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  1. "Watch your fuckin back Jesse! You're lucky you're boss isn't dead."

    Jesse kept his AK aimed at the three gang members. "Watch your back you fuckin pricks. I'm giving you 10 seconds to step off the property, or I will shoot all three of you bastards."

    The thugs shrugged with a careless attitude and got in their car and sped off, burning out in the drive way. Jesse hated being the only one on the job on a day like this. The day before New Year's Eve. This is the time of year where there are more deaths of major underground criminals than any other time of the year. Right now the boss was in his mansion planning his new years party, with the rest of his crew, and mafia. Jesse had just gotten his promotion a couple days before. He was now appointed his personal, and most trusted body guard. That made him question why the hell he was outside guarding his damn house.

    Jesse sighed and sat back in his chair which was right by the front door. His boss put him out there, because he didn't want any body from opposing gangs trying to end him. Right when he Jesse sat down a black SUV pulled up in the driveway. At first he was tense thinking it was more gang members, but then one of the bosses drivers hopped out and opened the back door of the automobile. An attractive pair of legs swing out of the car. A beautiful girl stepped out of the car and stood up straight then looked at him. It was then when Jesse realized it was the boss's daughter. He never met her before in person. He'd only seen pictures and heard stories about her. The pictures he'd seen obviously was from years ago. He was under the impression she was a young girl. What stood before Jesse now as a sexy young woman. His heart began to beat faster and faster the closer she got to him. He put the gun down and propped it up on the side of his chair. "I'm taking it you're the bosses daughter...nice to finally meet you miss. I'm Jesse, your father's personal body guard." He stood there staring at her a little too hard.
  2. Emma sighed as the black SUV took her to her father's house. She hated going there. Not because she hated her father, because she didn't. But she hated his mansion. It was too.. showy for her. She was used to her own apartment in New York, and she didn't like it when her dad treated her like a princess. She knew she should be thankful, but she just wasn't the kind of girls who waited for anyone, dad or boyfriend, to come to her rescue and keep her satisfied. She did her own thing, and she was glad she does that.

    Emma took a deep breath and straightened her white leather jacket over her red short tight dress which curved her body gracefully. She looked at herself in her phone's mirror, checking her smokey eye make up which made her blue eyes pop and her red lips. Just when the SUV stopped, she put her phone away in her small red purse and opened her door, not waiting for her driver to open it, although he was standing just next to it when she did open the door and he shook his head "Miss Emma, we talked about the door issue, haven't we?"

    Emma smiled and nodded at him "Yes, we did. And we agreed that you leave the 'I will open the door for you' to my older more snobby sister." She winks before standing up straight and looking up front, where a very attractive muscular guy stood, armed and all.

    She couldn't help but check him out as she stepped closer, her eyes locking on his, wondering who he is and why was it the first time she ever saw him around. When he spoke up, everything clicked. He was her dad's bodyguard, and she haven't seen her dad in over a year now. Even at Christmas, he had business and she had her finals. But now her dad, John, asked for her to come over and stay to New Year's eve. Which she agreed to.

    She nodded and smiled warmly "I'm Emma, and yes I am his daughter. His younger one that is. I take it my older sister Mary did not arrive yet?" She asks, his cold stare, nearly hard glare, not bothering her at all, in fact, she liked it. It made him look even more attractive and much more of a man than any other guy she'd met, which were all rich little boys who still got everything from their daddies.
  3. "Who's Marry..."

    His voice trailed off as he realized he was standing there like an idiot. He stood up straight and smiled at her. "Oh, Marry. Yeah she hasn't pulled up yet. I thought you too would be arriving together, but I guess not. Anyway your father's inside helping- well not helping, more like watching the guys he hired to set up the decorations. He'll be really happy to see you," he said before pondering to himself, not as happy as I am to see you...

    "It was nice meeting you Ms. Emma," he said before realizing she doesn't even know his name yet. "Oh I'm Jesse by the way. If you ever need anything just holler my name."

