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  1. Spencer adjusted his camera. Today he was doing an update for his fans which he did once a week and he had a pretty big announcement to make. Once he sat down the camera began to record. He had his usual smile on his face, "Hey how is it going everyone? Redoxagal here! And I have some big news! I will be flying to California to meet up with a fellow Youtuber you all know and love. LittleMissLoveIt! We will both be starring in each others channel. I am very excited and I hope you guys are too!" After he finished his announcement he added, "Now I gotta go back! See you all very soon!" He said finally and stopped recording. He quickly uploaded it and got to packing. He and LittleMissLoveIt have been emailing about this back and forth for quit some time now. He was truly excited! Once he finished packing he took a taxi to the airport.
  2. She handed her camera to Kathleen who was in the passenger seat as they came to a stop light, "Do you mind?" The twiggy brunette in question took it from her with no protest and started to fumble with the settings on the device, "Corse not, but you know what I do mind. You bagging to best collab partner any of us have managed to find to date. That's what I mind!" She shook her camera at her in a threatening manner.

    A busty red-head let out a laugh from the seat behind Kathleen's. She then reached foreword to shake her by her shoulders, "Your just jealous cuz you think he's yummy!" The girl on the left of the red head, a mature looking woman by the name of Carmella, reached her arm over to force the red-head back into her seat, "Bethany, she thinks Everyone with an accent is, how did you put it, Yummy." Laughter chorus through the car as Kathleen muttered a rather sheepish, "Guilty as charged."

    Gina tried to bring some control back over the inside of the car, "Alright, alright! Come on now, I wanna get a segment in before we get to the airport to greet him!" Kathleen nodded and flipped the camera on even though the giggles coming from the back refused to die down. She turned to point it at Gina, who flashed a smile at the camera, "Hello again, Lovelies! Now, today is a very special day! Right now the three stooges and I are on our way to the airport. Why, Little Miss, why are you heading there you ask? Well, It's because were getting a very special guest~ You'll see who soon enough!"

    Bethany leaned foreword again with a little laugh, "Hint, our Hair Matches!" Gina shot a little false glare over her shoulder, "Hey now! No hints! Anyways, See you soon guys! Well, soon for us, a jump cut for you."

    Kathleen turned off the camera with a grin, "How was that? Any more takes?"

    "No way! Take one-"

    "Is the best one. Yes we know."

    The laughter started again, this time at Gina's expense. "Aw, come on guys. I don't say it that often? Do I?" She pouted as she pulled the car up to the front of the airport, before climbing out. and popping her back. "Man it's good to be out of the car." The other girls were busy doing the same, "Yeah, definitely."

    "I don't mind the car!"

    "That's cuz your practically a midget."


    Gina shook her head, but before she had a chance to step into the playful argument Carmella spoke up, "What time does his flight come in? I want to know if I have time to go wandering about." Gina hummed and tilted her head, "Should be any time now. In fact we should get in there so he doesn't have to wander around very long once he gets off his flight."
  3. When Spencer's plane finally landed he hopped out of his seat, quickly grabbing his suitcase, he was very excited. He kinda figured her friends would be there but he didn't mind. He liked people! The door of the airplane opened and he walked out. He looked around for a moment as he walked eventually finding the girls and smiled walking over to them, "Hiya ladies!" He said with a smile on his face.
  4. She wiped around as the voice came from behind her, having not been paying to much attention to anything other then her friends she had been taken off guard. Her first reaction was to squeal loudly, her second was to suddenly launch at him in a hug so fast she felt him stumble. That when her brain caught up to the situation. Here she was, hugging a man that had just met her in person for the first time. Without his permission. While her friends waved behind her.

    She quickly let go of him with a embarrassed chuckle, "Sorry, Is it ok to hug? I hug. I'm a huggie person. I'm gonna hug you again." She then snatched him up, and, using her surprising strength, pulled him into a hug that forced him to bend slightly at the waist. She then quickly released him again, "Right. sorry! It's just really good to finally meet you! Not that I haven't met you. Because I have. Met you, that is. I meant See you. Like. In person! Which I am now. Seeing you. In Person."

    She was talking a mile a minute, each word getting a little faster in her mixture of embarrassment and excitement. Her friends stood back and were snickering as she practically drowned him in words. "Oh! Gosh! Look I'm just going on, and you've got bags. I bet there heavy. Not that you can't handle heavy. I'm sure you can. You look strong. Muscles." She reached out and prodded one of his arms, before turning away suddenly. The flood of words, however, just kept coming.

    "Let me just open the boot. The boot? The trunk. The back. The storage space? Yeah, let me do that. So you can out your stuff in it. In the boot. Boot-trunk. Back area. In the back area. Ugh. Words." She breathed out hard through her nose, making a sharp whistling sound. She froze, "Oh my god, did my nose just Whistle?! That's so weird. Ew. Why did it do that? Bad nose. We are not a wood wind instrument. Yet. We could be. But not now. Gosh, this is the worst first impression, isn't it?"

