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  1. Welcome to the world of Lost Ashes. There is nothing but forest for miles. Every person is alone. An outbreak of a virus killed many. Only those who survived can live. They just have to avoid the creatures. They where mutated, used to be animals. Each and every one infected differently. Dogs grew wings and fangs, cats grew arms and four eyes. Each survivor ran, finding shelter, finding hope.(One character per person, thanks!)

    Here is the character bio example for your first post:

    (This is mine, I'm using it as an example)

    Name: Kate Rasti, called Jay by her friends.
    Age: 14
    Height: 5' 4''
    Weight: 120 pounds
    Bio: Kate's parents died in a car crash. Her best friend ran away from home. Now, Kate was lost in the woods. She is strong, yet soft. Determined, yet understanding. (Pretty much explain why your by yourself, then a few words describing your character.)


    I sat in the top of a tree, fear keeping her there. The screeches and screams of the animals brought a rush of memories, making me want to cry, but I tried to hold them in. I remembered her dad driving down the icy road oh so slow. I stood in front of her house, waving happily. That's when everything went wrong. A dog ran in front of the car, they slid, then crashed. The car blew up as it hit the rock hard light on the edge of the road. The screams from nearby people where deafening. I couldn't breathe.... The sound of a big cat broke me out of my trance. My face was now wet with tears. "Great, now you look stupid." she muttered to herself. "Why does the world give up when it's most needed?" She screamed out into the dark. The darkness closed in... closer....
  2. Name: Katarina Annamaria Belle
    Age: 16
    Height: 4'10"
    Weight: 110 lb
    Bio: Katarina, otherwise known as Kat or Kitty, grew up with her only family member, her Uncle Leo in the mountains as long as she could remember. At five years of age, her young parents had split up and both gone missing without a single hint as to their whereabouts. Her Uncle was slaughtered by a pack of wolves while he was protecting Kat.


    Katarina let out a shaky sigh as she sat back from the tipi of twigs and rocks, her hands loosely holding a dry willow branch. Her hands were red and raw at her fruitless attempts at trying to make a fire for the fourth day in a row. Her Uncle Leo would of been teasing her if he had seen her like this. "Giving up already?" he would ask, grinning a knowing smile. Then he would take away her stick, suck in a breath of air and viola, there was fire. She pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. After the attack, no one would take her in, believing that she was bad luck to everyone she stayed with. A tribeswoman, and a friend to her uncle, had tried to disprove these rumours by taking her in but when she had a still-born birth only a few days later, she was banished. There was no way though that she would take the roads all the way to the cities just to be classified as an orphan for the rest of her life and be put up for adoption. Hell no. Gritting her teeth she set back to work.
  3. I scanned the surroundings and noticed a girl sitting on the side of a clearing. The animals prowling below where enough to keep me in my place, but I grabbed a nut and engraved a note on it. "Look up to the trees. Can you see me? Please help, many animals, one me." I spoke as I scratched it in. I took it and threw. It landed right behind her. I yelped as the tree shook. Fear overtaking every other thing. I climbed higher. "Stay away!" I yelled at whatever was there. I grabbed another nut, hoping to protect myself.
  4. Katarina had almost got it now, having seen a faint spark amost the wood hoped flared in her. Something hit a fallen leap behind behind her, causing her to drop the stick and spin around. Nothing. Looking back at the tipi she saw that it was just as dead as before except slightly charred, meaning she would need to collect everything all over again. She groaned and scooted herself away from it, towards the cursed noise that had momentarilly grabbed her attention. A nut? She picked it up into her hands, spinning it around in her fingers. No cooked food for who knew how long over a nut. She stopped as she realised that the face had some kind of patterned indentations on its surface. Kat peared closely as her eyes widened in surprise at the English writting. There was someone else here after all! Keeping her excitement under control, she casually looked around herself into the tree branches until one that shook ever so slightly caught her eye. She kept to the shadows and discretely came closer to the tree before she threw the nut back up into the darkness, wondering what kind of animals were up there. "Psst!"
  5. I almost fell off the tree when the branch shook. Hearing a voice, I hung by my legs and looked down. The animals where gone, but the girl was there. "Hi." I cast a wary look around, ready to dissapear back into the tree if anything came back. "I see you got my message. I'm Kate." I held out my hand. "But my friends call me Jay."
  6. Katarina looked up at the hand, not really sure how to reach it without either jumping or climbing the tree. She chose to climb the tree. Sitting down on a branch directly below the upside down Jay, she stretched out her arm and shook the other girl's hand. "Katarina. Girls and most people just call me Kat though." She stuck out her tongue a bit. "Boys tend to call me Kitty."
  7. I smiled. "The last time I saw a boy, he ran away. I don't know why. If you need any help with guys, let me know." I grabbed the branch I was on, then dropped my feet beneath me, standing on the branch Katrina's branch, then sitting. "How long have you been alone?"
  8. Katarina hummed in thought and looked up into the dense foliage above them. "About a week or so now," she estimated with a nod to herself. "I kind of got kicked out of my hometown for attracting bad luck." She rolled her eyes as if it were the stupidest thing ever and didn't care about it at all, when in truth it was the exact opposite. "What about you? How long have you been here?" Her head tilted to the side slightly like a puppy who had just heard the word 'treat'.
  9. "I have no idea. I lost count about a month ago maybe? A virus infected my city... Everyone was dying...It scared me, so I ran. I've been in this tree ever since. When the dark comes, the animals effected by the virus, they come out. They're all mutated...That's why I never leave the tree." I gave a big smile like I had just said the smartest thing ever, when truly, I didn't know how I had hurt myself. "I don't see you as bad luck. In fact, I think you're good luck." She kept one hand behind her back.
  10. "I-I am?" she asked, bewildered. She had heard of the vague rumour that had spread through the camp when a young officer, who was related to one of the midwives, had informed the chief of something in whispers. He was crying when he left, which was strange but she had dismissed the memory. If it was important or affected them all somehow, it would of spread faster than fire and gasoline. The only thing that came of it though was that there was a plague getting around at an alarming rate. It never reached the camp though so everyone just pretended it wasn't real. The only acknowledgement the safety precautions that were put up when someone entered or left the area. The messanger had come the day after her birthday. It being able to live in animals though was new, so maybe she had done something again that had triggered the misfortune.
  11. I looked around, nothing was particularly in sight. "What were you doing in the clearing, you seemed REALLY concentrated." I dropped out of the tree, sitting crossed legged, both hands now behind my back.
  12. Kat carefully slid her bum from the branch with her hands hanging on tightly. One last scoot and her legs fell so that they were dangling several feet over the ground until she let go, landing silently on the grass. She tugged on a piece of her hair, looking down in embarrassment. "Trying to make a fire. Erm, and failing miserably," she admitted.
  13. "I can teach you. Would you like me to? Not many people can usually do it. Glad you tried though." I took my hands from behind my back. One lay silently by my side. The other I used to scratch the back of my head, then I crossed it over and held my shoulder opposite.
  14. Name: Jake
    Age: 20
    Height: 5' 11'
    Weight: 160 pounds
    Bio: Jake grew up with a family that he did not like. They tried their best with him but they could never see eye to eye so he ran away at the age of 14. He tried to make a living by begging off the streets but after a couple of days of not eating enough he got sick of it and tried to get a job. He was able to work for pennies on dollars until he quit, he was making just as much as he was when he was begging. After a couple of failed attempts to start a life he defaulted to stealing and was quite good at it. He made hundreds of dollars a day by swiping purses, pickpocketing and sometimes taking straight from some of the street venders when they weren't looking. Unfortunately his face started to get around, mainly on wanted posters and he had to run to the forest for help. Since then he has gone hundreds of miles away and has finally settled down in an old cave with some lighters, old newspapers, a couple knifes, and a bag filled with treasures he acquired along the way. He now is a cold man with a soft spot for 'run aways'.


