Love above Darkness and Light

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  1. [ rp between the ruler of the darkness and the ruler of the light. Plot: they are both the noble bloods. as Royal families their families visited each other often so they knew each other since childhood. they were never good friends. She could never stand darkness, and he was always surrounded by a dark shadow which always scared her. they only knew their name . a war started between the two nations, their parents died in the war so now they were the rulers of their kingdoms.]

    Angelique was getting tired of fighting. it was another morning filled of sadness after other fighters returned hurted from the batle field. Angelique got up from her warm ans safe bed and dressed slowly and lazy. Her long wavy blonde hair was a bit messy. she brushed her hair. she had to stop this war. she loved her kingdom very much and she hated the thought she is loosing them one by one . Today she asked for a meeting with [ you], the dark King. she had no idea what she would do or say. she was about to do anything needed to stop this. /Maybe he will understand this/ was her only thought.
    They were about to meet in the afternoon, before the sunset, on the shore where their kingdoms were meeting. She started to remember how he was when he was a child: he was always pissing her off by pulling her hair and calling her a loli or ugly fish. they were kids.
    She glanced in the mirror and caught herself smiling only by thinking at him. she lushed and shook her head as she walked away to check on the warriors herself.

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  2. On a throne of velvet he sat drinking a glass of wine. Beautiful women were hugging his legs and servants brought him everything he desired, from the finest of foods, to the most beautiful of women."Sire, are you ready for today's meeting?" whispered a counselor in his ear. "Oh thank you for reminding me Alfred, now go tend to your duties" said the dark king in a really rough voice. He was quite tall with skin as dark as the deepest forest. His figure was mutilated and his heart was clearly visible, which caused people to fear him and mock him. However, he gave no attention to these people and was always indifferent as to what they though of him. His face was covered in a mask of bones for a reason no one knew of but him. He looked in the mirror and saw in his reflection the childhood he had had with that girl. That one girl who made his life worth living, and he was about to go see her.
  3. Angelique walked around the tents filled with injured warriors. There were a lot od nurses taking care and blessing them. She tried to give hope by her own presence, and at their sight, they all seemed to calm down. her big blue eyes inspired them some confidence. The tried to be confident herself, but remembering how mean he was when they were kids, was destroying everthyng. She got back in the glass castle. Sarah, her loyal maid run to her to check if she is fine. "Yes Sarah... don't worry..." she said as she just walked away.Sarah stared at her . she was wearing a long wavy light blue dress and her pale skin was almost glowing. Sarah followed her and tried to convince her to eat and relax a bit in the bath she had prepared for her . Angelique accepted . She took a light meal and relaxed all day in the bath tub, talking with Sarah, who was more like a best friend, rather than just a maid. After some hours Sarah smiled to her."Afternoon is almost here my lady..." this made Angelique gulp and shiver.
  4. He went to his royal chamber and chose a few decent clothes to put on, but he couldn't hide the thudding of that accursed heart of his. It was glowing and he couldn't hide it. It was really ironic how people across the globe called him BlackHeart when in reality, his heart would glow brightly every second of the day. He shook those thoughts off and dressed himself decently. He left the room and walked to the throne hall again where he headed for the gate of his palace.
  5. After Sarah made sure that Angelique is dressed decently she let her alone to calm down .angelique kept repeating in her head what she had to say. It didnt seem hard at all. She took a deep breath and walked outside. she got in the carriage and started to play with her hair watching how the sun was sinking slowly and the sky was turning red . she started to hum and closed her eyes relaxing . soon they were there. she got out. he wasnt there yet so she took a deep breath and started to walk on the shore with bare feet.
  6. His heart was glowing brighter than ever as he left the palace. He was renowned as one of the bravest and fearless fighters, but there he was, standing outside his castle, shivering, and nervous about meeting his childhood friend. It had been years since he last saw her. "I wonder what you look like now. I wonder if you're still the same silly girl i knew back then." he said with a faint smile on his face as he mounted his dark horse.
  7. Angelique stepped a bit in the cold water and giggled as her dress got wet. she started to walk around splashing around. Even if she was 24 now, now she was looking like a child playing with the water for the first time. after some minutes she just sat on the sand watching the sunset hugging her knees dreamy. / such a nice sunset... / she took a deep breath and closed her eyes for hal/it is going to be fine mom, dad.. i will stop this somehow. i wont let the kngdom fall... not now./ she though and started to pla with her fingers on the warm sand. her fear was still in her heart but she wont let it tear her heart up.
