Love and Heartbreak

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  1. I'm looking for something...

    MxF | FxF

    I play both genders, but right now I want to be female.

    Posting expectations:
    I'd really love someone who's once-a-day active, but as long as there's a post every few days, I'll be okay. I understand life and just because I'm a jobless sack of shit doesn't mean I expect absurd things. :P As for length, a paragraph is fine. I can usually do 1-2. Quality over quantity; just give me something to work with.

    Special/Secrets -- (First, I'm going to start off by saying this one will be written differently; it'll be written in letters/journal entries, with some regular posting. It's something I'd like to try.) He is a US Marine. He meets her while on leave, but has to go back to base a few months after. They decide to keep contact via letters. However, she meets someone else while he's away and doesn't tell him.
    Adventurous guy/shy girl -- They get set up on a blind date with each other and hit it off. He is the adventurous type, always looking for a thrill. She is shy and safe in her comfort zone. Despite their differences, they continue to date. This is their story. (This should have a good mix of humor, fun, and angst as they get to know each other and delve deep into their minds.)
    Best friends -- They've known each other since the beginning of high school. Now that they've graduated, they decided to move in together. However, he has feelings for her that he never expressed before. (This is supposed to be funny and lighthearted.)

    I know I only have a few right now... Sorry! ^^; Feel free to tell me your own idea(s), too!​
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  2. i'd love to try the adventurous guy/shy girl pairing. fluff and character bonding plots are my biggest weakness. ( ´ ∀`)
  3. Yes~ PM me, hun bun. x3
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  4. I'd love to do either the befriend one or the adventurous guy/shy girl one! :)
  5. Best friends one is available. :3 PM me~
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