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    Sunday night was when one of the worst storms Atticus had ever seen hit Hartington. The brunet was relaxing in his bed as all three of his cats rested somewhere near him, mindlessly running his fingers through their coats, basking in their purrs. Staring up at the ceiling, the brunet couldn't get the storm of yesterday out of his mind. It had been a thunderstorm. Now, Atticus has been through plenty of thunderstorms, especially since he lived in Hartington, who seemed to be famous for such storms, but last night's thunderstorm seemed different than the others. It seemed more powerful, more dangerous. Unfortunately for him, he had gotten caught in it, but was able to escape unscathed. Recalling what he was doing the other night caused memories to flash through his mind like a movie. Lightening, loud claps of thunder, and power outages swirled through his head, filling his thoughts. Finally, he snapped out of it, shaking the thoughts away.

    "M'hungry," he mumbled out loud, speaking his thoughts. Sitting up slowly, he caught Clarissa, the youngest out of the three cats, as she tumbled from his chest, hissing in annoyance before calming down. Atticus smiled at the tiny kitten as he began to make his way out of bed. "Sorry, love, but I have to go eat something. I bet you guys are pretty hungry, too, huh?" Still holding Clarissa close to him, he exited out of his room and made his way down the hall, turning into the kitchen when he reached it. Only then, he set Clarissa down to join Harvey and Jack. Practically on autopilot, he got out the cat food that he owned and poured it into the three set of bowls near the entrance of the kitchen. With his cats out of the way, the brunet focused on himself. Opening his fridge, his eyes scanned the shelves, wondering what he should cook. Not wanting a five-course meal, Atticus settled on some grilled cheese sandwiches. Setting out all of the ingredients, he was ready to cook when he realized that he had no cheese. How am I suppose to - Jesus Christ, he thought with a groan.

    Seeing no other solution to his problem, he jogged back to his room, slipping on some sweats that hung low on his hips, before exiting once more. He sped walked past his cats, who only glanced at him, and towards his front door. Opening it up, Atticus left it open as he entered the hall. He lived in one of the many apartments that decorated the town of Hartington. Without truly thinking about it, he strode to the room across from his and knocked on the door, waiting for it to be opened.

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    Sam — Celeste
    Atticus — Veronica
    Fox — Julian
    Victoria — Astrid
    Evelyn — Jasper
    Gwen — Elijah
    Riley — Micah
    Caspian — Max
    Casey — Aubrey
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    The knock on Jasper's door startled him and he quickly got to his feet. He had been flicking through channels on his television for almost an hour, trying to find something interesting to watch. He felt as if everything playing was something he'd seen before which only increased his boredom during this storm. He was supposed to be out shopping for a birthday present for his friend, Victoria, but he knew it would have to wait until after the storm. He had lived next door to her family growing up, and the two had always been friendly but it wasn't until recently after he moved out of his parents house that they'd actually gotten to know each other better. That didn't stop him leaving getting her a gift until the last minute though. Even though he was a fairly laid back guy, he was terribly unorganized and often forgot things which is why he and Tori got along so well. She was everything he wasn't, and she had just moved to Hartington to go to college and he was probably her only friend until she started.

    He ran a hand through his messy dark hair, grabbing a shirt from his bedroom as he walked down the hall and pulling it over his head. The shirt was a black t-shirt with a Pacman logo on the front and it didn't really go with his green shorts, but he didn't really care either. It wasn't as if he was looking to impress anyone, and he was relaxing in his home anyway. He opened the door and gave a lazy smile to guy standing at his door. He recognized him as his neighbour, and even though they'd had a few conversations they hadn't exactly been long ones.
    "Hey man, what's up?" Jasper asked Atticus as he leant against his doorframe.

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    Astrid woke up in her closet, surrounded by all the clothes that she had torn off the hangers last night, and Mr. Licks who had been in his cage for the first half of the storm but Astrid could have sworn he looked terrified so she'd brought him into the closet with her. Normally, Astrid had no problem with storms, hell she was a photographer for God's sakes! But this particular storm had freaked her out badly and she'd fled to the safety of her walk in closet after the first five thunder claps. It didn't help that the lightning seemed to be extremely close to the area too. But now in the morning, everything was calm and normal again--well, she was sure a few trees might have fallen over and her terrace garden was going to be wrecked even though she'd covered her plants with a tarp.

