Lost Words Of a Castle

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  1. A demon with all the powers in the world is held by an unbreakable contract. But her soul is lost with every soul she is sent to kill. If she isnt helped she will be a souless demon and lead the world into destruction. An angel of light falls for her, can he save her life forever?



    Name: Corona Ragnarok
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13000
    Creature: Demon
    Personality: Corona is quiet, her master forces her to kill and the mosre she does she drains the vitums energy and her soul fades closer to being gone. She is the stereotypical EMO. But she doesnt kill on perpose, she's forced, but the weather in related to her feelings.
    this but with a way bigger blade
  2. Name: Shylo Limbardae
    Gender: Male
    Creature: Fallen Angel
    Personality: Reserved
    Other: Won't speak of his reason for being kicked out of heaven but he protects his 7 yr old sister, Midna
  3. The rain poured on the castles roof, everyone was safely inside. The castle was busy except for the king and his loyal pet demon Corona. Her blue eyes glowed and sparkled as she stared out the window and into the meadow and rose fields. "My little pyro-flower, why must you make it rain?" her master asked her sliding his hand down her thigh sensually. She was in an uncomfortable position, sitting sideways on his lap with her arms around his neck and her leg being caressed by him. The one master she was born to serve. She closed her eyes and spoke in a soft tone that held alot of power, but was monotoned "The earth is thirsty master" she felt his presence nod and she took that as a sign that he would begin talking to her again "When will the next slave come Corona-blossom" he had so many names for her it was rediculous. Corona opened her eyes as they went pupiless and clear white then back to normal "Soon master" she told him. Stepping off of him she whispered "Shall get you, your tea master" she slipped off the chair and gracefully stepped out of the throne room, her leather jacket rubbing against the top of her black leather skinny jeans, her high heels making no noise as she wandered into the kitchen. Waiting for the new slave, it was nothing new to her.
  4. Soaked to the bone, Shylo was led in by two guards. His brilliant wings tattered and tied down against him, the ropes causing him to bleed..bleed? Shylo was eyeing the droplets on his once silky white feathers. Of course an angel like him who never left heaven before would never even dream of such thing as bleeding. It didn't hurt, or maybe he was in too much shock to really notice pain. He did know that he had to get out of here, but the problem was how can you escape when you're tied down and two guards have you by the ropes.
  5. World of Shylo's arrival had sread throught the castle, everyone has gathered to see the fallen angel. Most of the slaves were Neko's, some vampires, mostly humans, being around creatures all their life. They knew how to accept others like and different from them. Corona was the only demon at the castle, and Shylo was the only fallen angel, already they were outcasts. Corona poked her head out of the dining room, his presence already burning her eyes with the light he still obtained. Her skin froze under his light, but she continued to look at him. Still being a demon things, or in this case people still interested her. One of the guards motioned to her and she glided forward, making no movement with high heels 'Follow her" one of the guards ordered as they released Shylo, Corona turned her face away from him and glided towards the throne room in a pace he could hopefully follow, slaves wiping up the water and blood his wings released while the vampires hissed at him frenzily, wanting his blood.
  6. Shylo paid no heed to the vampires. He couldn't die asfar as he knew, he'd just become a completed demon. He followed the girl, watching her heels only to know what direction she went. He didn't care of this place, as far as he was concerned he'd be out of there in days. He had to be.
  7. Corona opened the gold and brass door and led Shylo into the room, she walked to stand by her masters chair and eyed Shylo with little interest, she wanted to see him bleed, to see his past flow before her eyes. Her master stood up and walked down the steps circling around Shylo and examining him 'Excellent" he muttered 'Your name slave?" he asked. Before Shylo could answer Corona spoke up "Shylo master" she spoke monotoned again. Her master walked to her and lifted her chin into his hands, Corona shifted her head away from his fingers and he smirked looking back to Shylo. Corona's eyes stayed closed when he touched her. Her senses open to the castle walls. "Welcome to your new home Shylo, I hope you will be happy here" her master spoke, his voice rough and filled with hatred.
  8. Shylo never lifted his head, but muttered in a raspy voice,"This is not my home." His face tensed watching the blood drip onto the floor where he was standing.
