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  1. Plot

    Its 2025, years after the bomb was dropped onto the (fictional) country of Louvre by their enemy, Poliza. When Louvre was wiped out, the rest of the countries began to shut down, being affected by the high radiation from the large country, therefore wiping out most of the worlds population.

    Only three cities remain in Louvre functioning. Ire, Ny, and Rima all function as high tech sanctuaries to those that live with in, tormenting those unfortunately enough to be outside these walls.

    Rebels, knows as Revé, who have a huge influence outside the sanctuary walls start an uprising about the empire not being fair. With their protest in trying to destroy the empire. A group of the task force ,known as Lev , try to put a stop to it with their high rank in military affairs. Now this is more then an uproar between cast lands and cities.

    Now let's talk a little about the cast lands and other things you may want to know. The cast lands are the area outside city limits. This is were radiation is strongest and still remands. You can find many mutated creatures in these parts but some are luck enough like my oc still look human but have some kind of effect like violet eyes and white hair. Cast lands are also considered the poor part of the country were people struggle to live. Life is not easy in these lands since radiation kill most plants or made them unedable. Most water sources are toxic and you have to travel long ways to get fresh water. Cast lands are mostly desert but what forest their are consist of mutated plants that eat any moving thing. Life here is hard but the ones that live here either don't wanna give up on what was once their homes are ban from the cities.

    Now let's move on to the cities. They serve as a sanctuary. Anyone can live here but they have more laws then ever before. They have bracelets that serves as a key and a form of idea. Bad thing is you can't take it off and I is a tracker. Its the empires way of saying you will do what we want. If you break a law the bracelet sends a message to the empire telling them everything. You might live a nice life or have a nice job but your far from freedom.

    Any questions about the cities or cast lands just let me know and I will add to my little description.
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  2. (BTW this is a cs I use add take few things so read examples.)

    Photo :

    Name pronunciation:
    Sexuality: (gay, bi, u know drill)
    Blood type:
    Social Status/Role: (ex: Military General)
    Which side are you on: (Lev or Revé)

    Hair color:
    Hair Style: (long or short)
    Eye color:
    Body Type: (thin, masculine, hourglass, etc)

    Markings: (Tattoos, birthmark, scare, etc)
    Stereo Type:

    Perfession: (ex: test subject...)
    Weapon: (futuristic so get creative)
    Weakness/Flaws: (Must have at lest two good ones)

    Family History: (consists of family relationships, members, and things like that. Family bio)

    Personal History: (consists of things that happened to character that's irrelevant to family. Personal bio.)
  3. I will join! Once i drag the Tardis out of the basement
  4. O.O that might take some time.
  5. My laptop's name is Tardis lol
  6. Oh~ okay
  7. WIP (will update it as I get more info for her ^^)

    Photo :
    Name: Sorcha
    Name pronunciation: sor-aka
    Alias/Nickname: Scorch
    Gender: Female
    D.O.B: May 31
    Age: 22
    Sexuality: bi
    Blood type: O-
    Ethnics/Species: Mutated human with wings of a snow owl, immortal, Irish/German/Native
    Social Status/Role: Revé daughter (second in command)
    Which side are you on: Revé

    Hair color: white
    Hair Style: long with scattered braids
    Eye color: blue, purple and aqua
    Body Type: hour-glass but thin
    Height: 5'4''
    Weight: 120

    Markings: Tribal Tat (on a female body.)
    Personality: Strong leader and will fight for the the equality of all the lands. For a long time she was a test subject of the government because of her mutations which has made her untrusting and cold towards everyone who isn't apart of the resistance. She is suspicious of everyone who decides to join them out in the cast.
    Stereo Type: Out cast

    Perfession: ex Test subjuect 00013
    Sniper Rifle
    Shock and Awe
    Hand to Hand combatives

    She can fly but has to consume more carbs to be able to.
    Weaker during the day her eye sight is not as sharp. (At night she can see everything in crystal clarity.)