    "Come on, Commander Licks, let's check out the damage." She mumbled as she untangled herself from a cashmere sweater and stumbled out of the closet, with Commander Licks plodding along behind her and stopping to taste the air every once in awhile. Padding across into the living room, Astrid was met with what she thought was a fortunately spared terrace. That is until she actually went outside.

    "My marigolds!" She shrieked, when she saw the missing pot. She had planted the marigolds in a beautifully carved teal pot, and now it was gone! "Man, I knew I should have put more rocks in the bottom!" She admonished herself, and went to peek over the terrace were she saw a sight that made her cringe. There on the terrace below her, was her teal pot of marigolds completely shattered and strewn all over the terrace below.

    "Oh craa-ap." She whimpered.

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    Last night's storm had invigorate Max, so as soon as he woke up, he'd hopped into the shower turning the knob all the way to cold to continue his energized feeling and then headed to the kitchen to make a hearty breakfast. "Makin' pancakes, makin' makin' pancakes, take the bacon and I put it in a pancake that's what I'm gonna make, bacon pancaa-aakes!" He sang as he got out the instant pancake mix and two slices of bacon. After breakfast, he washed his hands thoroughly and went to feed Noodle, Gaga, Mrs. Pipington and Little Pip. After feeding his cuties, he got dressed and headed to work.

    He was fortunate enough to get a small house only a block away from the kindergarten so he didn't have to far. He arrived an hour before the school day actually started, but that was because he wanted to set up properly. He knew that most of his students would be a little shaken by the storm, so he wanted to give a good lesson about the pros and cons of storms but also a safety lesson.
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    Casey woke up to the feeling of paws jabbing into her side. She looked up at Usagi standing on her. "'Morning." She picked the cat up, moving into a sitting position and setting her on the floor. Her neck and back ached from sleeping on the floor of her shower. She stood up and got out of the shower. She flipped the light switch to check the power. Still out. Awesome.

    Last night was a disaster. The thunder scared Usagi and the outage scared Casey (she didn't cry; no one can prove she cried) so they had spent the night in the windowless bathroom with a flashlight.

    Casey stretched out her back and looked down at her clothes. She was wearing the same thing she wore yesterday. Whatever. She didn't really care. All she knew was that she really needed some coffee. She stroked down Usagi's back and left for a coffee shop.

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    Gwen lived in an apartment close to the center of town. The night before a terrible storm had roared across the area. Now this place has had its fair share of thunderstorms but this one was really booming. Even her dog was scared as it whimpered the whole night. So instead of letting him suffer she wrapped the both of them in a giant fluffy blanket and sat in the corner of a room with a flashlight and her cellphone, just in case. Soon enough the comfy duo fell asleep on top of eachother for the whole night.

    The next morning she awoke to slobbery kisses from her dog. "You alright Mocha?" He cheerfully barked as she pat his head. She smiled seeing he wasn't too spooked. "Why don't we go for a walk huh boy? You want to go for a walk?" He jumped up hearing the word walk and ran towards the kitchen. Mocha knew the daily routine since he was very well trained. She would get up from bed and feed him breakfast along with herself and then they would always go for a walk. She proceeded with their little routine until she was ready to take him for a walk. He waited eagerly at the door as she placed his leash on. "Let's go but not too fast okay?" He barked in response as she opened the door leaving her apartment. She lived on the eighth floor so they had to take the elevator down. When the elevator reached the bottom floor they jumped out and ran through the door. A nice jog to start off the morning would do them some good, even though there were some trees down and debris everywhere. "Left boy left! We're going to the park!" He made a hard left and she soon was pulled along with him.

