Love and Psychopaths

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  1. I had this idea after watching Dexter and The voices. It seems like in every slasher film, the killer falls in love with either his next victim, coworker from his day job, the police detective catching him and so on. I would like to see a rp where both of characters are serial killers and both meet developing a love interest. It would be like a Harley and Joker or Bonnie and Clyde but would be a complete original story. Two birds crazy and dangerous and in love find each other in common with what they are good at.
  2. This still open? Id be willing to try
  3. If the role play is still open, I'd be interested
  4. Yes please send me a PM thank you. It is still open
  5. So
    Should I Pm as well, or did you get all the people you need?
  6. Sorry when I came with this idea it was meant to be libertine and/ or for 18years and up
  7. Okay, no problem
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.