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  1. Kyoya and Kirara have been magical boys for some time now, but due to circumstances have never met each other before. The two of them are fated to meet one day, though, and when they do... who knows what will become of their duo?

    "You what?!" Kirara said frantically as he ran through town, schoolbag over his shoulder. He was yelling at a small, chubby bird sitting at his shoulder. It seemed to sigh in resignation at Kirara's confusion and disbelief.

    "I said," The voice seemed to come from the bird as it looked at Kirara, displeased. "That we're in big trouble today. The demon is in town this time!" Kirara knew that the bird, known as Lil, was talking about a monster, but it was the first time that something had happened this... locally. He had this vague feeling of always being dispatched somewhere else with teleporting, but now, now he was here, and he was branching his sword, facing the demon in front of him all on his own, in his dear hometown. He looked at Lil, scowl on his face. "I know! But this is just so confusing!" He could only act like this in front of the little bird, honestly, he wasn't used to getting this stressed and uncomfortable, but as long as he was covered in the comfort of his mask and magical clothes, pointing his weapon at a monster, he felt like he could be true to himself.

    "If you know then don't be stupid about it! This one is going to be tough, especially within the city, so I called for reinforcements!" Kirara didn't have time to wonder exactly what that could mean as the demon charged at him, blasting him with something akin to a fireball. Everything lit up brightly in that brief moment, and as he gasped, he just barely managed to get out of the way, rolling on the ground, ending up on his knees. His cape fluttered in the air.

    "So it's with that kind of tone, huh..." This was dangerous. Seriously bad. He looked at his swords, deciding that it wasn't a question of whether he should or could, he just had to. If he didn't, who knows what would happen with this monster in the town?!

    Everything seemed to float around him as he closed his eyes, gradually drawing particles and sparks of energy to his swords. After all, his power was thunder and electricity. Hopefully it would work against this monster. He could not see any water nearby, so he would have to hit the monster dead-on. He charged in a flurry of white fabric as he managed to lay a hit on the demon, though only in its arm. It could still move around and attack with its other arm. Lil was on his shoulder, always keeping near him as he fought. He panted as he landed on the ground again, trying to think up a strategy. Being alone in this kind of situation was bad. Seriously bad. He needed to hurry up and get out of this.

    "When did you say those reinforcements were coming?!" He noticed the desperation in his own voice with slight surprise. It wouldn't do to freak out now. Even if he was already quite freaked out at this point.
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  2. "Ice prison!" a voice from behind the monster shouted as shards of ice fell from the sky, surrounding the beast. It lined up and created a barrier around it and the beast was contained. "Sorry I'm late." the voice spoke again, walking closer towards the boy and the beast. He was wearing an outfit similar to the boy but was tinted in blue and grey tones. His hands were still waving constantly, letting down more ice shards as the beast destroyed them one by one.

    The beast seemed to be angered by this and spun around, using his tail to break off all the shards that were surrounding him. "Tch." the man clicked his tongue as the beast turned around, this time facing the man with the blue uniform. This time the beast charged at him, throwing a fireball once more. The man jumped away and quickly opened his pouch, bringing out a string of water and quickly creating a shield just big enough to block the fireball.

    As the shield melted in front of him, he took out another string of water and used it to tie the beast down. The water ribbon wrapped around the beast, restricting his movements for a while. "I'll keep him down, try to deal a blow!" he shouted, increasing the amount of water slowly to keep the beast immobilized.
  3. "A-alright!" Kirara was shocked at the obvious difference between him and the person standing in front of him. Compared to him, I seem completely useless... like a newbie. Shit! It isn't the time to think about that! His sarcastic demeanor around Lil had completely disappeared, leaving room for the more shy aspect of his personality. This was not the time to feel his heart pumping in his chest like this. He bit back this stupid feeling in his chest as he readied his sword, blasting off the ground in a whirl of wind and electric sparks as he drove the sword into the monster.

    He panted as he buried it between the monster's eyes, right at its weak point, and it screamed and tossed as it faded into black smoke, leaving the blue guy's ice-chains empty. When he came to the ground again, he was panting. He probably had red marks on his hands, but he ignored the pain as he sheathed his sword, glancing up at his... "reinforcements". He was granted with an awkward silence, unsure if he should be the one to speak first. He averted his eyes, happy that his mask was covering his obvious signs of awkwardness.