    And I mean ANYTHING! he thought to himself with a sly smirk.
  4. Emma couldn't help but smile as Jesse had to snap out of his stare to remember her sister's name. She kept it hidden though and didn't tease him about it like she normally would tease guys about that and liked how they get defensive. But today, she decided against that.

    She only smiled and nodded "I'll be sure to holler your name, if needed." She mocks the word holler jokingly and keeps her eyes on him for a while longer. He was handsome, and she just couldn't get that thought out of her mind. But she needed to keep the fact that he's her dad's employee in her mind as well.

    And so she smiled again, holding back a sigh before walking past him into the mansion but not before turning to face him again half way in "But Jessy? I wouldn't hold my breath on me needing your help, I never usually ask for help." She says, knowing she needed to say it even though she didn't want.

    Oh I'd gladly ask you to help me fix up my lips, but then again I'd have my father on your throat, and probably mine. That was the only thought going through her mind as she made her way in and was greeted warmly by her father, never missing the sight of the scotch in his hand. Typical.
  5. Jessy couldn't get the sight of Emma out of his head, and it was like that for the past 40 minutes. It was then when her older sister Mary pulled up. He looked up, to see she was stepping out of the car, looking a little slutty. Just as attractive as Emma, just...snobbier, and he wouldn't have been surprised if she was a whore either.

    Jessy did his routine of putting down his gun and standing up for the older sister. "Hi, My name's Jessy. I'm your father's body guard. You can go on in. Your father and sister are waitin for ya." The older sister looked Jessy up and down. She was chewing some type of minty gun and she was smacking way too loud. Mmmm, I see daddy got himself a new boy toy, and a cute one at that, she said before taking out a napkin and writing her number down on it. "Don't tell daddy I gave you this, but call if you're ever feeling lonely kay? Kay!" she said before disappearing into the house and shutting the door behind her.

    Jesse immediately balled up the napkin and through into the trash can next to him. "Fuckin slut." He muttered under his breath. He straightened up his suit and sat back down taking his gun in his hand once more.

    About and hour later, Jesse's buddy and team mate came out and said "It's your time man!" Jesse popped up and took his gun with him. "Perfect!" he said before walking into the house. Before he shut the door he looked back to his friend and said "Good luck man!" before shutting the door and heading into the house. He walked around the halls which he knew too well now. He was looking down at his phone checking his messages right before bumping into Emma again. He looked up to notice her face and almost dropped his AK, but caught himself before he did. "Oh, um hi! Emma right?" he asked even though he remembered her name due to his immediate obsession he had with her outside a couple hours ago.
  6. Emma was sat in the living room, which was bigger than her own apartment. She just never understood why her father, who lived alone, needed all of this space, but she never spoke up about it, knowing she would upset her father whenever she spoke like she wasn't thankful to his -or rather as he always corrected 'their' fortune-

    She shook her head when she heard her father and some fancy event planner speak about wine and warm seating for new year's eve "No wait, I'm sorry for interrupting like that but-"

    Suddenly she was cut off by her older sister Marry, coming in and like usual, seeking the attention of all as she yells "I'm here!" Her singing high pitch voice reaching the whole damn mansion as she yells. Emma looks at her sister, stands up and hugs her briefly "Oh sissy, you never change do you? Get out of this jacket of yours and show us your sexy body why don't you? We've got some handsome men around." Marry spoke up and then whispered in Emma's ear "Including this Jesse out there, Mmm-mm I just couldn't help but give him my number even though I am indeed married."

    Emma blinked at her sister's words, and for some reason, hated that she gave Jesse her number. But as usual, she smiled at her sister and shook her head as her sister went and hugged their dad, complaining about the planning and getting the wine crossed off, replacing it with vodka and rum.

    Yup, that's my sister right there, such a pride isn't she? Emma thought as she cleared her throat and immediately, her dad left Marry and responded to her "Yes dear?"