    I leaned back in a cave slightly board. Nothing was happening as always and I just tossed an old tennis ball off the wall of my cave and caught it in my hand. I sighed remembering all the fun I used to have, running through the streets from the police, swiping purses as I went and never looking back. I smiled until I felt a little guilty. 'What if those people were me... what if they didn't have enough money to live... what if I made them starve like I had to do... its not their fault I'm poor... its no ones fault... why should they suffer... it was their fault. They could have spared some change when I asked... and if I never asked them then its everyone else's fault.' He was now a bit angry at the world but quickly cooled himself off and continued to throw the ball listening to its small sound as it thuds against the ground and the wall.
  15. "Come on. Let's gather some wood." I stood up and started to collect wood, keeping an eye on Kat to see if she would follow. I walked along making a small pile of mostly twigs. I noticed a thudding sound coming from a cave to my right, by I ignored it. 'Probably another creature...' I thought to myself, keeping my distance.
  16. "Alright." Kat slid herself off of the branch, landing on the ground silently and on all fours until she righted herself up properly. She quickly looked boths ways around the perimeter of the open space where her tipi still stood untouched. Next to it was a basket of tightly braided palm leaves which held some fish she had caught earlier that morning. Running across the to grab it, then scattering the remains of her attempted fire, she hurriedly returned back to Jay. "Ready," she smiled.
  17. I nodded. "Help collect some wood. I've got a bag we can put it in, then we can find a closed space to camp." I kept a wary eye on the cave as the thuds continued. 'Please don't be one of those creatures...' I begged silently to myself.
  18. Katarina gave a single nod, now also looking over in the cave's direction. The sound seemed to be repetitive and constistant, which was strange, but she brushed off the urge to check in out and started to collect dead twigs in her arms. After only five minutes of collecting, she glanced up from the ground, noticing that she had unconsciencely been following sticks towards the cave. The thumping continued, and so did the want to take just a quick look. She sighed, thinking it would be too dangerous, in case it was a pack of wolves.
  19. "You hear the sound too, don't you?" I looked over to her. "I don't know what it is."
  20. Kat nodded. "Yeah.... do you think it would be worth it to see what it might be? Or, too dangerous?" She opened up Jay's bag, putting in the sticks that she had managed to gather up so far.