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  1. Hello there!
    I'm looking for people to play some specific canons for me, from a few different things.
    I myself am willing to double as any of these canons (Except two).

    Before joining, please read my requirements~

    - Be active. I prefer someone who can get online more than once a day, thus reply more than once a day.
    But if you can only get on for one reply a day, I can make an exception.
    (I'm typically on anywhere from 4-6pm hex time, and onward to 4-6am hex time)

    -Be honest, and communicate. If you want to quit/you're no longer interested, it's alright.
    I just really need to know as soon as you feel that way.
    Otherwise, I bug you and spam the thread, or owl you, and get really irritated.
    If you want to quit, I don't care, It's just polite to let me know.
    I'll do you the honor of letting you know as well.

    -Be literate. Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
    As for post length, post at least 2 paragraphs, please!
    I can post anywhere from 2-22, if I get inspired.
    And if I post 6 don't reply with 2, please.

    - Be willing to double and/or play canons.

    - Please provide a sample of your writing!

    Alright, so, here are my pairings!
    If there is a * next to it, I have an idea for this.
    And if an idea is bolded, I really want to do it.

    Harry Potter:

    Snape/Oc (This can be teacher/student, or Marauders era)*
    Lupin/Oc (teacher/student or Marauders)
    Sirius/Oc (Adult or Marauders)
    Luna/Oc (Femmslash)

    Percy Jackson:

    The Avengers/Thor:


    Hunger Games:




    The Hobbit:



    Lovely Bones
    Alice in Wonderland
    The Looking Glass Wars
    A Series of Unfortunate Events
    Anna Dressed in Blood
    The Probability of Miracles
    Before I Die
    Thirteen Reasons Why
    (Also any books by Sarah Dessen. There's also a ton more here, so feel free to ask.)


    (Takumi/Oc, Nobu/Oc)
    Peach Girl
    Hana Kimi
    Kare First Love
    Sugar Sugar Rune
    High School Debut
    D.N. Angel
    Ranma 1/2
    Dragon Ball Z
    Fruits Basket
    (Kyo/Oc, Shigure/Oc, Yuki/Oc, Momiji/Oc)
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Absolute Boyfriend
    Hot Gimmick
    (I'm sure there are plenty more here, so feel free to ask.)

    Original Ideas:

    Arranged Marriage
    Teacher x Student
    College romance*
    High school romance
    Best friends in love*
    Popular girl drama
    Haunted house*
    Art School
    One sided love*
    Teen pregnancy*

  2. I'm digging the Snape/OC and both Hunger Games! Do you want me to send some kind of sample of writing? I'm not totally illiterate, but I could sure use improvement for sure.
  3. Sure, a sample spounds nice. :)
  4. Do you want to be anything in particular? Have any specific elements your looking for?
  5. Romance, mostly. Otherwise, whatever you like is fine!
  6. Any specific length?
  7. A paragraph is fine
  8. Butterflies. That's all that was on Olivia's mind as she sat in her cubical, absentmindedly typing away at the computer before her. Quietly, she leaned to the left, watching as her new boss, Kevin, walked by. "Mmm" A voice said from behind her. Alarmed, Olivia twisted then fell at the feet of her best friend, Sarah. "Isn't he absolutely GORGEOUS?" Sarah winked before helping Olivia to her feet, Olivia's face flush.

    "I..I..was just scratching my leg is all." A stuttered excuse managed to spill out of Olivia's lips before she bit it with a sigh. Olivia's eyes fell for a moment before she looked up at Sarah through her eyelashes. "Is it that obvious?" Olivia knew she was awful at hiding emotion, but she thought maybe she had had better control of herself.

    "Yes, Olivia...its that obvious." Sarah giggled, placing a hand on Olivia's slim shoulder. "Just say something already...go out for a few drinks after work or something?"

    ((Sorry for any mess ups. I'm using my cellphone and will be for the majority of the time. Hope this is ok :p
  9. It sounds good :)
    So were you looking for multiple role plays?
  10. Well, I'm pretty busy and I'll only be able to reply about 3 times a day, if I'm lucky (I've got 2 jobs and do a lot of community plays and stuff). I think just 1 rp for now. It doesn't really matter which one, but I do like the Snape idea. As well as the Hunger Games, either one is fine.
  11. Hello!

    I was reading through your ideas and the Kyo/OC one sounds fun. I am a huge fan of Fruits Basket and my favorite character is Kyo. Anyways, I am on every single day, or hours. Only rare occasions will I not be, and if there is something coming up where I can't be on at all during that day, I would let you know. Anyways, if you want I can give you a sample of my writing, just let me know.

  12. Is our Loki rp ever going to take off?
  13. I'd love to do any of the following:

    Thor/Avengers (Loki)
    LOTR (preferably Legolas)
    Looking Glass Wars
    Teacher x Student
    Arranged Marriage
    Best Friends in Love

    Let me know. Don't worry about my literacy, I'm a grammar Nazi, so it shouldn't be a problem!
  14. Okay, why don't you message me, and we'll figure something out?
  15. Hey! I thought we were doing a loki one?
  16. I was talking to IndiePrincess.

    As for our role play, yes, I plan on starting it soon, but i've been very busy.
    I'm ssorry.
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  17. Id be interested in an arranged marriage one. I have a bit of an idea. Also I enjoy how you didn't change the time term from when you copied and pasted this from your account on Hexrpg :p I'm on there too. Different username though
  18. Oh dang, i totally forgot to change it lol!
    Please message me :)
  19. As for the term literate, not sure why it's so bad.
    I want quality role plays, and I wasn't rude.