    Emma smiled "I'm going to change and go to bed early today, it's been an exhausting ride. I'll see you all tomorrow. Goodnight." She excused herself and walked off, her mind completely elsewhere while she walked, making herself bump into a wall. She looked up, only to be surprised that the tough, standing wall, wasn't actually a wall, but Jesse. The guy who's been on her mind all day.

    She stared up at him, but had to snap out of it when he spoke up and she quickly nods What the hell was up with me today? I never space out in front of guys! She yelled at herself as she spoke up as well "Yes, I'm Emma, and if you ever confuse me with my sister I will have to kill you." She jokes lightly "We're just way too opposite to even get confused with each other." She chuckles lightly "And sorry for bumping into you, I had my mind completely spaced off." She apologized softly, smiling warmly.
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  7. There she was standing in front of him again. This beautiful creature that had no idea how much he wanted to-

    His thought was interrupted by the fact that there was an awkward silence taking pace while he was saying that to himself. He immediately switched to audible words and spoke his mind.

    "Yeah. You're sister's a card! Gave me her number telling me if I ever wanted company I could call her... Between you and me I'll never be calling her," he said before chuckling a little. "Besides isn't she married? Where's her husband?" he asked, remembering his boss talking about her getting married the day he got hired a few years ago.
  8. Before Jesse spoke, Emma had already set off in a different world. The look Jesse gave her was overwhelming, to the point that was confusing. She didn't know what was going on, not with her, with him or with the both of them when they're around each other. She just felt warm and safe around him, as well as on cloud nine even without touching those lips of his.

    She quickly snaps out of it when Jesse speaks up and she couldn't help but chuckle and shake her head "As I've heard, he's someplace in France, something about his company closing off a deal." Emma says then laugh at Jesse calling her sister a card "I'm sorry about my sister. She obviously thinks being married is having a guy on the side for the rest of her life while she can still go out and have other sleepovers." She says then continues "While I have very different perspective about being married, or about love for that matter." Her voice begins strong then when she speaks about love, it lowers and softens, going more serious than she wanted now, her eyes locked up on Jesse's, unable to look away for some reason.
  9. Love...a word Jessy hadn't heard since his short time with the armed forces. All his buddies would sit there and talk about their wives, their girlfriends. Jesse used to only be able to listen. He never had stories of his own. Yeah he had his share of girls in his life, but he never felt love for any of them. He had no idea what "love" felt like. All that's about to change.

    "Do you have a special person in your life that you're in love with right now Emma?" he asked.

    He was frozen in his stance, not able to move a muscle for he was too lost in Emma's eyes. It seemed she was as well. He gulped as his heart began to beat through his chest. It pounded hard enough that even Emma could hear. He was sure of it. "I mean, I don't if you're-" he cleared his throat midsentence, "wondering."
  10. Emma kept her eyes locked on Jesse, almost in a trance as he spoke. His voice sounding so low and husky yet gentle. She shook her head slowly. Love? Emma hadn't even let anyone get close to her for months because of her last relationship which ended in chaos with her fiancee cheating on her. She thought she had known what love was and what it was all about but it turned out she was clueless and blinded by her cheating fiancee.

    She shook her head slowly and mumble softly, in a voice that was barely audible yet so gentle and soft as she hadn't noticed that since they've bumped into each other they haven't stepped away from one another "No, I don't." The words barely come out, her heart fluttering at the close proximity of Jesse as she felt like it was burning hot inside the house right now, even though it was snowing outside. She had forgotten where they were, and what where they both on their way to do, just stuck in her trance.
  11. The only thing Jesse was able to move was his legs, so he used them wisely. He inched ever so slightly toward Emma. "M-maybe it'll take someone strong and worthy to show you what love is," he said. His voice got deeper and quieter. He felt as if time had stopped and the only mobile things in the universe were him and the flawless being in front of him.