    "Thank you... without you, I would've probably been in trouble there. So... uhm... who are you exactly?" I'm stuttering, I'm stuttering! I'm blushing, too! I have to stop! Oh my god, why is he even here. Why did it have to be a guy who looks like this? My heart is going craaazy over here... Kirara was shocked at his own thoughts, but he was nailed to the spot. He didn't want to leave this guy alone.
  4. He managed to hold out until Kirara attacked, sending the beast off in a puff of black smoke. He sighed as he retrieved the water, melting the leftover ice pieces and keeping the water back in his pouch. He didn't have to but it was a weird habit of his. He did not like to leave trails of attack and war in places, especially not in a peaceful village like this. After cleaning up all his water and ice, he looked over at the boy who seemed to be panting. It wasn't surprising as he did most of the moving. All he did was stand there and root the monster in place. He allowed his partner to calm down before speaking to him but to his surprise the boy spoke before him.

    Hearing him speak, he looked at him and observed the boy. He seemed a little younger and he was surprisingly good at controlling electricity for his age. It had been a while since he has seen someone who was that swift in using electricity, though it seemed painful. He was pretty amazed and shook his head as the boy thanked him. "No need to thank me. It's my job as your partner. I'm Kyoya." he spoke, walking closer towards him. The boy seemed exhausted after the fight but it was no surprise since electricity wasn't an easy element to control. He stopped right in front of him and looked at the boy who was a few inches shorter than him and took down his own mask, revealing his striking yellow eyes. "Are you alright? You seem a little exhausted from the fight." he asked, worried about the boy in front of him.
  5. Kirara's face blazed with embarrassment. Whoa, taking off masks already?! Geez... now I have to as well, oh dear... He slowly removed his mask, revealing his fair skin and bright, golden eyes. He averted his gaze and smiled awkwardly, rubbing his hands together. He sighed lightly, looking almost sad. "But... it's expected, right? I'm so useless, but something of this caliber is expected even from a nobody like me... actually me getting exhausted is the problem..." He mumbled as he turned his gaze back to the man who had saved him. He blinked slightly as he tilted his head slightly to the side, blush finally fading. Somehow he seemed to put the embarrassment in the back of his mind at this point.

    "S-so uhh... why are you here? My name is Kirara, by the way.... pretty girly, huh..." He chuckled awkwardly as he rubbed his fingers over the mask as if trying to clean off some imaginary spot. He didn't know if he should look into Kyoya's eyes or look away. He had a feeling he'd end up embarrassing himself regardless. It's like my "attractive guy" radar is going crazy right now. I wanna see him again. I totally want to flirt with him. I want to do unspeakable things to him. I'm gonna faint. Kirara's thoughts were going way too fast for his heart to be able to follow. He looked back up at Kyoya, face incredibly red. He knew he was going to regret saying this. "Do... do I get to see you again, Kyoya?" He lowered his gaze, knowing that his face was showing everything. He'll know I'm gay. It's too obvious. I bet he's creeped out. Oh god, please stop...
  6. Kyoya had his eyes fixated on his partner's face when he took off his face, noticing his golden eyes. His reaction made him smile as he listened to his partner speak. After hearing him say so, a worried look climbed on his face as he examined his partner, hoping he did not exhaust himself too much. During his examination, he noticed that his partner had tilted his head to the side and it made his heart skip a beat. That's adorable... he thought to himself, surprised that his partner can be so cute.

    Hearing him say his name, he smiled again, nodding to himself. Kirara... I'll remember that. he thought before opening his mouth and speaking with a more gentle and loving tone. "No no, that's a beautiful name. It suits you." he said, watching his face grow red. He chuckled a little as he heard him ask, nodding quite happily. "Of course you do, we're partners from now on." he spoke, looking at him lovingly. He really is adorable. he thought to himself once more, smiling happily. He felt really thankful to have such an adorable partner and he wished that he could get to know him more.
  7. Oh gooood, that's definitely the lady killer smile, call an ambulance, I'm going to die. Kirara's face blazed, clearly showing his intense embarrassment. He was happy that Kyoya would want to meet him again. He bit his lip as he looked directly at Kyoya, trying to convey all of these turbulent feelings into words. Everything seemed to glow around him, with his gentle demeanor and embarrassed face. He blinked at Kyoya, surprised to actually be complimented on his name. He smiled as if it was the best thing he had ever heard in his life.

