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  1. Hi! My name is doll and im looking for a LONG TERM roleplay. Im not looking for sex and no plot. I want a plot, and then some sex in it too haha. Im totally okay with mature scenes and rape, gore, kidnapping, torture are all okay! Im very open to ideas and im not gonna bite (unless you want me to) so dont be scared to give me ideas too!

    I have lots of little plots for most of these but we can always make up our own

    Also, i would like to play the female, but im also open to a mxm relationship.

    -vampire x human
    (Human) has been working for (vampire) for over a year now and one night after a work party, (vampire) brings (human) home. But after having a few too many, (vampire) slips up somehow, and (human) finds out that they arent human.

    -werewolf x human
    Basically a little red riding hood kind of thing.

    -hostage x detective
    A detective saves a hostage, but for safety the hostage is put into protective care with them.

    -master x slave

    -cop x prostitute/ criminal

    -angel x demon

    I will add more later on!
    Pm me if interested
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  2. Master x slave
  3. Hey I'm up for vampire human or slave and master.
  4. Pm me c:

  5. Pm me c:
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