    After running around another corner she arrived at the park where she took a seat on the bench next to Mocha. "That was a good run." She put her hand up and he put his paw on it. That was how they would give eachother a 'high-five' for all their efforts. She cracked open a bottle of water and drank some for herself before she gave some to her dog. They shared everything even if most others found it to be gross. Gwen ran over to the grass and laid down. She clapped her hands and her dog jumped on top of her, happily licking her face as she laughed. Nothing was better than this.​
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    The storm had made it's way through the town once again and this time it left a major impact. It wasn't so much of the rain and lightning but the thunder that made such a huge impact. Elijah had been up staring out the window watching as the rain had poured down in buckets, drenching anyone that got caught in its storm. Although the storm had kept him up for a few hours Elijah managed to get some sleep in. He woke to the sound of his alarm buzzing in his ear and he groaned slowly sitting up to rub his eyes and look at his surroundings and letting his eyes get re adjusted to the light.

    After showering and throwing on some shorts and a grey t-shirt Elijah turned on the television to see the weather report. Of course like in most storms there was some flooding and fallen branches, and there was an incident of a tree falling on someone's car but luckily there was no one inside of it. Almost every morning when Elijah managed to get out of bed on time he went on his daily run and since he didn't go the other day one light jog after the storm wouldn't hurt. Elijah had a light breakfast consisting of some toast and a bowl of cereal before grabbing a cold bottle of water out of the fridge and leaving his apartment.

    Elijah lived on the fifth floor in his apartment and on his work out days he took the stairs on a light run down. The cool air hit his face and Elijah looked around at the puddles and the water dripping off of leaves into small puddles. It was gloomy the usual after a storm and as bug as this one was. " Well at least the air is cool". He mumbled to himself before starting his jog around his building and then across the street towards the trail that lead near the park. The trail had lots of fallen branches and leaves but it wasn't that bad and Elijah just moved out of the way for big things. Since there was barley anyone outside it was peaceful despite the aftermath of the storm. Once near the park Elijah slowed down his jogging only to drink some water before he started up on the bend around the park.


    Why was the weather always so bad? This had been the third storm in one month and this one packed the punch. Everyone was advised to stay in there house or head home for that matter and those stupid enough to stay out during the storm had there own private pool outside. To block out the sound of the thunder Micah had put some headphones on and listened to some music until he fell asleep. The thing that had woke him up was his cellphone that had magically made it's way under his stomach and vibrated causing Micah to jump up and quickly look around in confusion. The vibration went off again and this time he looked down to see his phone sending an alarm that the battery was dying. He sighed shaking his head and placing his phone on the charger and then sitting on the end of his bed.

    The worst thing possible was being woken up out of a delightful dream by something so annoying like a phone notification. Micah wanted to go back to sleep so bad but once he was up there was no going back to sleep. Forcing himself up he went into the bathroom and took a shower and brushed his teeth letting the water completely wake him up from his sleep. Since it was gray outside he didn't really want to go out but at the same time he didn't wan't to stay in the house either. Micah got himself some juice and then walked out onto his terrace to see the damage that was done outside.

    When he walked out it took him a moment to realize the mess that was on the floor. He raised an eyebrow as he stepped forward into the terrace and then scratched his head. It definitively wasn't his that was for sure but since there was a storm he figured that it had fallen off from one of the people above him. "Oh craa-ap." The comment was barley audible but it was enough to make Micah look up from the direction of the sound and his eyes met with a woman whom had a mixture of facial expressions. He gave a small smile sensing a bit of her nervousness and then waved. " I'm going to just take a lucky guess and say that this is yours".
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    Atticus blinked owlishly as his gaze returned to the now opened door. He had been gazing at the ceiling as he waited patiently for his neighbor to respond to his knocking. Seeing the other male leaning against his doorframe, the brunet returned his lazy smile with one of his own. "Sorry to bother you, but, uh, I was wondering if I could have some of your cheese...?" He questioned, tilting his head in curiosity. "I'm making grilled cheese and I happened to be out of cheese. What are the odds...," he trailed off while shaking his head, returning his focus back to his neighbor, Jasper.

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    Looking out of the window with a hot cup of tea in hand, Veronica barely got any sleep last night from the loud thunders and bright flashing of lightning from the storm. She wasn't expecting anything like that last night and the only thing that gave her comfort was her pet cat, Cuddles.

    "Last night was pretty scary, right Cuddles?" Veronica said to her beloved cat, petting it a little before setting her mug down on the window sill.

