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  1. Anyone familiar with the magic tree house stories? Well if you are then you will know some of what I am talking about here.

    The stories have to do with a brother and a sister who go on adventures in the past and basically the tree house where they play is the time machine. They actually live out different historical events that happen throughout the series of books.

    I want to do something similar with this but not with a brother and sister pairing. I will make this very clear.

    So here is the plot idea:

    MC and YC have known each other for a very long time. I would like them to be late teens possibly early 20's for this because there could be romantic and sexual nature to the story. I find that these elements should not drive a plot but add to it nicely. Anyways, I was thinking that it could be the summer before or after the first year of college and our characters meet up for the evening and decide to go out and visit the old tree house they loved so much in the woods together. But this is where my mind has wandered and where I will need to discuss with possible partner(s). I don't know if I want them travelling into the past to be a new thing or if they maybe did it a few times in the past but always kept it to themselves because no one else would believe them and over time they thought they were to old to go to the tree house, etc., etc.,. Then it would be our job to figure out what time in history we want them to get stuck in and from there we can have some fun. :D

    You do not need to be familiar with the books to play this out with me but it would be fun if you did.

    Alright, for pairings:
    I will do FxF, MxM or FxM. In an FxM pairing I would prefer to be a female. I am a female and have no problem playing a male but I prefer playing a male when it is in an MxM pairing. I have not really found any good FxF roleplays out there. There have been a few and I would love to try one but I know it is certainly not everyone's cup of tea. That is okay. You may be able to talk me into playing a male in an FxM if you're convincing enough. :)

    If you have read this far then I love you very much.

    I have a few other ideas ruminating around in my noggin that I would like to try. Here they are:

    +Warrior Princess x Enemy
    +Flapper x Rum Runner
    +Foreign Exchange Student x Local (Possible plot idea for this)
    *Some historical romance set during one of the World Wars
    *A plot having to do with the Seven Deadly Sins actually being human beings. (Possible idea for this one as well but it's tricky and I would need to flesh it out a bit more before actually attempting such a feat.)
    +God or Goddess x Angel/Human/Other God or Goddess

    Last of all I am always open to ideas.

    Please drop a line here or PM me if you have any interest in anything of mine.
  2. Dropping a line, I guess. :p I think it's harder for me to find good 1x1 romances (of course with other things mixed) since I tend to play submissive females, lol... and so does most people. The only thing about the tree house is, history is my least favorite subject, haha. I wouldn't know really anything about most time periods outside a little bit of medieval (because I adore fanatsy). I could possibly do the Warrior Princess x Enemy thing, though I have had a craving to play -the- princess lately and less of a warrior type and more of a wiardry type...

    If any of that sounds good to you, please PM me. Thanks! <3