    "Thank you..." He said softly, brushing a lock of hair from his face. "So... is it also okay to see you outside of duties? I don't just want to leave like this..." He knew he was embarrassing himself, but something prickled in him and he could not refrain from asking. He had to ask, he had to know. He had to progress this somehow. I'll just have to throw my gayness in the closet. Ha. I'm so funny. Kirara looked around, but there was no one. Despite the recent attack the town was eerily silent. It was only the two of them, all alone. "I'm... looking forward to working with you in the future..." He slowly turned around, knowing that his eyes would give him away.
  8. Kyoya looked at him before noticing that his partner was staring straight at him. He looked back and felt a warm feeling in his heart and smiles again, unable to control his happiness. It was his first time feeling like this and he liked it, a lot. Seeing his partner this way somehow made his heart skip. Well this might be my last and best partner ever. he thought before hearing Kirara's voice.

    After hearing that question, he blushed a little, shocked at how brave that young boy was. He looked away, scratching the back of his head and thought a while before stuttering. "Y-Yeah, of course we can see each other outside of duties." he answered, a light blush still on his face. He couldn't handle the fact that his partner was so adorable and it made him blush even more. Hearing his partner speak again he quickly looked back at him and saw him turning away. He walked towards the side he was turning to so he would remain in his partner's sight. "I look forward to it too." he spoke, nodding to himself again.
  9. "O-oh. T-that makes me happy." Whooaaaa, he's blushinggg! He looks handsome even when he's blushing! Kirara blushed, covering his cheeks in embarrassment, and it didn't make it any better that Kyoya got into his line of sight again. He smiled as he averted his gaze, slightly baffled that Kyoya was showing the same kinds of reactions that he was, realizing that being gay might not be a problem in this case.

    But I shouldn't get ahead of myself just yet... Kirara decided that he should face Kyoya again, and he fiddled around under his cape, bringing out a paper as he scribbled down. He handed the little slip of paper to Kyoya. There was the address of a restaurant scribbled in a careful, feminine cursive, and Kirara pointed down a street to his right. "How about... day after tomorrow, at 4 PM? My schedule is pretty loose aside from school, so if there's a better time just say it. Let's meet there... alright?" Kirara's gentle, shy smile was almost dazzling, his golden eyes mingling with the sunset. There was something fundamentally beautiful about his appearance, something that came from his heart, something that shaped his face and his body and made him like this.
  10. Kyoya watched as he covered his face and smiled again, a light blush crawling up his face. He could no longer hide the fact that he was into the young boy as he stared with a big grin, allowing the boy in front of him to calm down a little before letting him speak once more.

    He watched as the boy started finding something and watched curiously, his eyes fixated on the young boy's actions. As he took over the piece of paper that was handed to him, he looked down and read the name and address of the restaurant, understanding that it was the place for them to meet. He admired the handwriting that was used to write it before hearing the young boy speak once more. Lifting his head back up, he saw the boy smile shyly and it made his heart skip a beat once more. He could no longer stop his urges to be with him as he spoke. "Can we... maybe... make it tomorrow?" he asked before a sad smile crawled onto his face. I hope I'm not a bother... he thought to himself, remembering that the boy might have better things to do than be with this silly guy.
  11. "Y-yes! I-I'd love to!" Kirara blushed intensely, immediately regretting the intensity of his words as he averted his gaze. "I-I mean... y-yeah... I-I guess... w-we can..." Kirara's entire face obviously showed his happiness that they could meet even earlier. He already knew he was falling hard.