    Veronica loved her dear cat Cuddles since they've been together through thick and thin. Cuddles was a stray cat that she found on her very first day moving into the city and well, seeing the cat's heterochromatic eyes made her believe in love and first sight. There's just something about the cat that made her feel better, made her feel safe and secured.

    As she was about to take another sip of her tea, a loud shriek coming from outside startled her. Veronica quickly came to her terrace, not bothering that she’s wearing a gray knit sweater and some black pajama shorts with her blonde hair tied up in a messy bun. She then carefully avoided the patches of water on the floor, the cup of tea still in her hands as she did so.

    "What happened?" she asked, noticing her neighbor Astrid looking down at the terrace underneath her. It seems like the poor girl dropped her pot of marigolds during the storm and If Veronica can remember correctly, the terrace underneath Astrid belongs to a guy named Micah who she haven't met personally but heard about him from the other residents of the building. They say that he's a good guy.

    "Oh no.. Um.. Are you alright, Astrid?" Veronica called out from her terrace. Now that she thought about it, she hasn't really known Astrid that much since she only talks to her whenever they meet in the hallways or down stairs. It's unbelievable for her to not know much about her neighbor and she just lives next to her! What have I been doing these past few months that I haven't formally met my neighbor?

    Oh, that's right. I've been too busy juggling work and studies. Ugh, it's so hard being a working student. Focusing her attention back to her distressed neighbor, she asked "Uhm.. Do you need help or anything?"

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    Mocha noticed a man running around the park and perked up. Once he found where the man was he quickly ran over to give him licks on the cheek. "Mocha no come back!" Gwen got up to run after him, her ponytail swishing so fast that it almost smacked her in the face. "Down boy you don't lick strangers!" She ran over to the man and her dog so that she could grab him. Being a bit out of breath from running caused her to instantly crouch down to grab her dog by the collar. "I'm sorry about that Mr. He just gets a bit excited when he sees people." She had a friendly smile on her face as she apologized. "I hope you can forgive him. Mocha say you're sorry." Mocha barked in response as he obediently sat on the ground. Gwen stood up to see him a bit more at an eye level, which didn't work out to well since the man was much taller than she was. "I'm Gwen by the way, and that's Mocha."
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    Jasper scratched the back of his neck, thinking about what he had in his cupboards. He was pretty sure that he did have cheese in his refrigerator. "Sure thing, I'm pretty sure I've got some Cheddar," he said, stepping to one side. "Errr you'd better come in while I try and find it," Jazz told Atticus as he made his way back through his apartment. It was all open plan with two doors coming off of the main room. "So I think I've seen you around. You're Atticus right?" he called over his shoulder as he continued to move. There was a large black leather couch sat in the center of the living area infront of a 32" TV screen. There was no dining area, just a breakfast bar at the edge of the kitchen, and everything was a grey white. He pulled open the fridge and began to dig through it. It didn't take long for him to find it and he pulled it out with a triumphant grin. "Aha," he said, turning back to face his neighbor. "Here you go. Anything else?"
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    Astrid had never been good in times of crisis, tension or generally owning up to her own blunders. When she was five she tried to give her sleeping mother a make over with a sharpie and when said parent woke up and was enraged, Astrid blamed the maid, Betsy Lou. When she was ten Astrid broke a window trying to practice for the neighborhood soccer tryouts and blamed it on Thomas Perlstein. And when she was fourteen Astrid and her mother remarried she accidentally stepped on the train of her gown and blamed it on the four year old ring bearer. So it was safe to say that now that Astrid was faced with her neighbor (albeit not as angry as she thought he'd be), her first instinct was to run back into her apartment and never leave. But Astrid was an adult now, and even though this particular incident wasn't her fault, it was up to her make things right.

    "Y-yes!" She responded to her neighbor. "Sorry, it must have fallen down in the storm. I should have put more rocks in it to tie it down, I'll come clean it up!" She called and was about to quickly change into a more appropriate outfit, when another voice called out to her. She looked back down to see her other neighbor...OH NO! I don't know her name! But she knows mine! We must have met at some point then! Dang it Astrid, remember!