  9. Corona's master shook his head 'Thats a shame, cause your never going to leave, you wont be able too" He eyed Shylo than glanced at Corona and nodded. Corona felt him nod and opened her eyes, staring into Shylo's soul. Her eyes going blue and clear. Her powers dropping Shylo to his knees and made him feel like every cell on his skin was being ripped apart and it wasnt yet. Corona was holding both her hands out as if to up something small, a clear white bubble was forming him her hands, making a hissing noise as it begen to form into something. Corona was taking peices of his soul and focusing its energy into a form the master wishes, Shylo wouldnt be able to leave without the master knowing.
  10. Shylo gritted his teeth. He wouldn't allow even a small grunt pass his lips. He was very stubburn despite how much he knew if he jsut complied it owuld all stop.
  11. Once the bubbled up soul was complete, Corona stopped the pain as the bubble formed into a ring, white opal gleaming all around it. Corona passed it to hermaster who put it on and smiled in its glory "Leave him be now" he shifted in his seat before moving out of the room. Corona was the only one who stayed, the only other creature in that room. She didnt watch him but eyed outside slowly, the rain making her ears jump in her mind.
  12. Shylo slowly looked over at Corona, his face full of disgust,"So this is it for me i'm a slave for life!" He yelled, face red in anger,"The wrath of my true master will fall on all of you!" He struggled against his bounds, wanting to spread his aching wings, swollen with rope burns and cuts."And you're the worst of them all allowing him to be over oyu to boss others around with your horrid powers!"
  13. Corona didnt move, she just took her yelling as it came. Her eyes sullen and full of evil power.....and sadness? Corona knew he didnt understand that she was sold as a contract to her master, she didnt have a choice in the matter. Her father sold her for a human life basicly. Shylo may be an angel, but he knew nothing of her past, nothing of her childhood. He never would if his master was god himself, then why was he fallen from teh land above mortals? If he was so loved, why was he stuck on earth like the rest of them. He didnt really know. He blamed her for her powers when she wasnt the one using them badly. She felt hurt in her eyes. But instead of making it worse for herself, she took the blame.
  14. After his rant Shylo just rolled over onto his side, his back to her. He went into deep thought on how to escape, how to retrieve the ring. He noticed that his eyes kept wnating to shut, exhaustion, something he never felt before either. He clenched his jaw, his Master hadn't told him that all this would happen. Why had he been left in the dark?! It infuriated him to no end.
  15. Corona grabbed a lampshade from the table bending down to quietly unplug it. Walking behind Shylo, she swung the lamp like a basebat bat to a baseball. She dropped it when he dropped and she walked casually out of the room, enough of his ranting about things she couldnt control. He may be an angel, but he wasnt powerful in her castle. She owned the power in the castle and no amount of angelic power can stop her.
  16. Shylo watched her leave now having a massive headache. When she was geon he struggled to his feet stumbling for the door that he had come through.
  17. Corona wasnt concerned about him but she was in the stables, tending to the horses that lived inside. She spoke to them and they spoke to her with their nickers and whinnies. She was at home. But how far can home take her, when she was born without one, Shylo's master hadnt been as generous. But Corona tryed to figure out why he was here at her castle, in her realm, as a slave. She needed to find out.
  18. Shylo found a suite of old armor down a deserted corridor and stole the rusted old blade, carefully cutitng his arms and wings free. He let out a sigh, his wings spreading across the floor in a bloodstaind blanket. He placed the knife in his belt and quickly headed for a window, yanking it open to see where he was.
  19. Corona lifted her head as the horses did. She sighed "when will he learn...he cant leave" her eyes went all black as she located him through her senses, he was stupid if he thought he could leave. She would catch him and when she did, he'd wish it wasnt so. She wouldnt hurt him bad, it was just a thought of murdering him in cold blood, seeing his blood seeping through the rain and into the grass. The ever loveing vampire slaves, feasting on his mangled flesh. Corona couldnt wait. As soon as he jumped out the window, the time would be soon
  20. Shylo took a deep breath taking a few steps back. He flapps his enormous wings, making sure they'd catch him. He ran and took a huge leap out the window, leaping atleast 30 ft before thrusting his wings open, flying as fast as he could over the imprisoning walls for freedom. The woods was his best bet, he thought.