Love and War, that kind of thing.

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  1. I came up with a OneXOne RP since nothing else is really running through my.... veins? Anyway! here it is:

    A young man trained to be a warrior and a young maiden(names are yours to decided) live with the two of each other as if they were the only ones alive. Their world is plagued by a shadowy menace however, vampires! The boy spends his time fighting to keep them alive, all while training his beloved to fend for herself. This helps build their bond as friends and lovers. But then on a tragic day when the boy is away, his lover is attacked and infected with the bloodsucker's blood! Knowing the process was to take at least a month to fully bond to her, he set out with her on a journey to find a cure; hopefully they would locate it before time ran out--which is quicker than they would believe.

    Any thoughts? :o
  2. Interested. Very interested...
  3. Yay! I really thought wasn't gonna go anywhere!
  4. I really like it! PM me if you really want to try it out, I do :3