    "Uh," She began debating on whether she did need help. She didn't but, she'd much prefer to not be alone with the guy. Not because he seemed scary--He didn't. In fact he was smoking hot--but she knew that if she was alone she would screw up and say something weird, then he would think she was a freak and cold shoulder her for the rest of their coexistence!

    "Sure!" She said a bit too loudly and dashed back into her apartment, hurriedly shedding her pajamas--"Oh my god, I forgot I was wearing these!" She wailed when she saw her giraffe pj clad self in the mirror. "Can this day get any more embarrassing?" She groaned as she tugged on a pair of shorts and an old t-shirt. She slipped on her sneakers and rushed out of her apartment and down the steps. She would have taken the elevator but that would have been too quick and she needed to give V...V...Vera? Vicki? some time to get there so she wouldn't be alone.
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    One minute Elijah was turning the corner on his run and the next thing you know he's being licked down by some dog. Of course he saw the dog heading in his direction but somehow he figured that the dog would run past him not to him. He chuckled slightly moving his face away from the dogs attempts at his cheek and simply petting the dog who in return wagged his tail excitedly. He had wanted a dog himself but he just never got around to getting one since he was so busy with work but now with things slowing down he figured getting himself a dog would be a good thing.

    Once Elijah got the dog to calm down somewhat he heard a woman's voice calling out to the dog "Down boy you don't lick strangers!". He turned his head to see the woman running over and then stopping to catching her breath and pulling her dog who obediently sat down."I'm sorry about that Mr. He just gets a bit excited when he sees people." Elijah laughed and shook his head. " Its honestly no problem at all". The woman stood up and Elijah suddenly realized how short she was compared to him but it wasn't too bad of a height difference considering he was actually a good height for a guy. "I'm Gwen by the way, and that's Mocha."

    Elijah extended his hand to shake Gwen's. " Well it's a pleasure meeting you...and Mocha, I'm Elijah". He gave a warm smile and then bent down to pet Mocha who leaned into his touch and wagged his tail. " He's such a good dog" Looking back up at Gwen he spoke once more, " Well I usually go on solo runs around the neighborhood but do you and Mocha want to join me?".

    Micah looked from the mess that the storm made on her terrace up to the woman whom it came from.. "Sorry, it must have fallen down in the storm. I should have put more rocks in it to tie it down, I'll come clean it up!". Her voice sounded so determined that he couldn't help but smile a bit. When another voice spoke he leaned over to take a look at who was speaking and he recognized the face a bit, Veronica. He had seen her a few times coming into the building or nearby in a store but they never actually spoke more than a hello or how are you. The woman above he knew her name was Astrid and just like Veronica he had too seen her here and there near the building.

    Since she was so determined to clean up the mess Micah walked back into his apartment and then found the broom and other things. He had no problem cleaning the mess up himself and it was indeed the storms fault. Micah was in mid walk when he realized that people were coming into his home. His place was well kept and everything was nice but the only people that ever came over was either his friends Chase and Dana.

    Micah took a look at his clothes wanting to at least look a bit presentable and since he looked fine he sighed in satisfaction. It wasn't that long before there was a knock on the door and Micah walked over opening the door and smiling a the two woman who stood before him. " Hey there, come in". He spoke taking a step to the side and letting them into his home.

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    Gwen smiled and looked down to Mocha who was eagerly awaiting her response. "What do you think?" She questioned him as he barked happily and spun in circles ready to go. "Well I'll take that as a yes. We'd love to join you." She began to stretch her legs so that they won't get sore from the extra running. Running around the entire neighborhood wasn't on her to-do list for the day but it doesn't hurt to get some more exercise in. "So where do you usually go? I normally go down the block and avoid the inner city, way to crowded." She wanted to get a generally idea of where they were going so she doesn't end up getting lost trying to find her way home.

    She looked down at her watch to check the time. Still plenty of time. Her original plans were to go grocery shopping and to go furniture hunting for her relatively new apartment. She hadn't been living there long enough to decorate so she figured now was as good a time as any.

