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Hi! So first things first some of these plot ideas could lead to explict or sensitive content such as; death, rape, drug abuse, and sex. Though their is no absolute say on if it will or will not happen because I enjoy plot heavy content. What I am comfortable with does not mean we have to do it if you aren't. It would have to be discussed.

So now that that's out of the way here some info and rules.

- You need to be somewhat active in the rp. I get being busy I get busy too. So if something comes up just let me know! Putting stuff on hold till you get time is fine or if you need to drop. Just talk to me I don't mind or bite ;>
- I don't play cannon characters but that doesn't mean you cant. I have more fun making oc's and am often afraid on not portraying the character correctly. If you want to go right ahead.
- If something bothers you about the rp let me know. I don't want to make people uncomfortable and I have things I don't like either.
-I play mostly male characters. I don't usually rp females and if I do they are very masculine. I can play both aggressive and submission type so I have no problems there. I also prefer samesex or pansexual relationships.
- If and when things turn "spicy" we can talk about kinks.
- we can do this over in forums, private conversations, or even skype!
- I will bold the things I'm really into and color red the explict

Redwall (big adventure! Woo!)
Warriors by Erin Hunt (warrior oc x rogue)
Tokyo Ghoul (my ghoul x inspector)(my ghoul x oc ghoul)
Gangsta (twilight oc x my oc)
Evil Within (my oc x monster, or patient)
LFD (My oc x special zombie, other survivor)
Witcher (human x witcher , witcher x witcher, witcher x monster)

Original plots

My Werewolf oc x Human (FxF):
Newly appointed Alpha falls for human. Wants to court her and growl protectively at anyone too close. Human has to put up with and a pack that doesn't like her. Though after dating and falling for each other the human is willing to stand up to all sorts of monsters too and protect big werewolf gf.

Arms dealer oc x gang leader (mxm)

Arms dealer works a nice deal with a local gang. They protect his people then he gets guns for his gang. Though because of the monopoly tensions are high and a war breaks out. Hopefully together they can conquer the other gangs or die trying.

Might add some or take away later once I get more ideas. If you have any just ask i have some characters already posted with links to my da.


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Hello Lou,
I have had a little read of what you have written up here and I am interested in Roleplaying with you. For your fandoms, I am only aware of the Witcher series, some of the others I know about but I don't have a vast enough knowledge to Rp in that world.

As for the Original plots, the first interests me, however I would be looking to do something more along the lines of a MxF. If this does need to be a FxF I am more than happy to work with you on developing a completely new Original plot with you.

Thank you for your time.


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I'm sorry but the first plot is ment to be around female characters because of the lore put in for the werewolf. She pretty much gains some increased hormones while alpha but is still female.

But I'd be more then happy to make something else for us to try out!
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