Love And The Latest Issue

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  1. Once upon a time, there were three different girls who each had a hand in the world of comic books.

    Our first was Helena Jordan. She was brought into the comic book world when a neighbor had her hold onto a small chunk of his vast collection. She went out with a boy named Nash who loved comics books too. In the beginning, they had been very happy together when they first met. They dated for a while, until they began to have disputes regarding the very same comic book industry. Although Helena loved to read comic books and collect merchandise and all, she was still very green to many of the things regarding comics. She also didn't have much imagination and was rather plain.

    Their relationship was spiraling downwards. Nash prepared for a major depression afterwards where he'd drown himself in issues of the Justice Society.

    That is until another came in.

    This girl's name was Kylie. Kylie Raye, a budding young artist who has an addiction for the world of entertainment. She knew the comics, movies, TV shows, anime and manga, everything like the back of her hand. She was intelligent, creative, and beautiful.

    He had to have her. Now they, and their friends shall go on wild adventures through town, whether they need to get the limited edition action figure for that crappy but awesomely drawn alternate universe mini-series or battling the injustices of others...




    The Guys

    1) Nash (Satsujinken)

    Fresh out of a breakup with Helena, out for Kylie.

    2) OPEN

    Extra Slots (If the two extra girl roles are taken also)

    3) OPEN

    4) OPEN

    The Ladies

    1) Helena

    Helena Jordan is a thrill-seeking, happy go lucky girl who loves comic books, and her Ex-Boyfriend Nash, who she tries to get back. Maybe her true love is somewhere else?


    2) Kylie

    Kylie Raye already has a job drawing comic strips for a popular website. She's the biggest geek in town, but she's also very beautiful. Her creativity and spirit know no bounds. She likes Nash back, but won't give in without the boy proving his love for her first.


    BONUS CHICKS (For extra players)

    3) Gal Gardner

    She's like both Kylie and Helena combined, with some spice thrown in. She loves comics, and understands them to a fair degree, at least over Helena's. She's got a couple ideas in the works, and happens to have huge amounts of arrogance and has a knack for getting into trouble.


    4) Jo

    Joanna Stewart is Gal Gardner's 'bestie.' She's actually the best student of the group with the highest intelligence and maturity, yet keeps finding herself having to help Gal out of trouble. If you work at it, you can incur her bitch-wrath by summoning her inner nag.



    Character Sheet-

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