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  1. Just another search thread in hopes of finding one or two more partners~~

    Quick Rules:


    - Intermediate to Adept writing level, meaning basic grasp of the english language and at least three or four solid paragraphs per reply.

    - In a f/m scenario I prefer to be the female role, but am open to f/f and m/m as well.

    - Emotions. This is really important to me, I need the characters and plot to be realistic to enjoy it. Drama, jealousy, hatred, affection, reasons why our characters act/react the way they do etc.

    - No pure smut rps, but if you wish to explore certain kinks, even the darker ones, I'm more than willing to give it a shot. I also have a kink list myself, which I can provide upon request.

    Fandoms, have plots for most of these:


    - Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and fire (book or show, canon or oc characters)
    - Memoirs of a Geisha
    - Pandora Hearts
    - Kick Ass
    - The Last Samurai
    - Shades of Grey (book inspired, with original characters)
    - Ghibli!! (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Totoro, Nausicaa etc)
    - Hunger Games (book inspired)
    - Lolita (book inspired)
    - Star Wars (setting only)
    - Skyrim (setting only)
    - TLA/LOK

    Plots, all genders are interchangeable of course, I can play either M or F:

    - Scientist/Experiment:
    Now I was thinking something incest based for this but it wouldn't have to be of course, but here is the idea. So basically the father is an accomplished scientist, only problem is that, recently, his research and experiment took a darker twist, illegally experimenting on humans, which is illegal of course. When he gets found out by his colleagues, they, due to his accolades, try to cover for him but at some point it just grows too obvious and they are forced to force him into an extended break to clean up his mess. Returning home, he, believing he's too close to success to stop now, just can't stop contain himself and has to continue his research. So he decides to kidnap random people for his experiments, that is until one day his daughter, whom the scientist truly loves with all his heart, accidentally stumbles upon the lab in the basement, the father catching her. Maybe she was concerned why he locked himself up in the basement all day, or just curious. Anyways, the father is scared that the daughter is going to tell tell somebody and ruin his research, or maybe he has repeatedly failed and grown desperate to the point that he believes he has to take drastic measures, as such using his daughter, as he would go through heaven and hell to succeed if his daughter's wellfare was on the line.

    - Young and Famous:
    My character would be an up and coming tv star who recently gained massive popularity with a successful tv show role, imagine something like Sophie Turner or Maisie Williams from game of thrones, while your character would be a show-fan who starts growing obsessed with my actresses' fictional character. He wouldn't really care too much about the actress herself, but he really, really loves her role, up to the point where he starts developing rather dark and taboo fantasies involving the fictional character. Eventually realising that he absolutely needs to fulfill those fantasies at all cost, and wanting to get as close to the real deal as possible, he decides to kidnap the actual actress so she can play her role just for him in his own twisted little basement movie and fulfill his fantasies. Alternatively this could also be a bit more vanilla though.

    - Sports Canon:
    My character would be part of the school sports club, something that's considered a boy sports and doesn't have a female club, maybe something like football, basketball or even wrestling/boxing. Yet despite her gender she still is just as good as the other boys in her club. However, she has issues with coach, who refuses to play her in any real game/match no matter how good she does in training. Maybe the coach has some sort of weird sense of pride or private grudge or so?

    Anyways, near the end of the season one of the starters gets injured, which forces the coach to sub her in for their next game, that's when the real trouble starts. Maybe the sports club didn't have much success recently, and this match is their last chance to qualify for the national school tournament, and the management threatens the coach that, if he doesn't qualify for the tournament, he will be kicked. The information leaks through the club and my character gets wind of it, prompting her to purposefully throw the match to get the coach kicked, hoping the next coach would let her play more often. As a result they lost and the coach gets replaced. Fast forward a couple months the coach's life, ever since losing his job, finds his life spiraling out of control. He has money issues, his girlfriend left him, he fell out with his family, can't find another job and falls into a dark hole of depression. However, at some point he learns that my character, under the new coach, rose to captain and has massive success. Blaming her as the catalyst for his failure, the coach starts growing obsessed with paying her back for what she did to him.

    - Illegal Prostitution:
    She needs money, quickly. So many things to pay for yet so little time to get any. She can't ask her parents, they already were too poor, so what could she do? Perhaps she'd...have to prostitute illegally? Just once, just to get some quick money and then never again!! Will she be able to stay true to her word or does her life take a drastic turn? Or perhaps she gets lucky and finds a wealthy client. From there it could go a number of ways. Maybe, after the deed is down and he pays her, she reveals her real age and tries to blackmail him for more money, or maybe the client develops a fondness for her and decides to rescue her from her poor life, either becoming her sugar daddy or even having something darker in mind such as sex slavery or so.