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    Celeste woke up in her lush apartment on the 'classier' side of town. A storm had rolled in the night before and Celeste was barely able to sleep. She had laid in her bed for a full hour just listening to the thunder and the pitter-patter of the rain before she was finally able to fall asleep. Celeste stared at the ceiling. Well... What am I going to do today? Celeste looked over at her alarm clock and it appeared that it was somewhat early, but definitely not late. Celeste blinked slowly as she sighed. Alright. Time to get out of bed. Celeste got up out of her bed and did the normal things that a person had to do in the morning. Get dressed, take a shower, things of that nature. And as she finished up, she walked outside and down the stairs. I wonder who I'll find out here today... Celeste quickly looked at her phone. Maybe I should see if some of my friends can hang out? She paused her thoughts for a moment. No... I don't really feel up to that right now. As she continued walking she found herself in the library near a park. I guess I might go check out a book and read something in the park. After it storms everything looks nice, so I might as well hang outside. Let's just hope that no one that I know finds me there.

    When Celeste walked into the book store, she saw a number of selections. She decided to grab a fantasy book that caught her eye. As she checked out the book, she was smiling because it seemed like an exciting read. This seems like a nice book. I hope that I can finish it by tonight. I was supposed to meet my dad tonight for dinner. That duchebag seriously needs to stay away from me. I don't understand why he's trying to keep a good relationship with me after he dumped my mom for some bitch. Jesus. She sighed angrily as she sat down on a park bench and started to read.​
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    Veronica smiled sweetly at Astrid, happy that she accepted her offer. Right. This is the time to forge a friendship with her. Its only ethical for me to be friends with her right? Besides, it would be fun to have more friends than my cat she thought to herself.

    Changing her shorts into some black leggings and wearing her pink converse, she made herself look a bit presentable before leaving her apartment and heading down to Micah's.

    This will be the first time she'll visit the guy and formally introduced herself so she's a tad bit excited. It's not everyday that she got to formally meet a neighbor and see their apartment.

    Seeing Astrid, Veronica smiled warmly and greeted her "Hi Astrid. Sorry about the marigolds, such a shame they fell down because of the storm. Oh, did you sleep well last night? The storm and thunder scared me that I barely got any sleep. " She said casually.

    Not long when she knocked on the door and the door opened to reveal Micah and his clean place. "Hey" Veronica greeted back, entering his home before extending her hand towards him. "Uhm.. We haven't formally met before. I'm Veronica Weiss, pleasure to meet you"

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    "Hi! Sorry again about your balcony!" She said a bit too enthusiastically, and pivoted a bit so she was waving at both the guy and V...She really needed to ask for her name. But subtly. It would be really awkward to have to ask her what her name is when she already knew Astrid's. Astrid entered the man's apartment and took the broom and dust pan from him and headed to the balcony. "I'll get started on cleaning."

    "Oh the thunder scared me too, so I slept in the closet with Commander Licks." She replied absent-mindedly to V, as she began to sweep up the larger shards of the smashed pot. She had hoped that she'd be able to salvage a few marigolds, but the stems were practically in ribbons and she could see that there was no hope--"Commander Licks is my iguana!" She suddenly blurted out, realizing that she hadn't given much context to her earlier statement and they probably thought she was the world's biggest freak show.

    She began separating the marigolds from the pottery and trying to shoo away her embarrassment, while listening to what the others were saying. Veronica! That's what her name is! Astrid thought with a sigh of relief as the woman introduced herself to the man.

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    As the kids began to enter the room for the school day, Max began to feel a little...Uncomfortable. It probably had something to do with the fact that his coworker, Cindy was staring a hole into his head, but there was really no way to be sure. That is until Max, crossed the room to help a kid with his coat and Cindy's eye followed him. When he was finished helping some of the kids get settled in, Max took a moment to walk over to Cindy.

    "Is there something on my face or?" He began and Cindy shook her head vigorously. "Oh no! It's just that...So you know how friends tend to help other friends meet people?" Max wanted to say 'no' he didn't know, but decided to humor her. "Sure?"

    "Good! So this'll be easy to ask. Would you please go out on a date with my friend tomorrow?" Max stared at Cindy blankly. "I don't...No, I don't want to do that." He stated before trying to turn away, but Cindy grabbed him. "Max please! I told her I'd find somebody for her but she's just so ugh! You know?"

