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  1. Welcome to "The Last One To Post Wins"
    The title is pretty good at explaining the game's purpose; basically treat this topic as a chatroom topic, where you can just kick back, talk to others, and just spend (all of your) free time! But there's a catch! This topic will be closed after a certain amount of pages (which will remain unknown until then!) and the last one who posts will get a reward! (Donated by another member; either a short story, poem, or concept art. - If you wish to donate a award just PM me and I'll make sure you're contacted when we have a winner!) This game has been very successful on other sites I've been on, and so I hope that it's just as good on Iwaku!​
    Overlord out!​
    Grand Opening Dance
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  2. Interesting idea, I've never heard of it (but then I don't really frequent forums other than this). I'm just wondering - do you yourself know already how many pages that will be, or is it a secret to you too?
  3. It's a secret to me as well; I'll just wake up one day and decide - "might as well close the topic." And then the winner shall be revealed! >8D
  4. A devious plan. *nods*
  5. Devious? Me? You must be mistaken!

  6. Of course, of course. Distracting me with that dog from the matters at hand is also not devious in the least. :P
  7. This is great. >.> Alas my friends the victor has arrived.
  8. Now we know. You are an extractor, aren't you? It's how Hellion will wake up deciding to close it when you are currently last.
  9. Gah, I loved that episode of Supernatural. It was the one that really got me hooked into the show. c:
    And no, I'm not going to claim that I will be victorious. I'll just do it. BOOM.
  10. You guys must not know im a good chatbox killer!
  11. You just did... :D
    Also, Ms. Wrong, that's a very effective battle weapon, because it makes me stare at it and count all the ways that it's just slightly wrong, causing an uncanny valley effect. Part of it is how it doesn't precisely fit at the neck. Part of it is that it's tinted slightly different than the body. Part of it is that the head wiggles but the face is totally motionless while the rest of the body moves. Part of it is how the rest of the body is not a baby's, and one can tell even though with this little of it visible the proportions are approximately right. And it just fits together into a weapon of stareworthy giant-baby-ness which causes others to not post but look at the baby.
  12. Valid point...
    Valid point...On both accounts. That baby is just freaky. O.O

  14. Didn't you mean evil mastermind?
    But that's a good thing, evil masterminds are always good.

    ...But in the sense of "cool", not in the sense of "not evil", of course.
  15. Well, evil masterminds have to be evil. That's why they're evil masterminds. :P
  16. Im only evil because im cutes~

    ...You are a very evil, wicked person. <.< >.>
  18. O; oh hohohoh
    so you think im cutes?
  19. And I agree. Hedgehooooooggggg!!
    As an aside, hedgehogs visit our garden on a daily basis. They like eating our cats' food. We sometimes pick them up and they look so funny. It's possible to pet a hedgehog without getting pricked, as long as one is careful; it's significantly less easy to hold one who is trying to climb out of one's hands and not get pricked.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.