Love conquers all, right?

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  1. I was thinking, a love story - but with a twist to it.

    So, there's a boy and a girl. They fall in love. But A (let's say it's the girl) has commited a crime/been suicidal (either of these are fine - maybe the crime is more interesting? I don't know), and she ends up in a mental hospital (or if she commited a crime - prison for the mentally ill). She's going to stay there for years, and they both know it.

    B (the boy) can't stand life without her, and the visits aren't enough (or maybe she's not allowed visits due to her instable state of mind?). So he decides to do the unthinkable - he's getting in there (the prison or hospital). Which means that he has to lie and fake... but he's willing to do it for the love he feels for A.

    Does love conquer all? Will they be able to live happily ever after, but forced to stay in prison/hospital? And will the staff see through B's games?

    Please comment or PM me if you're interested! I would like it if you write at least one or two paragraphs (I'm happy as long as it's more than two sentences, so don't feel pressured). If you want to you can go check out some of my other rps to get an idea of what Im looking for in terms of rp-partner.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.