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  1. (Look I am pretty sleepy right now and don't feel like trying to make a whole other thread just to give some info on this RP. Its really simply this is a fantasy/medieval/mature/adventure RP. I just wanna do a really fun action packed RP with a bunch of people. Any my requirements are that you 1. Be able to give at least three and more sentences per post and that is not including the dialogue. 2. Message me in private if you have any questions or are confused. 3. Do NOT control MY character. She is mine for a reason. Please don't say actions for my character. Thank you. And 4. Chose what kinda creature you wanna be. You can be anything you want. But at least message what you are please and thank you! One last thing this isn't just my adventure its yours as well. And it can be as wild and as crazy as you want. If you want to join Fern on her adventure please let me know, other wise enjoy and I look forward to RPing with you all!!!)

    The air was dark and sinister like the Devil himself. Untamable, uncontrollable, like a raging fire. God was just and pure while the Devil himself was the root of all evil. They had fought for this world for decades upon decades. The Devil was never ending. But even he was growing weak against the power of God. He needed others to help him win the war he had started against God. So he plagued this world with a terrible sin. He sent demons of all kinds down to Earth with the sole intent of mating with humans to breed half breeds who would follow him. They would have no place in this world nor would any of the people love them and accept them. It's been a hundred years since the Devil started tainting the world and his armies grow stronger and stronger by the day. But this is not the story of The Devil and Gods war but the story of an unfortunate girl. One with a curse upon her family. A girl who is a half breed but already born with three demons inside her. Her name is Fern.

    Stiff joints and sore muscles are what I woke up to. The sun had fluttered over my eyes in the middle of nature it's self. I stubbornly and unwillingly opened my eyes to greet the summer sun. It was only the beginning of the day and already I felt annoyed. The birds sang cheerfully and flew by in different speeds. But no matter the speed I could see all in nature. It was apart of my gift and curse. My lungs inhaled deeply, letting my chest rise higher before I slowly exhaled and watched my chest slowly sink back down as well. "Alright Fern, shake the dust off your ass and get going." And with that little speech to myself I was up and ready for the day.
  2. As the summer sun rose he took a moment to peer up in it's direction through the eye holes in the helmet of his full plate armor. Daytime already? How long had been waiting about? Despite Tichus' pondering, it didn't make much of a difference if it was day or night. One of the only things that could be considered good about unlife was that sleep wasn't always a necessity. He stands from his position by his makeshift campsite and threw some dirt on the fire as he stomped some of it out. He took only a brief glance to his shield before putting it on his back. As he reaches for his sheathed sword he could feel it's anticipation leaking into the back of his mind. For better or worse, he was bound to this cursed sword and needed it as much as it did him. He places it on his belt loop before setting off on the old dusty trail. Those bandits that he was tracking had a hideout somewhere near here, and he planned on locating it.
  3. I had two choices. Wonder the Forrest till I pasted out so where or head back to the human village. The thought of enduring their stares and whispered insults just wasn't something I was in the mood to try and even deal with it. It was already bad enough that they knew I wasn't really human, but the silver hair and glowing red and yellow eyes didn't help much either. "A walk through the empty Forrest it is.." There was no real path to follow only the place my feet would carry. And that for now was following around a herd of deer that wasn't afraid of me or presence. Stupid deer I muttered inside my head. "Your suppose to run from evil things..."
  4. Heading off the trail towards the forest Tichus soon heard what sounded like animals as they went through the terrain in the forest. Not soon after he noticed a small cave within sight he picked up on a familiar feeling. In life, those in his order had been given the ability to detect evil when they were near it. However, he wouldn't have the ability in his undead state without the sword providing to him. It gave him a few other abilities as well, though at a cost. Oddly enough, not only could he faintly feel it coming from the cave, but also from the direction he heard the animals from earlier. he takes another sweep, his one eye peering through the visor as he decides which one to go for first. The presence in the forest could easily be some of them out on a hunt for food. He quickly takes to a position behind a tree as he notices some of the bandits depart from the small cave. Looks like he had his work cut out for him.
  5. I sighed softly. "Come on out you. Stalking me like a vulture does a dying bull will get you nowhere." From behind a large oak tree came a lithe girl no taller than me. Her was in golden ringlets the size of a Childs fist and the bounced every which way. Her hair was as golden as the sun its self. Lips as full and red as blood its self. And eyes that shone like topaz. Yes indeed Lithuania was a beautiful half breed indeed. Her skin was a tan as mine now. A little touch of honey I always liked to call it. Lithuania had a love though for men's clothing. No matter what you could never get her to wear anything else it just wasn't in her nature. "Fernnallia my dear! Its been ages!" she cried as she carefully approached. "You can stop where you stand, lest you wish to test my hand." She gave me her coy little smile that fooled most men but I knew better. "And suffer eternity sleep and darkness? I think today I will pass." "Lithuania you do not amuse. Go back. You don't belong to this world." She scoffed, clearly amused by what I had to say. "Any more than you do? You seem to forget there is no domain where half breeds are welcomed. This is not your home child. Wake up. You belong to him. Your nothing more than a pawn to be used for the up coming-" In mere steps I completed closing the distance between me and her. And in a matter of seconds I sent her flying through the nearest tree. My blood was pulsing through my veins from the intoxicating smell of her blood it was fresh and there. Clenching my sides I would fight the simple urge to kill her. It was a sin. And no matter what a demons weakness was sin. "Be gone Lithuania... hah... crawl back into the hell hole you came out of and bother me no more. And tell the Devil my answer is still no..." With as much resistance I could mutter I begin the slow agonizing walk in another direction... anything just to avoid the temptation of sin.
  6. As he watched the bandits before he attacked he felt the sword pulsate just a little, it's empathic link with its undead owner putting the feeling of anticipation to be sated by the hearts of wicked men. The feeling was still just as off-putting to Tichus now as it was in life for him, even though he knew why. To vanquish evil hearts was the only known path to redeeming the blade. One wicked soul for every good one it had been used to kill. The loud crashing sounds he heard after alerted both him and the bandits. As they were in the midst of alert and confusion Tichus attacked. The nature of combat had become second nature to him, and now was basically the only reason he had unlife to begin with. He drew his sword, which looked to be a finely decorated sword. it's handle was wrapped in leather and an emerald in the hilt. The blade itself was as grey as ash. It would almost be perfectly normal were it not for the unsettling aura that came from the weapon when it was drawn. As he quickly closed the distance between him and his quarry he knew they would see him and attempt to put him down before he did the same to them.

