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  1. Hi my friends call me Ace. Ive been role-playing for almost 7 years. I like to write in paragraph form and to be on this site every day.
    I recently watch Age od Adeline and I got inspired to do some romance RP.
    I have two Rp ideas I'm craving to do.
    Love for Eternity A man was born in in 1905. In 1932 in a freak accident he was struck by lightning and from that moment he became immortal never to age or die. For the 83 years he would run and hide to.keep his secret forever to wonder alone until one day he meets a girl who has a similar situation as him

    I also do pairings.
    Prince x Princess
    Arrange Marriage

    Princess x Knight
    Vampire x Human
    Vampire xVampire
    If you are interested to rp with on any of these ideas or others please let me know. Please and thank you
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  2. Hello ^.^ ... so a weird little thing, my friends call me Ace too.. irl.. lol. Anyway, i like everything you have up here! Pm me if you'd like and maybe we can get a rp going! :)
  3. Hai!! People just call me Lexie ^^ and I love the Love for Eternity plot you have ^^ if you're interested just pm me!
  4. if still open you wanting to do the beastxbeauty
  5. I would love to do your idea or PrinceXprincess
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  6. Intrested in princess x knight or arranged marriage (I have some ideas)
  7. Are you still open? I would love to try some rp with you :3
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  8. I would love you hear your ideas. Please PM me
  9. I appreciate you expressing interest. Please send me a PM.
  10. Arranged marriage and Vampire x Human sound really good to me :).
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  11. Hi arrange marriage and the love for eternity I'm interested in pm me! :)
  12. Definitely interested in the Knight/Princess story!
  13. I would love to do either a Prince x Princess or Arranged Marriage story line with you.
  14. I'm interested in a few if you are still looking... Just shoot me a pm I guess
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