  8. He kicked his horse, Shadow, on the side as he tore off at a high speed. The calm breeze that day caressed his face as the horse ran even faster. He remembered how she took care of him and how she used to tell him that she would always stick around and help him, despite him being fairly younger than her. He was 20 years old now, but he could still sense her protection hovering over his soul.
  9. She heard someone getting closer but didnt move or turned her face to see who is it. she just stood there playing with the sand. Her heart started to pump blood faster in her body and her cheeks flushed a bit red but she hid her face in her knees and hugged her knees in silence as the waves of the ocean were growing and getting closer to her place
  10. Shadow was going so fast the "BlackHeart" could not help but lean forward to prevent himself from falling off. The horse then began to slow down as it came to a sudden stop. Blackheart mounted off and looked around. He noticed a beautiful girl hugging her knees from the distance and smiled. "That must be her" he said.
  11. Angelique heart the breath of the horse somewhere behind her . She closed her eyes and slowly stood up looking once again at the ocean and turned around keeping her hands in front of her one in each other . she looked at him and gasped a bit seeing him. /what happened to him?/ she asked herself and gulped seeing how black his skin was now. /this might be because his rank.. or why?/
  12. His heart was glowing brighter than the sun. Maybe it was joy that caused it to glow this much..emotions maybe he thought to himself. He looked at her and tried to speak but found himself speechless. Seeing this divine woman caused his evil to crawl back into the deepest corners of his mind. He felt good, alive, and happy again. He took a deep breath and touched her shoulder hesitantly, he didn't want to scare her, since he looked like a monster now. "It's been a while...Angelique" he murmured.
  13. Angelique gave him one of her soft and kind smiles "that's true...Roy" she smiled softly "almost 12 years..." she said looking at him and studying him in silence . "you changed... a lot... what happened?" she asked more concerned than curious . she found herself being again worried for this spoiled and mean boy, like always. Since they first met, even thou they didnt really liked each other from teir actions, she cared about him. they wer often chasing each other and he was falling and scratching his knees. and of course, she was taking care of that, only to be pushed away and get a pouted look
  14. He smiled when he heard her call him by his real name. He was always considered as an inhuman entity and no one called him Roy before, but this girl, with whom he used to fight everyday, was now acknowledging his humanity. Unfortunately, good things never last, as his smile disappeared when she asked him about his mutilated form. He looked at her with pained eyes, even though his face was hidden. "Ahh..I...I..don't...never mind, let's take you to a dry place" he stuttered and reached his hand out to her.
  15. Angelique sighed a bit and crossed her arms on her chest as she walked off the shore still bare feet"still the same..."she mumbled for herself as she reached a dry zone of the shore and turned her head to the black horse and walked to it slowly
  16. Roy had always been bad at expressing himself, especially to her. She had always made him feel weak and soft even though he acted tough. He stood watching her walk towards the horse as a flashback ran through his head. "Come on come on silly, follow me" a voice rang inside his head, it was her. They were playing catch me if you can in her dad's front yard about 12 years ago. He had been running behind her when he fell and scraped his knees, and being physically weaker than her back then, he fell to the ground and started crying. But she didn't leave him and tended to his wounds.
    The flashback ended with a smile as he did the same thing he had done 12 years ago, he ran after her.
  17. she didnt reach to the black horse when she turned her head to see if he follows her and smiled bright as she saw him running towards her and she took her dress in her hands to not step on it and started to run too laughing ”You will never catch me silly !” she giggled as his foot steps were getting closer to her. when she first saw him today she felt somehow scared , but now, everything was like in their childhood. she turned her head to see how far he is but whimpered surprised seeing him really close to her and now, she was the one who fell on the ground and blinked shocked a few times then burst into laugh
  18. He noticed her watching him and felt like a little kid under her care again. He disappeared from her sight and appeared in front of her when she fell. His dark steamy hand reached out to her. "A..are you okay?" he asked in concern.
  19. she kept laughing and nodded taking his hand and helping herself up looking at him smiling wide ”yes.. nothing to worry about here” she said and giggled letting his hand off slowly and looking down blushing a bit embarrassed” its the first time when i am the one who is falling..”
  20. "Ahem..well you're the one with the weak body now. I have muscles and you don't" he said and stuck his tongue out at her. He was shocked by the way he was acting. He felt like a 10 year old kid enjoying the company of his friends, and he was glad none of the guards who thought highly of him had seen him act that weak.
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