    - Wealthy Daughter:
    This would be set in a historical western setting, maybe the civil war. My character would be the daughter of the wealthiest family around, them living in a small town with a couple other rich families. But even though everything seems fine on the surface, there are many people who secretly hate my characters family and are jealous of their success. Either way, when the war breaks out the parents and older brother decide to go fight and leave the youngest in the care of the neighbours until they return. At first everything is fine, the daughter receives letters from her family and can play outside and with friends, but one day things take a nasty turn as the head of the foster family loses almost everything to gambling and faces massive debts. We could go several ways from there but the idea I like the most is the owner, in an attempt to somehow pay off his debts, decides to rent off the daughter as a prostitute. Since many people despised my character's father, they might be very happy to pay good money for the opportunity to vent their frustration and jealousy on the daughter. In this plot your character could either be one of the clients, or perhaps some sort of traveling adventurer or even member of a circus who takes pity on her and decides to take her along so she can search for her parents and leave that horrible life behind.

    A Villain's Tale:
    This is a little bit based off of Kick-Ass. Basically, a lot of self-proclaimed heroes and villains are popping up everywhere, and my character would be one of the new villains, a somewhat depressed or even suicidal girl. Perhaps she has always been a loner or is from an abusive home, or is being bulled in school, either way, the bottomline is, she hates society and just wants to see the world around her crash and burn. She only recently started off though and still is somewhat torn between her want for revenge and her morality, so hasn't fully descended into darkness yet. There'd be a number of options for your character, like, he could be some sort of hero who captures her and thinks there is still a way to save her from her depression, which might result in a lot of conflict between them as he tries to help her, or maybe he is another villain who decides she's just a pretender and silly girl and not ready to be a proper villain yet and maker her either his assistant or pet.

    - Staged Kidnapping:
    Based around a fictional organisation that stages fake kidnappings for members of high society, millionaires or celebrities that want to experience the thrill of a kidnapping and the loss of power, or just explore their darker fantasies in a safe environment. Basically, they would pay to get kidnapped for a week or two with both parties signing a discretion and safety contract beforehand. But what happens if one of the workers grows just a little bit too obsessed with the newest client and wants to take things to a more personal level?

    - Daddy's Love:
    The dad would be a rich businessman who lives alone with his daughter, just, due to his work and whatnot he rarely spends time with her at all, which results in the daughter growing rather rebellious in her need for attention, having realised that the only way to get him to talk to her is by breaking his rules. After all, negative attention is still better than no attention at all. I could see this going several ways as well, however, one idea I really like is that perhaps the father could secretly be part of an underground slavery organisation that deals in human trafficking and such. So what if she were, after running away from home again, to get captured by that organisation and brought to the next underground auction where her father sees her again, perhaps deciding to buy and educate her properly according to her new position?

    - War:
    Nothing too concrete but I was thinking perhaps a rp set in a war, something like world war 2 perhaps with your character being a german officer while mine is either a jewish girl, a rebel or captive in a concentration camp or one from the conquered countries. Lots of options I think, like mine could have tried to break out from the concentration camp and get caught, or perhaps, if she was from a different country, she could be part of an underground resistance movement, or maybe your character was separated from his army and they stumble upon each other?

    - Serial Killer/Obsessed fan:
    Basically your character would be a serial killer who manages to constantly evade the police, mine a depressed teen, maybe coming from an abusive home, not having many friends or being suicidal, either way, the killer's murders are all over the media and for some reason the teen starts to develop a certain fondness for the murders. We would have to expand on the 'why' and 'how' a bit more, maybes he is jealous of the attention the victims receive, ors he sees some sort of twisted beauty in them or so, but the bottom line is the teen decides to look for the killer, hoping that artist can give her life some purpose, or perhaps even believing that she is the only person who truly understands the beauty the killer tries to create, thus the only one who can help him achieve perfection by becoming his masterpiece.

    -Hitchhiking Adventure:
    This is a more personal and darker fantasy of mine. Basically, I'd play hitchhiker/backpacker who travels through a foreign country and runs into some sort of trouble. This could be something dark like staying at the wrong inn, akin to the movie hostel, over being kidnapped by a trucker, to simply losing her ID and money or getting involved in some sort of larger plot. Would have to brainstorm on this a little bit.

    - Defeated:
    Pretty basic. Essentially I'd want to play either a superheroine or female warrior in a historical setting who gets defeated by the villain/enemy and subsequently claimed as his prize. I have a couple ideas how to flesh it out but that's the basic idea. ^^"

    - Bandit Apprentice:
    Might sound a bit cliche, but I'd still love playing it out. Basically your character would be a bandit captain who killed my character's parents back when she was still a little girl. While my character escaped and managed to survive growing up on the streets she has developed a biting revenge over the years and wants to avenge her dead parents at all cost. A couple years later the bandits return to the same town and she recognises them and decides that her plan has to come, trying to join them with the intention of gaining their trust, slowly rise in the ranks until she has the opportunity to kill the leader.

    Alrighty, if any of these catch your eye or you have an idea of your own, please pm me because I likely won't check this thread too often. =)
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  2. Are you willing to double?
  3. Hmm, that depends on the plot itself I'd say. Generally speaking yes, although it isn't my preference as I'd like to focus on one main, excluding side characters of course.
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