    Family History: She doesnt really have much of a family from the time she could remember she was a test subject before escaping at 13 years old.

    Personal History: Sorcha gave herself the name when she escaped the testing facility she was being held in. For the first protion of her life the testing facility is all she knew. Her body bares the scars of all the tests she endured. Her escape was a plan set in motion by other tests subjects to get her out. They all knew how important she was and strived to help her reach her goal of freedom.
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  8. Photo : Hot-anime-guy-6.jpg

    Name: Wesley

    Name pronunciation: Weh-slee

    Alias/Nickname: Wes, Death

    Gender: Male

    D.O.B: (Fake: May 8) Real birth date long forgotten

    Age: (Fake: 23) Real age unknown

    Sexuality: Straight.

    Blood type: Unknown.

    Ethnics/Species: Human, Deathbringer.

    Social Status/Role: Fourth Horseman, Death.

    Which side are you on: Revé

    Hair color: Jet black

    Hair Style: Short, sort of tame.

    Eye color: Left eye: Steel blue, Right eye: Gold

    Body Type: Masculine, Muscular.

    Height: 6'2

    Weight: 165lbs

    Markings: The symbol below on his upper back, between his shoulder blades. Walker-hexagram-4-17.jpg

    Personality: Introverted, Narcissistic, Calm, Hardened.

    Stereo Type: Emo.

    Profession: Bringer of death.

    Weapon: A Revolver with more power to it, small concussive blasts, bullets look like streaks of light.

    Skills: Skilled in firearms, can speak any earthly language

    Weakness/Flaws: Doesn't plan often. Very short temper. Being hunted by other 3 horseman.

    Family History: Wesley's real family died hundreds of years ago. He doesn't have parents, He gets reincarnated at a sigil in a desert wasteland as a new person each time.

    Personal History: Wesley is not invincible. He likes to think he is, due to the reincarnation thing. But because he cheated himself once while the other horseman died horribly, Wesley ran away. The Horsemen hunt him for being a coward...
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  9. How rude. I forgot to say hello first. Also, my character is NOT god mode. Far from it. That wouldn't be fun.

    Also. sorry about the crumby typing and words missing letters. I'm using my phone. I usually pick up on these mistakes but they sometimes get by me.
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  10. Give me a better flaw and your all good.
  11. Photo: _20150101_212347.JPG

    Name: Ivory
    Name pronunciation:
    Alias/Nickname: Ivy
    Gender: F
    D.O.B: Feb. 15
    Age: 20 (unknown)
    Sexuality: Bi
    Blood type: O+
    Ethnics/Species: Immortal Human
    Social Status/Role: Revé Leader
    Which side are you on: Revé

    Hair color: Black
    Hair Style: Long
    Eye color:
    Body Type: hourglass
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 180

    Markings: Scar of a pentagram which she later outlined it in black ink.
    Personality: sarcastic, loner, open minded, Mysterious (you'll learn more)
    Stereo Type: Mysterious

    Perfession: Mercenary
    Throwing knives
    Two pistols
    Two rogue swords
    Sniper rifle

    Melee fighting

    Weakness/Flaws: You will have to learn

    Family History: Ivory's mother died soon after her only child was born. Her father did everything he could to raise her and sometimes it ment getting into dangerous things. Once the radiation spread it killed her father and she grew an amuntity to it. She was only 7 when she lost her father.

    Personal History: After losing her father she did anything and everything she could to survey. That even meant bring kidnapped and used as an exprement. As part of an exprement on her healing abilities they carved a pentagram into her back. At the time her healing abilities didn't do as suppose to so it left a nasty scar. She was trained in the fields of Melee fighting,swordsmenship and marksmanship. She has dead aim whether its with a knife or a gun. She has a bad habbit of never missing. (Not someone to play darts with) Beside the fact she is cunning master mind and excape artist she still finds herself as a Lev Mercenary from age 13 till now. After excaping from Lev at 17 she became an outlaw and Mercenary for anyone with the right coin.