    He had only suggested the day after tomorrow to not seem too eager, but Kyoya saying this was just going to make it ten times more embarrassing. Kirara slowly took a step closer, his small hands closing around Kyoya's one hand, the hand holding the paper. He folded Kyoya's fingers over the paper so it was cradled in his fist. He slowly looked up at Kyoya, face blazing with embarrassment. But, despite this, there was a gentle smile on his face, just the slightest of smiles, but it made his eyes glow. "I'm... looking forward... to tomorrow. I-I'll see you then. W-well." Kirara immediately let go, breaking the moment between them. I'm letting my feelings show... he's definitely just flustered that I'm doing these awkward things. He doesn't like me... he couldn't... "I-I have to go. I-I'll see you..." He blasted off in a flurry of white, trying to cool off his heated face, to slow down his pounding heart. What's gotten into me...
  12. Kyoya's sad smile turned into a huge grin when he heard the boy's reply, happiness filling his heart. He was worried he might've been a bother but from the looks of it the boy was excited to see him too. Seeing the boy change his answer made him chuckle softly, relieved that he wasn't the only one who tried not to be a bother.

    He saw the boy walk closer towards himself and felt his hands on his own. He was surprised at this and blushed a little, watching him cradle his hand and the paper in both of his hands. Compared to his own, Kirara's hands were small and dainty. They were also a little bruised from the previous battle and he could only look at them worriedly. Hearing him speak, he blushed once more, nodding at his words. He opened his mouth to say something but was stopped as the boy said he had to go, running away and leaving nothing but the piece of paper in his hand. Kyoya could only blush and look back down at his hand, a gentle smile still lingering on his face.
  13. When Kirara reached his home, he ducked in on a side street, transforming back in a flicker of light. He ran up to his porch, unlocking the door. He had never experienced excitement like this in his life before, the kind of excitement that made his heart burst out of his chest. It was like he was going to stop breathing. But it also made him a little bit happy.

    He looked at his hands, a slight, shy smile adorning his lips. I already touched him. His hand was warm... I wonder if I'll get to touch it again... Somehow, his thoughts weren't as frantic when he was alone with them, and he changed to his pjs, a blue t-shirt and green and blue striped shorts. His hair was a mess, but he just fell onto the bed, setting his alarm. He wasn't excited for school, but nothing could ruin his day tomorrow. He was going to see the possibly only friend he'd ever make - and maybe even more than a friend. He was so happy that he could just die. He fell asleep while cradling his pillow in his arms, his dreams filled with that attractive, familiar face.
  14. Kyoya walked to an alley and quickly transformed back, his attire consisting of his casual clothes which were a hoodie and some jeans. He put the piece of paper in his pocket and walked towards his home, a warm smile still on his face. He had never met a partner that powerful and adorable before and it made him want to be able to get to know him more. He could no longer hide his happiness as he burst into a dash, running back home.

    He arrived in his apartment, opening the door with the keys taken out from his back pocket. He locked the door behind him and ran towards his bed, flopping onto it. He was slightly sweaty from the run but he felt like he had to release that energy and adrenaline he had from meeting Kirara. He looked up at the ceiling and took a deep breath, calming himself down before going to take a shower with a smile on his face. He decided that he'd sleep early so that he would have more time and energy to be with his partner.
  15. The next day was, as expected, not the most exciting of days. Kirara sighed as he got up and dressed in his school uniform, combing his hair. In reality, it was just as wavy, falling beautifully in golden locks that framed his face. He was quite a sight, even in a casual school uniform, constant victim of talent agencies trying to get their claws on him. He didn't quite want to become a model, honestly... he just wanted to live his... not so normal life as it was.

    Somehow, the day seemed to pass in a flurry of events and before he even knew it, it was 3:30 and he was standing in front of the restaurant, a cute little tea shop on a medium sized side street. Without thinking, he walked in, realizing that Kyoya still hadn't arrived, from what he could see. He asked for a table for two near the window, so that he could keep an eye on the streets. He sat down in the chair, staring blankly out the window. He ordered some water for the two of them for starters, deciding that he couldn't just sit there and not order anything.
  16. Kyoya had slept after his shower, making sure to set an alarm so that he doesn't oversleep. He woke up early and got dressed, heading out right after. He did not have anything particular to do but wanted to get Kirara something. He went to a famous bakery and lined up for their famous Red Velvet cupcakes that would be sold out at noon. After standing in line for about two and a half hours he finally managed to get a cupcake for him and quickly made his way to the restaurant.

