Lots of ideas...who wants to play?

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  1. Hi,

    I'm new to the site but not to roleplaying, I've been roleplaying for almost 15 years now.

    My roleplays are generally libertine but I do also write fantasy and supetnatural without the sex but sometimes....where's the fun in that.

    So I have a number of ideas and I can write Fandoms or original characters.

    I'll add to see as I go along as I'm not at a computer right now so it limits how much I can type.

    Game of thrones
    Doctor who
    Harry Potter
    Sherlock Holmes
    Vampire diaries
    The originals
    Orange is the new black
    Most marvel and dc characters

    Plot pairings....
    Witch x witch
    Witch x were
    Witch x vampire
    Vampire x vampire
    Vampire x were
    All above x human
    Siren x above
    Succubus x incubus
    Succubus x vampire

    Master x pet
    Domina x slave
    Alpha x kitty
    DD x BG

    Sisters best friend x brother
    Best friends
    Boss x employee
    Teacher x student (adult only)
    Blind date
    Current relationship
    Childhood best friends
    Arranged marriage

    Idea 1
    Looking for a romance including lots of sex that leads to a pregnancy and couple romance

    I can write in fantasy world, gladiator timing or real world, I have written some other areas but they are the main ones.

    My ideas are limitless and I love plot, I can write any mixture of plot x smut, I just love to write, however keeping me interested long term, let's have some plot.

    I have a fet list if people wish to see.

    Lastly I'm not picky on writing length just no one liners.
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  2. I would love to rp with you and would love to hear/see your plots ^-^
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  3. Those plot pairings sound very interesting, pm me?
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  4. YAY, message me.
  5. I'm willing to do sisters best friend x brother or domina x slave

  6. Ok cool, drop me a PM to discuss
  7. Siren x Were?
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  8. Totally cool with that. PM me.
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