Love at first night

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  1. Rosalie, otherwise known as Rose was wandering through the depths of a large forest. She was walking around slowly, being careful not to trip over, overgrown roots or twigs. She looks around, with a camera hanging from her neck. She pulls up her camera once she comes across a beautiful stream, and snaps it before she could even take in it's beauty and admire it. She had been living alone, without a pack ever since she left her family to do some exploring of her own. She didn't live anywhere, she just waited to see what happened next, like she was living in an actual book and ever page that was done, predicted what happened next in her life. She was thoroughly into exploring, nature and wildlife. She always carried a positive mind along with her and her discoveries. Soon enough, she sat by a tree to relax, closeby to the wonderful stream. She watched the water flow, slow and soothing.
  2. Oberon, was a proud man, a leader by the very instinct of nature. he'd been chosen since barely a pup and in light of that choosing he'd stepped up to the challenge. The forest was his, and he knew it. Like a blur he and two of his others dashed through the woods. oberon only turning his wolfish eyes back once towards that of an auburn pelt wolf he knew as Samael. Samael, had been a beta to his pack for years now. They'd hunted for as long as Oberon could remember.

    Before long the scent of elk nearly sent the three of them into a frenzy. Oberon let loose a low growl so as to tell them to calm down, then nodded in the direction of the scent. Oberon on the other hand knew the patterns of elk far too well and instead made his way to the river.

    It was the responsibility of the Alpha to provide. In most cases pack leaders were lazy, they'd have preferred in just having their hunters, the beta's capture their meal. The moon dance; a ritual of their people was sacred, and Oberon was no normal pack leader. So he would provide for his family, and for her.

    The treeline broke and the scent of the river all but filled Oberon's senses; if not for the betrayal in that scent, the soft scent of roses... wild wild roses. Oberon opened his eyes for maybe the first time that night under a pale full moon as he glanced across the river. Oberon witnessed beauty that might have shamed the moon for the first time that night, and suddenly the elk was the farthest thing from his mind.

    He watched, from across the river.
  3. Rosa carried a backpack, one of which she held some belongings in. She took out her diary and began to write in it, noting the day and time period.

    Dear Diary,
    Today has been a regular day. I explore the depths of a large forest and found the most beautiful stream ever. The water was so soothing and gentle, I'm sitting by it right now. I saw a few trees, rivers and stones, but nothing else. I wonder what I'll find tomorrow, that's for the future to behold.

    She shut her diary and places it back in her backpack and looks up, scenting someone nearby. She sees someone in the distance. A male. An alpha male.
  4. Oberon didn't notice it at first, but from across the way she was looking at him now. In fact she stared at him as if her eyes might have been able to trace every white and grey pattern that could be seen upon his obsidian black pelt. He might have thought to run, to avoid it all together, but he could tell by scent and the slightest hint given in her eyes, that she was no hunter, no human cattle ripe for the kill. instead, as if by instinct alone he trotted his way to the edge of the river and held his head high, showing the full embrace of his pride to her; portraying himself as the leader of his pack. In the distance he could hear that the hunt had started.
  5. Rosa just stared at him, not saying anything at all. She soon stood up and wandered away, after living days, months without her family, she hadn't been very social and wouldn't know what to say to him. She switches into her wolf form and then curls up in a ball. Her fur was light brown and fluffy, she snuffles lightly and couldn't help but look over at the pack in the distance, curiously. She hadn't seen this pack before, and was quite interested.
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