Love affair

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Hey again,
yeah.. I have a plot base.
Something that I've been fighting with in my hand trying to perfect it, and now, now I'm ready to throw it out there.
The roleplay itself will start at the first time they meet, but I will post here what happened before that point.

Here it goes


You love him.. Right? When you started seeing him the age difference seemed exciting.
He was older, more mature than anyone your age.
Everything was perfect, he showed you what it was like to be treated like a lady.
9 years in, and all of that has changed.
He's too busy with work, you barely see eachother, and you can't remember the last time he actually wanted to be physical with you.
It has you frustrated, you want someone who makes you feel alive.
He used to, so why can't he just do it again?
Yeah, life gets in the way, but what anout kids? You wanted them so badly, and he knew that before he even married you. Yet, every time you try to talk about it he gets mad, or tells you to stop pushing him.
The man you fell in love with turned into a cold and bitter, distant man.
A man you don't recognise.

You spent your days going online recently.
Nothing serious, just harmless chats with all kinds of people, and of course the occasional flirt.
It's nice to get flirted with, but nobody really made you feel actually wanted.
You were an option, just as much as they were an option to you.
At first you feel bad for doing it, and you tried to stop, but it made you feel so good to just get a bit of attention.
Of course you had work 3 times a week, but he told you that you didn't have to work more.
He did take care of you, you just.. needed more?

One day, you were browsing a particular chatroom.
Nobody interested you though until someone entered named 'LAguy_LTD'
Los Angeles, someone from the same city, maybe you guys could talk about your favourite spots and just become friends.
You clicked on his name, and stopped there.
Why was it so hard to view the profile? Maybe because that would mean you'd get to know someone who you could bump into?
It didn't matter though, did it? It was just to be friends.
After your inner dialogue whether you should or shouldn't, you just did it.
Your heart stopped, not because you knew him, but because he seemed like a free spirit.
Maybe it was his profile picture..

Although it could be anyone, it drew you in enough to start a chat.
First it seemed hard to talk to him, you had no idea what to say.
He encouraged you though, helped you break through the barrier of awkwardness.
Soon you guys were chatting, and before you knew it your husband was going to be home soon.
You guys said your goodbyes, but he told you he'd be back the next day.

You struggled with the thought of him for the night.
Something about him seemed different.
He wasn't like the other guys you had spoken to, and the worst part was that you didn't even know his name.

The next day you returned, and there he was as promised.
He hadn't said anything in the public chat, but as soon as you entered a message popped up welcoming you back.
Finally you put a name to the face, Lucas.
His name was Lucas, and he was nice.
Lucas seemed to genuinly care about your life, and you used that to tell him everything.
From the struggles with your husband, to the thing you were going to make for dinner.
It went on for weeks.
Every day you spent hours talking to him, until he finally had the courage to ask for your number.

You and Lucas exchanged numbers, and still kept the contact going.
One step closer, until he called you.
His voice was deep, but it still sounded sweet, and he complimented your voice telling you it was something he could listen to for hours.
It was nice to talk to him, but you needed to be sure that he was the man you saw on his profile.
One morning, you asked him to take a picture of himself, just so you could be sure.
Not even a minute after that you received what you asked for.

For a while you didn't respond, you just looked at the picture.
Lucas quickly messaged you asking you if he said something wrong, in which you responding shortly with a no, not at all.
He was handsome, very handsome at that.
You sent a picture back to him, and he told you that you were gorgeous.
After that everything became a blur.
You started to want to hear from him, and he seemed to be on exactly the same page.

You skyped eachother, and that just made you feel closer to him.
It was nice to see him talk, and he had this stare like he couldn't keep his eyes off you.
It took a few months, but than he finally did it.
Lucas asked you to meet up for a cup of coffee, and just a chat.
You knew you shouldn't have, but you said yes..

What will happen next?
Nobody knows what's in the future, though you are eager to find out.
The day finally comes, and you go to meet him.
It took a while, but then, there he was, waiting for you..

It's alot to read, but I think it's something nice to work with, and just let it play out.
Anyway, hope to hear from you soon!


I would LOVE to do this with you if you're still looking!!


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If you are still looking I would be interested ^_^


This sounds intense. I like it. If you are still looking, check out my résumé, ask me any questions you might have, or just message me the first thing you have after that. I love to jump right into things ^^;
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