    She turned back to him, totally forgetting about opening the trunk all together. Her friends were now covering there mothers and turning away to cover there mirth. "It's not even a first impression. Or a second. It's an impression impression. Is that a thing? It should be a thing. If it's not a thing it's now a thing. Totally...a.....oh." Her voice suddenly became very soft and she reached up to pull at her bangs, "Oh...I'm rambling, aren't I? Sorry.
  5. Spencer was a little surprised about this reaction but it made him happy. He chuckled and gave her a big hug back. He mouthed the words 'hi' to the other girls. Once they stopped hugging he looked down at her and smiled, "Its no big deal! I am a hugger myself, " he said rubbing the back of his head, "But I am really glad to finally meet you and your friends." He followed her chuckling at her rambling.
    "Hey its alright! No biggie! But you can relax. I am just a regular guy! I am really happy I am here though!"
  6. She beamed up at him, but before she could return the sentiment Kathleen suddenly spoke up.

    "Normal person? Hun, your Scottish! And I'm single."

    Bethany smacked her upside the head, "You couldn't even go five minutes without hitting on him!"

    "I'm weak!"

    The bickering pair climbed into the back of the car. Carmella reached out to pat Spencer's shoulder, the girl towered over him, and as such and to look down as she spoke to him. "You'll get used to her flirting." She then turned to Gina, "I'm off."

    "Off? Where are you going?"

    "Not sure yet, but i'll find a way home."

    "Oh, ok. See you at...home..." Before she could finish Carmella hand turned from the group and sauntered off into the crowd. She stared after her before shaking her head and turning to Spencer, "I've lived with her for three years and I still don't know why she wonders off or where she goes. She's strange, but I like her well enough. Anyways, she is right. It's best to ignore Kathleen's flirting. She never really means anything by it, she just can't control herself."

    She offered him a smile before finally turning to the trunk and popping it open for him. She tossed him a grin, "Welcome to California."
  7. Spencer couldn't help but laugh at Kathleen's comment. Just then watched Carmella leave before looking back at Gina, "I'll keep that in mind," he said putting his suitcase in the trunk, "Thanks for that advice. So are we ready to leave? I am so pumped to be doing this you have no idea!" He said, the excitement in his voice and in his bright blue eyes.
  8. She stepped forward to pull the trunk closed for him, "Yeah? Alright then, we don't wanna keep the lovelies waiting! Hop in and we'll get this show on the road!" She pumped her fist into the air as she circled the car to climb into the front seat.

    Once she got in and started buckling up Bethany piped up from the back seat asking where Carmella had gone. When presented with the answer that Gina didn't know, she let out an over dramatic sigh stating that it was a shame since Carmella was better company. Kathleen reached over to strike Bethany upside the head.

    All this caused her to roll her eyes and offer Spencer a shake of her head, "Children. The lot of them." It was muttered with a fond smile. She then turned back to the car and slipped the key in the slot and waited for her passengers to buckle themselves up.
  9. Spencer let out a chuckle as they finally left. They have been planning this thing for months! And now the time has finally come. His plan was to get Gina to play the scariest game out there however he won't tell her this. Neither one of them went into specific details of what they were going to do. As Spencer talked about his trip over there and making everyone laugh, suddenly his phone without checking the caller ID he pressed the talk button and the speaker button. Suddenly his mom's voice was .
    Spencer blinked surprised, blushing slightly, "Uhh hi mom."
    "Did you make it safe and sound!?! Are you alright?! Are-"
    Spencer chuckled lightly, "I'm alright mom I am in the car," he looked at the girls, "Hey everyone say hi!"
  10. Gina wouldn't say it out loud, but it was pretty clear she was super excited too. She planned to take him out on the town and show him a few adcentres. Along with doing a hand full of stupid internet challenges. She wasn't sure what exactly Spencer had planned but she was pretty sure it was going to be a game of some kind. That was what his channel was about, after all.

    Each girl perked up the second the word mom left his mouth,

    "Hi Momma-Red!"

    "Hello Ma'am."


    Each girl gave their greeting at pretty much the same time, so it was probably a jumbled mess on his mothers end.
  11. There was a pause on the other line so Spencer quickly said, "See mom, I'm alright nothing to worry about. I gotta go love ya bye!" He said this all really fast then hung up, he let out a sigh of relief.
  12. She glanced at him from the corner of her eye, "Helicopter mom?" She asked with a teasing edge to her voice before turning bsck to the road in front of her, turning off the main road into an apartment complex called Summer Rains.
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  13. Spencer chuckled, "Oh yeah definetly. Drives me a little crazy sometimes but eh, what are you gonna do?" He looks at the apartment and smiled lightly.
  14. "Well you could complain. But knowing mom's, rule of thumb is Don't complain about their mothering." She seemed to give a silent sort at her own joke as she pulled into a parking space. The girls in the back seemed to have struck up a race because they pushed past each other to spring from the car before it was even off. They then went sprinting up the the apartments.
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