. Why do you ask?"
  17. "I just want to know more about you" he said smiling. He was curious to know how she lived for so long. "I think you would love France this time of the year. I've enjoyed going there in the summer. And the have some of the most beautiful beaches...even Normandy" he said thinking about his time in war. "But I'm sure you have traveled to nice places here, right?"
  18. "After I moved here, I never left actually. I've always wanted to travel but I just haven't had the money though I have plenty of time," Evangeline said with a small shrug. "One place I've always wanted to go is France," she added as she watched the waiter come up. She ordered her food before handing him the menu and sitting back.
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