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  1. [​IMG]
    I better be taken srsly, hur.
    I was here. And then I was gone. And then I was kinda here. And then I was really gone.
    Now, I am slightly here.
    Life happens. Film happens. Naps happen.
    But, roleplay cravings also happen.
    Hello, Iwaku.
    Enjoy this amazing spider meme.
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  2. Poor spider.
    But I promise I'll take you seriously, just let me finish expressing my merriment over the tiny bat picture first.
  3. - 3-
    It is deadly cute.
    Deadly. Cute.
  4. Long time no see, Staci.
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  5. Same to you, Grumps. c:
    There better be more horror here. >:[
  6. There's always horror round here.

    I mean, hell, you seen the way some of these motherfuckers type?

    Horrifying, I tell you.
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  7. The fright is so immense.. my fingertips sometimes can't even look at the keys.
    ; _;
  8. Lol, welcome back dear.
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  9. Staci-chaaaaaan!

    *Builds a ballpit full of pokemanz plushies and tosses Staci inside!* :D
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    -flails happily- :D !!! AAAAH
    thank you. <3
  11. *checks Staci's posts*

    *waits 27 seconds*

    *checks his pulse*


    If you're into horroresque adventures, then consider yourself invited to Clockwork Shore
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  12. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

    The invite alone makes me happy.
    I'mma go look, Asmo-san!