    At this point they were so close now that if they'd take one more step that be on top of each other. Knowing Jessy that might be what he wanted. He tried to snap out of it knowing it was wrong, and he'd probably not just lose his job but lose his life if anything were to happen between him and his daughter. The trance was too deep and the moment was too perfect. He just pondered on if he should execute his move, wait for her to make one, or stop right there and keep it moving. These decisions were rushing though his head he just didn't know which to pick.
  12. Emma could feel Jesse inch closer ever so slightly. She felt his movement but kept her eyes locked on his and her legs frozen to spot, not minding at all almost being pressed up against him, in fact she would've loved it if he closed that gap and introduced his lips to hers. But something in the back of her mind told her not to. Something was telling her to stop.

    So she made no movement. She took no decision and wanted to let him decide, or destiny or the next person to walk in on them, just not her. Because she was too drawn to move back and she actually didn't want to move away and back up. She wanted to stay. So she couldn't take a decision. Yet, she couldn't make a move because she believed that under all that tension now, maybe he was hesitant because she wasn't worth it, or because he didn't actually like her that much. Emma might look strong and independent but she still had her insecurities, and now, she was both, insecure and confused and she didn't know what to do.

    She was only able to speak up, her voice ever so audible and soft "Someone strong and worthy." She repeated his words in a whisper and titled her head ever so slightly "Like who?" She egged, already knowing the answer, but wanting so badly to hear it, even if it was wrong of her to even ask.
  13. "Maybe," he said as he took the risk and leaned in to touch his lips against hers. "That guys me..."

    As their lips began to touch her drunk father came barreling through the halls. It was at that moment Jesse snapped out of it and pulled away quickly. He backed up and turned around to face an angry yet drunk looking face. "What were you doing with my daughter Jess?" he said in a slurred voice, the smell of whisky on his breath. "Uh...nothing boss, just a small chat about tomorrow's party is all," he lied. He looked back at her, and made a face that urged her to turn around and sneak off. He didn't want her to face the monster he knew as her father. She probably didn't even know about half the things he's done to people.

    Jesse gulped as his boss called two of his men that Jesse didn't know as well. He gave them a look, and they immediately started throwing fists at Jesse. Knowing this was going to happen he let it be and didn't try to defend himself. They continued to hurt him badly for about five straight minutes no pauses. Once they finished his boss came and looked over him. "Let's just forget that I ever saw that okay? You've wiped your sleight clean. You've paid for your sins against me, but if you ever touch my daughter again, then lie to my FUCKING FACE AGAIN, I will personally make sure you pay the consequences. Now, I'm going to leave, and the last few minutes, never clean yourself up," he said as he tossed Jesse a rag. Those men left a broken nose, a left black eye, a busted lip, and a small gash on his left of them had a ring.

    Jesse then sat up off the floor not daring to hop up to his feet to fast and wiped off the remaining blood on his face. "Shit," he muttered under his breath.
  14. Emma was scared. When Jesse turned to look at her, urging her to run off, she only did so because she was scared. Not of her drunken father, nor of Jesse's face when he asked her silently to leave, but of what her father couldn't done if she hadn't left.

    She made her way to her room and shut the door behind her. She leaned against it and leaned her head back, closing her eyes as she thought of what could be happening down there. She sighed and thought about her father.

    Emma knew he wasn't the nicest to people, and the cleanest. She knew his bad ways and illegal market. She practically knew everything but never dared to speak up, not to him because she knew he'd lie. And not to the police, because after all, he's still her father. And he loved her very much.

    Love.. At the mention of it, Emma opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling, sighing as she traced her lips with her fingers softly, remembering that one second when Jesse's lips touched hers. Just one second was enough to have her dazed, and might have melted in his arms if her dad didn't show up. She hoped her dad believed Jessy, because she heard no fussy commotion when she left. But she knew, that whatever happened, her dad won't be remembering what he saw tomorrow, being too drunk to remember.