    "No, I don't know! And why would I want to go out with someone who's 'ugh'?" He snapped. "You never know you two could wind up being meant for each other!" Cindy whined, trying to pull a puppy dog eyes look, but Max shook her off. "I have to teach a class Cindy!" He grumbled at her before reentering the room and closing the door. Cindy stayed outside for a few minutes more before walking away dejectedly. Max felt a little bad, but he really didn't want to go on a blind date again. His last one had ended with a visit to the spilled soup and a visit to the hospital.

    "Okay guys! Today we're going to talk about storms! Who can tell me something about storms?" He asked the class and tiny hands shot up into the air waving vigorously to be called on. "Alright, David, what'cha got?"

    "Storms are when the clouds get sad and cry and scream like my sister does when her boyfriend tells her she's fat!" The little boy said proudly.

    "...Kay...Well you got some things right! In a sense, clouds do seem to get angry and cry! And what do the clouds cry, guys?"

    "RAIN!" The kids cried out simultaneously.
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    Elijah was glad that Gwen had decided on joining him on his run. Usually he always came out and ran solo since none of his friends wanted to get up early in the morning to come with him. " So where do you usually go? I normally go down the block and avoid the inner city, way too crowded". Elijah understood her completely considering he didn't really run down there unless it was a beautiful day and he was in a good mood. The inner city always had something for him there even if he wasn't down there on one of his running adventures.

    " No problem, I usually just head down the block and then jog the trail and end up back near the park". He nodded his head before petting Mocha once more and then turning to begin his jogging. They made their way down the block and soon they hit the trail, Elijah noticed that after awhile that all three of them were running at the exact same pace like they were in sync with each others movements. Elijah only slowed down slightly to take a look at the damage that the storm did to the trail and the trees around them before he continued.

    After about thirty-five minutes Elijah was catching his breath. They had finished the run and it was great. He turned to Gwen and his lips quirked up into a smile, " That was fun, I'm glad you decided to join me. I don't wanna keep you but maybe if I'm not being to forward we could hang out again sometime? I stay in that building over there" He pointed at the nearby building the out looked the park before looking back at Gwen.

    Micah nodded his head after greeting Veronica, " Yeah It's nice to actually meet you. I'm Micah Robertson". He allowed her to walk in as well and following Astrid's comment he shook his head looking over his shoulder. " It's okay honestly, the storm was a big one last night". It was actually nice to have some people in his place since it was rarely visited which made Micah wonder what he was doing with his spare time. He made sure that the place was cleaned because once things got messy he had a hard time finding things that he really needed.

    Micah joined the two woman on the terrace and he too helped clean up the mess. Hearing Astrid talk about sleeping in the closet with her pet "Commander Licks" made him smirk and when she further more to explain that her pet was an iguana he looked up at her as he placed some of the glass in the garbage. " You have a pet iguana? That's really cool. I always wanted a pet but I just never had the time to get once". Micah spoke before flashing a smile towards Astrid and then leaving to head back into the kitchen.

    How was it that he had been in his apartment for over seven months and he hadn't actually befriended anyone in his building? Well besides old lady Helen and that didn't count, he just helped her with her bags from time to time. Now Micah was making it his goal to get to know at least three people from his building. His social skills were amazing that was one thing that he knew for certain, since most people were drawn to him for various reasons but one being his goofy personality. He opened the fridge and pulled out some juice and poured three cups before carrying them outside and placing them on the table. " I brought some drinks just in case".
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    Last night had killed her, thunderstorms were never her thing and she always hated them. In fact...she was terrified of them. So Aubrey found herself in her spacious closet with her little puppy Bambi and her cat Bandit. They all ended up sleeping in a small pallet watching Netflix until they all dozed off one by one. Waking up to a soft bark and a hiss Aubrey looked around the closet with a sigh to see that they were fed up with being the small closet together. Bambi and Bandit l got along, but when they were together for too long bad things happen and hell breaks loose. "Hey you two cut it fighting or no outside time" she said with a slight stern voice, but just those few words called them down as she opened up her closet watching them pile out. Bandit heading over to his favorite window stil and Bambi making her way over to the bedroom door to get something to eat.