    Extra: Though she knows how to use a gun and is rather good at it she likes to use her knives.
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  12. I guess another flaw could be that he is forbidden to love, but will still try. Or that he ends up killing vital people. He's being hunted by War, Pestilence, and Famine. They see what he sees.
  13. No I mean a flaw I mean fear and inability. Fears and inabilitys can make him rather useless if they come up.
  14. Oh. Heh... My bad. Sorry :P Well then in that case I guess lightning, electricity, and robots/androids terrify him. He consumes, and has to consume more protein than the average person. About 75% more than a normal human bodybuilder. If he doesn'teat enough he becomes hungry very quickly and fatigues easily.
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  15. Well.... That's interesting.... Okay now we need more people.
  16. I-I'd like to join...

    i still like this picture, just forget the horns. k.

    Name: Ark Fitznwater
    Name pronunciation: ärk fits-n-wôdər (google pls)
    Alias/Nickname: Arik, Aldrich
    Gender: Male
    D.O.B: August 28
    Age: Nineteen
    Sexuality: Pan sexual
    Blood type: AB-
    Ethnics/Species: Human
    Social Status/Role: Military - General ( I have no knowledge on the Military...qq - BUT I HAVE ENOUGH SENSE TO TELL GENERAL OF THE ARMY ISNT THE SAME AS GENERAL)
    Which side are you on: Lev

    Hair color: Translucent blond hair (appears white, anyways.)
    Hair Style: Short hair with varied ends.
    Eye color: Light Beige
    Body Type: Lean and thin, yet very strong and skilled.
    Height: 6'5"
    Weight: 170lbs.

    Markings: A pale brown scar crossing through his right eye. (Not your right, his right if you look at the screen.)
    Personality: A serious young man with a scary way of thinking. Mercy is not in his nature. Yet, he dislikes being lonely, and will tone down his harshness by a level. Cunning, Cynical, and Introverted, he is not judgmental despite his personality, and cares for those in dire help - if they are worthy enough.
    Stereo Type: Cold-hearted, Made of Stone

    Profession: Military General
    Weapons & Skills:
    -----DUO KATANA SYSTEM-----

    Eclipse, his first weapon ever to wield. It's his favorite weapon out of the lot he had used in his life.
    Sorry, Espada.
    Eclipse is shorter than Espada by a few inches, but easily lets Ark hack and slash away at his enemies with it alone. Made for close combat, it inflicts horrible wounds that sends poison into the wound with the simple words chanted: Puairul nirr ruir.

    Espada, his secondary weapon. It is longer than Eclipse which enables him to fight at mid range combat. It doesn't do much more than Eclipse, but it's a little faster than Eclipse alone. It's special command, which enables it to have an outer shell (thus inflicting more damage) is: Tecailr nirr railla du azshelra llus nirr fuwas.

    Puairul nirr ruir and Tecailr nirr railla du azshelra llus nirr fuwas are special commands. Yet, they both inflict damage on his opponent, but more on the user of these commands. Spells that Jags taught him, it harms Jags as well - without him really knowing. It's mischievous ways exchange its user's life for power. This makes the user:
    Sleepy, Sick, or in a bad condition.
    It does not shorten life in anyway, yet it does make him vulnerable to sickness and openings.

    Weakness/Flaws: Ark, despite his serious nature, can't really understand jokes from his fellow team mates. He also is Self-Deprecated - disliking himself and not putting faith in himself as often as he would like. He's got his bystander syndrome, where he does not help anyone unless they are worthy of his help. He... also dislikes most women. He views them all as beasts that take advantage of his fellow male team mates using their charm and beauty. He actually likes barbaric girls...
    And because of all of these things, he would even hurt a child.