    And so, Emma changed into a white tank top, black pj short shorts and went to bed, laying down and closing her eyes, her mind wondering about Jesse as she found it difficult to fall asleep.
  15. Jesse stumbled to his feet. "Fuck..." he muttered once more, before walking off to the guest room his boss provided for him. As soon as he got back to the room he immediately stripped down and hopped in the shower. As he felt the water hit his skin he closed his eyes and imagined Emma. Her face calmed him and calmed him down. It stopped him from shooting his boss right in the face. He daydreamed about if she were in that shower with him. He licked his lips remember the taste of hers. Thought it was cut short, he still remembered. Once he hopped out the shower he didn't bother putting any night clothes on and just got under his covers and drifted off into dream land where he met Emma in a land of nothing. Just him and her simply embracing each other. It felt as if it would never end, and that was fine with him, because at least in his dreams, her father couldn't reach them.
  16. The next day, new year's eve day, Emma was awaken by a maid knocking on her door. She groaned, being one who hates being awaken so early.

    She opened the door, still in the oversized hoodie and frowned, for a moment forgetting about being in her father's house. She smiled gently at the maid "Morning." She said softly, letting her in to clean up a bit. Emma remembered all about last night and felt the urge to make sure Jesse was fine. She turned to the maid and smiled innocently, swiftly taking the informations where Jesse's room was before making her way over, sneakily.

    She stopped at his door and bit her lip before looking around, knowing her dad is still knocked out from yesterday night's drinks and her sister was on the other side of the house. She knocked on his door "Jesse? Are you in there or uhm- is this a bad time?" She spoke through the door softly, knowing that being a bodyguard, well, he probably awoke as soon as she knocked.
  17. The door slowly opened, as Jesse, who was half asleep, leaned on the threshold. Because of his instincts as a body guard he rushed to the door, and completely forgot he was naked. The only thing covering his lower half was the comforter that came with him once he hopped out of his bed. Once Jesse's eyes opened all the way he saw who it was, and immediately woke up. He looked down and slightly pulled up his blanket.

    "Uh, shit ...hi!" he said rubbing his eyes with one hand as the other was holding the blanket up. Jesse's body was quite toned, not to buff, but buff enough to show off a nice set of muscles and a chiseled body. "Why are you here?" he said cringing in pain, forgetting he had the black eye and broken nose.
  18. Amy looked up when the door opened, her eyes immediately going to Jesse's chest and man did she find him sexy. Her eyes kept darting down, until she realized that under that blanket of his, he was naked. Completely.

    Amy snapped her eyes up to him fast, her cheeks heating up a little bit before she turned around quickly in her place and shifted on her feet "I uhm- how about you put on sweatpants before I tell you why I'm here." She said softly, yet sarcastically, hiding the fact that she was suddenly feeling embarrassed other than completely attracted to his body, but of course she was never going to tell him that.
  19. "N-no problem Emma."

    Jesse closed the door quickly catching one last glimpse of her eyes. He then rushed through his bag that was already conveniently unzipped. He pulled out s pair of basketball shorts and put them on quickly, not even caring that his package would still be very visible in them. He then rushed back to the door and opened it.

    "Come on in..." he said hesitantly. After she walked in he looked up and down the hall and then closed the door behind them. "So what possessed you to come to my room? If anyone finds out I'm fired, and probably dead. Hopefully you just get a slap on the wrist."
  20. Emma walked in hesitantly, she wasn't sure why she came herself. But the feeling of having to come and see his state was just so.. Persistent. So she sighed and turned to face him once he closed the door. But as soon as her eyes landed on his, she realized he was bruised, badly.

    Without thinking about it twice, she first ignored his sarcastic words about getting a slap on the wrist and rushed to him, holding his face with one hand and tracing the other over his bruise, but careful not to hurt him "This is exactly why I came here. These bruises.. My father did this to you?" She asked in a small whisper, almost in pain as she spoke, not caring about their very close proximity right now or the fact that he was still half naked, his mouth drooling chest very well shown to her.
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