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  1. Alphonse Haperton was enjoying a relaxing walk through the large city where he was the first born on the ruling king, Edgar Haperton. Most people there didn't really know his face that well, since he rarely appeared in public meetings or at appearances his father made. He enjoyed walking through the city as though he were nothing more than a common citizen, and therefore he did not care to have his face known too much. He did usually walk with one of the guards in plainsclothes to watch over him, typically the same one every time he left and one he actually found enjoyable company since he was only a few years older than Alphonse.

    "Is there anyplace specific you want to go today, Al?" his guard, Nickolas, asked him as they walked down the street. Al shook his head as he looked around the street they were currently on. "Perhaps we could head towards the more touristy areas today? We don't typically walk there."

    Al thought about it for a moment before nodding. "Maybe we can stop by one of the restaurants through there for some lunch, too, Nick? It is pretty close to midday and I'm starting to get hungry."

    Nick nodded with a small smile. "I'll be sure to let you treat me to something expensive too!" Al laughed with Nick as they turned down the next street to head into the part of the city that held mostly hotels and specialty shops. Once they were there they started looking at the different restaurants to find one they wanted to eat, paying minimal attention to where they were going.
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  2. The governors daughter Emily Jones was visiting this country. Her father was doing some stuff on vacation. Do she was going to enjoy the vacation while helping her father. She was pretty a thin girl an hour glass figure. Her hair was long and curly. She was wearing a dress dress with heels. She had gone with her bestfriend and sort of maid of the house.

    Emily was walking thinking of a place to eat " Mary where shall we go to eat?" purse hanging from one shoulder. She smiled and soon went passed this place that looked gorgeous " let's go there" Mary nodded jumping up and down. " yes let's go there!!" Emily and Mary was walking they weren't paying attention and suddenly Emily hit someone falling back on her butt. She blushed she can't believe she fell!!! She blushed " I'm so sorry forgive me for running into you I wasn't watching where I was going" she then looked over at the person and it was the Prince. She blushed hard getting up with her bestfriend help.
  3. Al was just about to suggest the restaurant they were in front of when he felt someone bump into him, causing Nick to get defensive and step a little in front of him before seeing it was just a girl who looked embarrassed about the ordeal. He put a hand on his friend's shoulder and offered a smile. "It's not a problem. There are far worse things to have happen than to be bumped into by a pretty girl," Al commented. "Are you all right? After all, it was you who fell and not me. I'm the one who should apologize."
  4. Emily blinked blushing she watched him realizing who it was. Oh. She closed her eyes and her maid looked at her. Emily looked over and then smiled " no I should be I was the one who wasn't paying attention, " she looked at the ground she paused and said "oh by the way I'm the governors daughter, the governor of America anyways" she didn't want to be rude
  5. Al nodded, choosing not to argue the point any further. He looked at Nick before turning back to her with a bright smile. "I am Alphonse, and this is Nickolas. Please call me Al, though. It's a lot easier to say, and not nearly so stuffy sounding!" He laughed and motioned to the restaurant. "Were you thinking of eating here? Why don't you join us inside, if you don't mind. It will be my treat as a welcome to our country!"
  6. Emily smiled as she looked over at him. She smiled " hello" she tilted her head and thinking. She bit her lower lip and nodded " sure I'm Emily and this is my best friend and maid Mary" she smiled at him thinking she was happy. " we were if you don't mind that'd be great"
  7. Al just nodded and smiled wider. "Perfect! Then shall we dine?" he asked, opening the door and waving the girls in first. Once everyone was inside he spoke to the host, who smiled graciously and led them to a corner table near the back with a little seclusion. Once the girls were seated, he and Nick also took their seats. A waitress came by to get their drink orders. "I'll have just a water," Al told her, followed by the same from Nick.
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  8. Emily tilted her head and smiled. She nodded and went to walk with her. She hoped that this day would be great. She went and got sat down with her bestie. She smiled and nodded and wondered she wanted a smoothie and her maid wanted a water.
  9. The waiter took their orders and walked off to get them. Al looked over at Emily and Mary with his menu opened. "I'll admit this is my first time in this establishment so I don't have any recommendations," he commented as he glanced at the items listed. "What brings you to my fair country, Emily? Surely there are places more important for a governor to visit."
  10. Emily smiled telling the waitress her order and so she crossed her legs looking at them as they spoke. She said" well my father he is on vacation and we thought that this was a great spoke to tour and enjoy" she smiled at him sweetly. Mary was just listening as she smiled.
  11. With a nod, Al turned to Nick for a moment and then back to Emily. "If you'd like, we could give you a tour around the city here. I know just about everything about the place, except for this section of the city. Locals think of this as the tourist side and typically only come here if they have a shop to run, or something to sell on the streets with a vendor pass to make a little money on tourists." He grinned. "Nick actually knows more about our fine country than I do, if you can believe that!"
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