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Pretty much all of them
In the year 2022, Earth is destroyed. A group that only called themselves the "E.I." came out of no where in 2020, and in little over a week, they managed to takeover the world. As it turned out, this group was secretly a multinational armed organization with sleeper agents in every government in the U.N.. It took them only a week to get the entirety of the U.N. to sign a treaty that United all participants in the U.N. into a giant super country. In the wake of this, a group of rebels declared war on the new nation, banding together all the countries that were left and throwing the world into war. For a moment, in what can only be described as a Blitzkrieg, the rebels were winning. Then the worst thing imaginable happened.

Nuclear Weapons.

The greatest fear of humanity has always been the usage of these modern, sophisticated monsters of mass destruction, and the new Coalition had no problem launching them. The rebels returned fire with their own ICBM's, and the result was an apocalypse world wide. Less then four weeks after the rebels declared war, the world's population was cut down from 8 billion to barely over 1 billion. What was left of humanity began to die of radiation poisoning, disease, and starvation. After half a year of life in this new world, less then half a billion humans remained in the entire world.
It seemed bleak. No chance of survival.

But then, out of the darkness and bleakness of the situation came magical shining portals. And through them to save humanity they came.

The Velux.

They have watched for Millenia, guarding mankind since the day they crawled out of caves. They have protected it from itself time and time again, and at times, provided them with little shoves, like a parent helping a child learn to ride a bike, ensuring they continued to evolve. They watch in the darkness of night, and ensure all goes well in the world. So when the entirety of Earth went to hell, they moved all they could save into their world in a massive collaborative effort.

But Velux were already in chaos, and the addition of three million humans did little to help this fact. For the past two centuries, while the human race has been evolving and becoming increasingly more advanced, the Velux have been fighting amongst themselves. They have turned from what was once a unified race dedicated to a single cause to one that wanted to pursue its own interests. The cause is humanity itself, as more and more Velux decided it might be better to change
themselves to become more like the human race's nations, the first change being the formation of the Empire of Levania. The addition of the last remenants of humanity has only stoked the flame of chaos and war in Lotal.

As a result, on an unnamed world as large as the moon, where the Velux live on a large pangea like landmass covering 1/3 of the world, a huge rift has developed that has divided the continent of Lotal into four major nations. Each occupy a section of the world, Estonia to the West, Algeon to the East, Levania to the South, and Dildania in the North. Not only that, but varying degrees of human influence have caused these very different nations to have different technological advancements. Estonia is in the industrial age, Algeon is just recently beginning to use colonial age technology (with the exception of their rifled firearms), Levania is stuck firmly in a medieval age society, and Dildania is utilizing stolen technology from Estonia to supplement itself, using it in inventive new ways.
After the apocalypse on earth, the president of Estonia managed to pull the USNSD, Estonia, and Algeon together into a brief alliance in an effort to save the human race. After Uniting, a combined effort from all three nations resulted in 3 million human lives being saved from the burning building that was Earth. Things quieted down in Lotal for a bit, and for a while, all seemed as though the nations of the world had finally reached a period of peace.

Barely two years after the refugee exodus from earth however, tensions are rising. With the addition of many war veterans, historians, and army soldiers from many of the old nations of Earth now being rounded up to give advice to the leaders of Lotal's nations. Levania, who has been in a ceasefire with all three nations for ten years has finally rebuilt their army, but has been caught in the middle of a civil war, with the eastern side of the country rising up against the Dictator Bal. The USNSD spent the last two years building railroads, but have also been secretly working on building some secret weapon with the help of human scientists. Estonia and Algeon have been in an Alliance since the Exodus from earth, and both have started moving troops to their Southern border with Levania. The Allied nations have also begun moving fleets of ships down to the Levanian sea border, and rumor has had that naval troop transports have been spotted in Estonia.

Despite all of that though, local life goes on. Factory workers go to their jobs in the city, farmers nurture crops, innkeepers take guests in for the night, and town guardsmen patrol the streets for criminals.

So the question remains, who will you be among all of this?

Are you the great Madame President of Estonia, dedicated to leading her people to greatness? Perhaps you are simply a farmer who is eeking out a living by growing crops? Maybe you are neither, and are simply a wandering rogue doing work where you can but always, always moving forward? The possibilities for you are endless.

Hello everyone! I'm Conman2163, and I will be the GM for this lovely little idea for an rp. So if you weren't able to get a feel for what this rp will be from the synopsis (found above in the spoiler labels 'Synopsis'), this will be an open world, choose your own adventure kind of deal. While there will be major events that effect everyone, there will always be the option to not participate in them. Their are four major nations, and each is vying for control over Lotal, and despite peace treaties, most of them are getting a little jumpy on the trigger finger. However, that is simply the background I laid down, whether or not it continues that way is completely up to those who decide to RP members of these nations.

This is really something special though, in that anyone can create a character for any role. I am not going to set who become the leader of Dildania, Estonia, Levania, or Algeon. Certainly, if it comes down to it I will use NPCs for them, but that will be until a player takes up the role.

Not only that, but it is open world in that you will all be exploring it. To start off, when each of you choose a starting location you will have four options. Each option will be a capital city of the corresponding nations. However, there are many different cities spread out among the entirety of Lotal, and there are ancient ruins and places to go that haven't been explored yet. As you travel to each location, a description for the area can be given to you by a GM or CO-GM. However should you wish to have something of an amazing custom encounter, you of course could post one yourself and use that instead.

But enough of that, in the end it comes down to you guys. Are you interested in something like this? Also, if you see something that makes you curious and want to know more about, simply shoot me a PM, i'll answer your questions. Not only that, but i'd also like to hear any suggestions you have for the RP as well.
@PrincessLala95 @IntrusivePenDesperateSword

Given the last RPs I was involved in with you two, I thought you might be interested in this. If you know anyone else who might be interested i'd appreciate you pointing them here.


Same with you buddy. Since I know you were heavily involved with the Kingdom of Farem RP back on MAL, I thought you might be interested in something like this. If you have anyone you know that might be interested, send 'em here though!

@SoleStride @Dakota K5 @Ramboing @Kurogane86

Here's the interest check I said i'd put up.
Hmm... This seems pretty cool.

Quick question, though (or rather two).

1) What do the Velux look like?
2) Will I be able to play a human motor-head who brought her car with her to Lotan?
Sorry will be sitting this one out given some problems with my insomnia till that's solved. I'll watch this topic in case I can join later though. Best of luck with this.

As for the first question, the velux are a slightly taller, more fairer skinned version of your typical caucasian human. The major tell tale factors being elongated canines, pointed ears, and the pupils of their eyes being triangular in shape. Skin pigment is usually defined by where they are from, with Levanian Velux having darker skin, USNSD Velux having lighter, and Algeon and Estonia Velux having a middlish mix of the two.

And for the second, it is quite possible, however, given that the human race didn't take the oil refineries from Earth with them. Given that, gas is probably going to be next to impossible to obtain, unless they synthesise the fuel themselves.


All right, hope you sort your sleeping pattern soon then mate. Thanks for checking it out.
I already said I would be your CO-GM and you need...that character...so i'm kinda obligated here.
Alright, so two people in and one who is interested. good stuff, just a few more and we can get the OOC going.
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