    Waking out of the closet with a stretch and a yawn she looked over at the time and went into an instant panic. She was supposed to be in the library right now studying with one of her teachers. Letting a long stream of colorful language escape her mouth as she ran into the bathroom giving a quick wash up and changing into something to wear. Aubrey didn't do anything with her face leaving it natrual and figured she hadn't had time to brush her hair so she left that natural as well. Heading into the kitchen she filled both of their bowls up and looked around for some form of coffee or food source but that search came up with nothing so she grabbed her little messenger bag then moved out of her small apartment.
    "Great now I have to go grocery shopping..." She mumbled to herself and looked around to see her neighbor Atticus over at some other guys house and gave him a small wave before she made her way down the street.

    Walking to the cafe that was a close way to the library she sighed opening the door smiling as she heard the small bell chime. She had known the owners of the cafe in a personal level because she just came here to relax and talk to them. They even let Bambi and Bandit run around the shop if they were on their best behavior, which was a hard thing for both of them. Aubrey hoisted her bag up on her shoulder and walked up to the counter looking up at the menu to see what she wanted. Finally making her decision Aubrey gave the waitress a small smile as she gave her order of a simple coffee and a blueberry muffin.
    "That'll be a ten minute will be called when your order is ready" that bit of news brush her down in spirts as she looked down at her watch and nodded heading over to the corner of the cafe. she was going to be even more late to the study session.

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    Veronica looked around the place and find it clean which actually surprised her. Not all men she knew have clean room or apartment, but then, she only knew a few of them.

    Hearing Astrid mention her pet, her eyes suddenly sparkled and twinkled. She always loved animals, especially pets. "You don't have a pet?" she asked Micah with disbelief. How in the world did this guy survive his day to day life? "You should probably get a short haired cat. I mean, they're independent and fun to be with. But of course, you shouldn't get one if you have allergies." she giggled, remembering a time where she suggested a friend get a cat but realized that her friend is allergic to it.

    Veronica then went to the terrace and helped Astrid with the mess, trying her best not to spread the dirt even more. She had always admired Astrid's garden, especially her flowers. She used to just look at it and wish that she could grow flowers so beautifully like hers. She did try gardening once, but it turns out she doesn't have a green thumb.

    When Micah came back with drinks, she gladly took one and smiled, loving how hospitable and accommodating he is. "Thanks. So, um.. You guys want to hang out or something? I mean.. You don't have to if you already have plans so.. uhm.. hahaha" she laughed awkwardly, not really sure of what to say. Oh God Veronica, you look so pathetic right now. Now they'll think you're so lonely and haven't got any friends to hang out with. Way to go Veronica.
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    Atticus didn't even question Jasper's suggestion as he followed his neighbor inside of his apartment. As his eyes scanned his new surroundings, he had caught a glimpse of someone waving at him. Whipping his head around, he saw his other neighbor, Aubrey, leaving and returned the small wave that he received before focusing back on the task at hand, which was getting some cheese. "Yup, I'm Atticus. The one guy who has, like, three cats...," he responded, mumbling the last part mostly to himself. "And you're....Jasper, if I'm not mistaken." He stated as he continued to follow the male, weaving around furniture as they entered the kitchen. Well, Jasper did. Atticus just stood outside of it, leaning against the wall. At the sight of a package of cheese, the brunet grinned. It looked like he would be getting his grilled cheese sandwiches after all. Reaching out to take the cheese, Atticus shook his head. "Uh, no. I think that's it, mate. Thanks," he responded.

    The young male began to make his way towards the door, holding the cheese in one of his hands. As he walked towards the exit, and the entrance, he turned on his heel, facing Jasper once more. The brunet didn't have anything else planned for the day, so he didn't see anything wrong with spending it to get to know his neighbor a bit more. Biting his bottom lip he said, "Actually, I'm not doing anything for the rest of the day, so, um, if you aren't busy or anything, I was just wondering if you'd like to...hang....out?" Wow, Atticus. This is why you can never make friends, he reprimanded himself mentally, but didn't let it show. He kind of hoped that he was rejected, kind of hoped that he wasn't. It was out of his hands now. The ball was in Jasper's court.

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