    After about another half an hour, he finally reached the restaurant. He made it just in time as he looked at his watch. Perfect. Right on time. he thought to himself before walking into the restaurant. He looked around, trying to find the boy in the quite crowded restaurant while holding onto the box. I hope he likes sweet stuff... he thought to himself again, scanning the place for the golden haired boy.
  17. Kirara was sitting absently at the table when he saw a familiar face walking through the crowd. It had to be him. Kirara had spent all last night fantasizing about his face, there was no mistaking it. He quickly stood up as Kyoya entered the store, waving him over with his hands while grinning from ear to ear. When they finally sat down, he brought out the menus, looking curiously at the bag that Kyoya had brought with him. He didn't ask about it, though, and decided that they should order some food.

    "So... uh... what do you want? I frequent here, so I'm leaving the decision to you..." He was blushing as usual. His aura was a bit different in his casual clothes, though, with the slightly long sleeves covering half of his hands, the plain colors just making the vivid color of his eyes stand out even more. He was like a prince put into a casual environment. But there was also something cute about it. He couldn't stop staring at Kyoya, eyes fixated on him in what seemed like a daze.
  18. Kyoya finally set his eyes on the young boy waving him over. He smiled at the server and quickly made his way there, dodging a waiter swiftly in the process. Sitting down, he took one of the menus that were handed over to him, setting the box that contained the cupcake down on the side of the table. He opened up the menu and started reading through it, curious of what was available in this restaurant that Kirara recommended.

    Kyoya was thinking a bit before hearing the boy's voice. He looked up and saw him blush, making him blush a little as well. He studied the boys attire, scanning through his clothes. He looked like a model or a prince from a fairytale, a magical and beautiful aura surrounding him. Kyoya couldn't help but stare at his eyes that stood out due to the vivid color compared to his outfit. Compared to him Kyoya was wearing something more simple. It was just a white button up with some black long pants. He looked down at himself and wished that he had wore something better. Looking back up at the boy, he noticed that he was being stared at and he could only clear his throat to calm himself down a little before speaking. "I'm not sure. What do you recommend? Or what do you like?" he asked, scratching the back of his head.
  19. "Oh no... I... uhm... I-I guess the sandwiches are pretty good here.. b-but! I-I guess it depends what you l-like..." Kirara didn't want to be the one to make the decision, frantically waving his hands as if he couldn't think of anything worse than being the one to pick the food. After all, he had been the one to invite. He looked a little defeated as he pulled at the sleeve of his cardigan. "I'm sorry I look so official like this, I didn't have time to stop by my home after school, so I just came in my uniform..."

    He blinked slightly as he looked at Kyoya, as if coming to a realization. "Uhm... how old are you, Kyoya? I mean, that doesn't look like a school uniform, but what do I know... I'm sorry for asking strange questions..." Kirara was blushing intensely, staring holes into the floor, as if he was doing the most embarrassing thing in the world. He felt like he was. He felt like the worst kind of idiot. He hid himself slightly in the menu, looking at Kyoya from behind it, only his embarrassed, red cheeks and glowing, blurry eyes observing the male in front of him. This feels like a date, this totally feels like a date, and I came wearing my god damn uniform. I'm an embarrassment to people worldwide. "I-I... I just want to know more about you, I guess... s-since I don't know anything... I-I mean, there's nothing special about me, b-but... I'm sure you're much more than what you've told me about..."
  20. Kyoya listened to him speak and nodded to himself before smiling brightly, ordering two sets of sandwiches for him and the boy. After the waiter walked away, he watched as the boy pulled at his cardigan with a depressed look on his face. He quickly started to worry but chuckled as he heard what Kirara said. "So that's your uniform? Ahh... I thought I was under-dressed or something... though, I guess I still am. Sorry." he apologized, laughing nervously.

    "Oh, me?" he replied, pointing to himself as he was asked that question. "No no, it's not strange at all! I just recently turned 21." he answered, blushing a little from embarrassment. "My birthday was just a while ago actually." he admitted before quickly changing the subject. He had always felt weird talking about his age now that he is 21. He feels like he has to be more like an adult and it made him feel awkward. "What about you? How old are you? Since you're still in school..."
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