    Family History:
    Maria Fitznwater. She was in sickly condition, yet she didn't have enough strength to carry on another life. With having Ark, she died. His father, Jags Fitznwater realized that the child differed from him and his deceased wife.
    Jags had learned tons of knowledge from his academy, even the wonders of the world. Becoming interested in mythology, art, other languages, and herbs, he realized he could discover ancient chantings from the past.
    However, he did not know this was a side effect from the radiation.
    Each time he used it, it slowly killed him with sickness. Worst of all, he taught it to his child to be used later on.​

    Personal History: (continues off of the above.)
    The boy already knew combat. He also was intelligent and cunning to begin with. Who would have thought, a mischievous boy could be leading and fighting with his men in a task force? Of all things, a simple and nice boy who achieved ranks within decades or eons could be easily over powered by an evil boy?​
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  17. Photo :[​IMG]
    (The sleeves are not her hands, but there is no entry point on the hand like parts. She just grabs through the sweater.)

    Name: Jinx Arashi
    Name pronunciation: Jingks A-ra-shee
    Alias/Nickname: "Snow Maiden"
    Gender: Female
    D.O.B: December 26, 1999
    Age: 26
    Sexuality: Dominant FxF, Submissive FxM
    Ethnics/Species: Bio-Engineered Specimen
    Social Status/Role: Rebel Marksman
    Which side are you on: Revé

    Body Type: Hourglass
    Height: 4'11
    Weight: 126

    Personality: Childish
    Stereo Type: Tsundere

    Profession: Thief (victim's alliance does not matter)

    Weakness/Flaws: Scared of the dead, dogs, planes, jets, death.
    Powers inactive during the morning(12:00 AM~11:59 AM), active during evening(12:00 PM ~ 11:59 PM).

    Family History: N/A

    Personal History:
    Jinx was apart of a scientific experiment in which 15 bio creations were made and released into the world, these 15 were taught nothing but some way of defending themselves. Each creation had a special power associated with their eyes, the powers were not able to effect the outside world, but the user was easily effected. These powers were ranked on a system going from -1 ~ A. Powers ranked -1 ~ 0 usually damaged a user or did nothing helpful in the slightest. E ~ C were useful powers that could give the user an edge and finally B and A powers enhanced user capabilities beyond measure. Jinx was ranked as a D. Her powers enabled her to see the anatomy of things, and their weak points could be highlighted if she had ever studied the anatomy before. The it took a lot of boring and strenuous tests to figure her power out so Jinx hadn't left the lab until she was twelve years old. During her time in the lab she learned to speak like any other child, No education or special learning, just simply word of mouth and the sound of the ears. The scientists worked in Lev without their bracelets for a while, but a couple years after Jinx's release into the world they were found without them and sentenced to ten years behind laser bars. They giggled when it happened since they made the security systems, but they saw no reason to escape. It was no different anywhere else. Jinx 12 and free to roam the world and only knowing how to kill did what any other person in her situation did. Kill.
    She was eventually caught, but escaped with the kindness of the Rebels and decided to join whatever it was they did. Jinx was around 16 when this happened and was taught to read, speak the proper common language, and got to read up on some human anatomy after discussing what her lab tests revealed. She was lent a white tent that some men helped her set up in the middle of nowhere because they thought she was cute. They were also there to teach her how to disguise herself. They gave her contact lenses, a wig, and some clothes just like hers, but black. She hated the black she liked her white outfit and fought with them for a while about it. By age 21 she got over her preferences and learned a new skill through all of her scuffles. Pick pocketing. She needed some way to earn cash for trade and food, this was her resolve. Sometimes her methods were... unfavorable. Leaving nasty messes of blood. She continues a life style like this hiding out in her white tent just beyond city limits.
  18. Oh a little FYI people you don't have to have natural hair,skin or eye color. Due to ratation these things change and people find it normal. Some of the animals don't even look the same.
  19. Did it dye yet??
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