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  1. I am planning on making LotGD a long term addition to the site. If you want to play the url is http://lotgd.iwakuroleplay.com/

    The account there is separate from your forum account. It is up to you if you want to participate in the built in chats IC or OOC.

    Please follow all Iwaku rules and enjoy the game!
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  2. Due to hate mail from someone who will remain anonymous *cough* @fatalrendezvous *cough* I have switched the game back to new day every 4 hours instead of every 6.
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  3. YAY!

    I mean.... I'm not playig... <<;; >>;
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  4. Hey. Iwaku. You guys should play this game.
  5. Untitled.png

    So, you're telling me that this weapons guy just took my Fists.. HE CUT MY HANDS OFF....

    How am I supposed to wield this Rake without hands?
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  6. With your feet!
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  7. What would the learning curve be for someone who has no idea what they are doing?
  8. I tried to make an account, but did a stupid and put in the wrong email address. Therefore, I sent a plea for aid, before realizing that I'm not actually sure who I sent it to... We shall see how this works out. Worst comes to worst, I'll try again next week.
  9. You should be able to log in now.
  10. I live! And I'm hopefully not going to fail at this.
  11. Made a character, this is actually a ton more fun than I thought it was. Although I have had discovered the tool which is the Scrooge's house after loosing all my gold...again.
  12. I've become addicted to this damn game. I blame you ALL. xP
  13. The scrooge's house makes a lot more sense when it's NOT Christmas time and is properly named "The Bank" lol

    That said, here are some tips & tricks to improve your LotGD!

    • Saucy's Kitchen in Glukmoore can give you turns. Occasionally it will give you charm or a gem. I always opt for the meal + tip since it doesn't cost too much anyway.
    • I've never had a good result from Booger's Spa in Glukmoore.
    • The Kissing Booth in Romar can give you turns, heal you, or increase your charm.
    • Ella's Dance Studio in Glorfindal gives you charm in exchange for turns.
    • Always wash your hands while out in the forest - it can reward you with a gem.
    • In Degolburg (currently The North Pole in holiday season), you can go to the villagers' huts (currently North Poler's hut) and grab one candy at a time for a slight health boost and a chance to gain turns. Never grab more than one at a time.
    • Always play Crazy Audrey's game. You have a lot to gain and very little to lose.
    • Flirt with Seth/Violet in the Inn in Degolburg often. Choose progressing levels of flirting - when one stops giving you charm, move to the next one. Once you marry Seth or Violet, you can visit them each day for a defensive bonus.
    • Listen to Seth in the Inn. He can give you turns.
    • Talk to Dag Durnick at the Inn about Special Bounties for quests are a little more challenging but have high rewards.
    • This goes without saying, but deposit all your money into the bank at the end of your day to maximize your interest.
    • Purchase a mount. They provide attack bonuses. You should really save for the Stallion, but it's up to you.
    • Hire a mercenary from Degolburg / North Pole. I like Florenz because she heals, but Mortimer is pretty good. The bear is just okay in my opinion. Keep them alive! They deal damage and are an extra target for your enemy to attack, reducing the amount of damage you take.
    • If you're out of travels but still have turns left, you can still travel - it just costs a turn.
    • If you die, your mercenary goes to the graveyard with you. You can participate in combat while dead to gain Favor, and then trade in 100 with Ramius to be resurrected (this counts as a new "day" in the game, but you get a severely limited number of turns). Be careful, there is no way to heal your mercenary while dead.
    Events in the forest!
    • A number of events can occur while you're in the forest. Most of them are pretty crappy. But if a fairy asks for a gem, ALWAYS give them a gem if you have one.
    • There is a guessing game where you can bet gold and get six tries to guess a number between 1-100. Played properly, you have a (slightly better than) 50% chance of guessing right. Start at 50, then when he says higher or lower, go halfway in that direction until there are only two choices left. At that point it's 50/50. Your odds are in truth slightly better than 50/50 because the correct answer could be 50 (or 75 or whichever number you're using as a reference).
    • I always accept the Druid's broth. It's usually helpful (or at least not too harmful) it can kill you though, so if you have a lot of turns left or are holding onto a lot of gold it might be safer to refuse.
    • There is a riddle gnome who asks you a riddle and you have to answer. Right now, there are no riddles in the system (@jared555 you should probably add these), so it's impossible to guess an answer to the riddle. Don't play this game.
    • You can play rock/paper/scissors with a gnome in the forest too. I usually don't, simply because it doesn't reward you very much.
    • There is a Damsel in Distress event that allows you to choose a place to look for someone. Of the three choices, one is right, one causes you to die, and one causes you to get really hurt. Or you can just ignore it. Good luck!
    • Sometimes you can find a stream and drink/not drink its water. This can kill you but can heal or give you turns.
    • Sometimes you can mine for gold/gems. I don't usually waste a turn on it unless you really feel you need the money.
    • The Green Dragon (abominable snowman) can be fought after you hit level 15. He moves from city to city so you might have to travel.
    • Defeating the Green Dragon resets you to level 1 with a new title. You lose everything except your gems and your mount, and get to start over again!
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  14. This is a fun game! I've been playing it for 3 days now.
  15. Wonderful substitution where it wasn't needed! :lol:

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  16. And, uh... as you gain more dragon kills, eventually you start fighting multiple enemies at a time.

    I learned this the hard way by spamming through combat and just hitting U to end combat, only to realize that there were still enemies left and I was about to die.


    Pay attention to your combats, folks!
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  17. What number of kills are you at?
  18. Oh man, so you are the baroness.

    And I am having one of those days where I am hitting the "5 turns" button to find myself with one hp left ;_;
  19. Better than hitting 5 turns and finding yourself with 0 hp left! xD
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