    Focusing on what he hoped to be a quick fight, he hardly noticed one of the bandits notched and let an arrow loose. He definitely noticed it as the arrow struck right into the eye socket of his already destroyed eye. Tichus dryly noted that this the exact same injury that killed him the first time, but knew it made little difference now. His charge ended at the closest bandit, hitting with a shield bash and slashing his stomach. A feeling of elation came from his sword into him, all but confirming it would be fatal injury if not treated. The other few bandits ganged up to fight the revenant knight to fight. It was a shame they weren't well trained, otherwise they would have been a very dangerous threat. Tichus left the arrow protruding from his eye hole in his helmet as he fought, hoping for it unsettle his enemies enough to give him an advantage.
  7. Idiot. The one word I knew by heart thanks to a certain someone. That is what she would have called me if she could she me right now. A damn idiot. A smart, normal, and sane person would run away when they hear the sound of steel grinding against steel. Or run screaming for the hills at the smell of blood. Sweet, sweet, intoxicating blood. See the thing is with demons is that even if we drink all day long we still don't get drunk. It takes the strongest alcoholic beverages to even some what get a demon drunk. But give them blood and mix it with sin and bam! They lose basically all their senses. But for a half breed its ten times worse. Controlling our powers and trying to blend in is already hard enough. But being drunk on sin only makes us truly like demons. My body begun to tremble as the smell grew stronger and stronger filling my nostrils... So close.... So close I could almost my taste it. Just as I rounded the cover I saw a man shooting off an arrow. He wasn't blooming but I knew soon enough once I got to him her would be. He barely had time to look my direction before I pounced on top of him sending us both rolling away in another direction. He cursed and tried to scream but I clamped my right hand around his neck and listened in delight as the veins in his neck begin to pop and burst. His face would turn a shade of bright red and dark purple as the bones in his neck were crushed. With my other hand I let my purple Hell's fire wrap around it before sending it straight through his left lung. I would jerk my hand out as look at the delicious red fluids cover my hand completely, bringing it to my mouth I would slowly lick it up, trembling in delight as I try to remember the last time I indulged in such fine dining. "Heh... Thank you for the meal mister... Don't worry in a few moments you won't feel a thing so don't bother trying to struggle cause your already dead." My mouth would lower to the open wound in his chest as I carefully begin to drain his body of all blood.
  8. His detection picked up another presence as he fought. If they were hostile immediately towards him they could wait their turn. If not, Tichus could look into things after the fight. If he recalled these bandits were wanted dead or alive. However, Tichus had little use for money with the exception of gear maintenance, so the higher pay for them being alive wasn't necessary. Step, block, slash, repeat. The same offense and defense tactics he had spent most of his training perfecting. With experience it became just as easy as breathing or waking up in the morning. Tichus just wanted this to be over more than anything, if nothing else just so these thugs wouldn't spend so long being outclassed. Some of the forceful blows and cuts connected with him, but he hardly felt a thing. Not like undead die from blood or limb loss. He decided to call forth another of the sword's abilities to finish off the remaining two bandits. As they flanked him he spent a moment in concentration as he willed the sword to use some of its power. Before long light envelopes the blade, encasing it in holy energy. However, the sword evil smiting capabilities could easily backfire on Tichus, since light magic could hurt him as easy as any undead. With a mighty swing of his magically imbued sword one of the bandit's head was separated from it's shoulders, the body soon falling uselessly to the ground.

    The remaining bandits charges, knowing at this point death has came for him either from the armored male or the other newcomer. Tichus' sword meets him halfway as it stabs into his chest and into his dark heart. After he finishes him off Tichus withdraws his blade before wiping it off on the deceased's clothing.
  9. A laugh of pure hysteria erupted from my throat. The man was dead and the sin had finally kicked in. The veins in my blood would glow a bright blue that shone through my skin as it pulsed eagerly. My hands would rip open his chest mutilating his lifeless body even more as I find the one organ I personally taking pleasure in eating.... the heart. Some demons and half breeds could eat humans whole some won't even eat them or you have the ones like me who only eat one organ before leaving the body to nature. I never understood why the heart. But it was the only one I could eat. My hands would tremble as they wrapped around his heart before ripping it out. I would finish my meal in peace by eating his heart. No one would know of this sin besides me, God and The Devil himself.
  10. As Tichus finished he decides to address the newcomer. What was she, another demon just looking for an easy meal? regardless of what she was, Tichus' sword was practically ecstatic now, as if it seen the sight of yet another group. Still, he was sure little good would come from what was happening. Those violently killed by dark mean didn't often rest in peace. He needed a tactic and needed it now, maybe something to draw her attention. Ah, that's it! He puts his sword away and reaches for the arrow stuck in his useless eye. With a grunt and quick motion he manages to yank it out, part of the eye and it's connecting stalk on the arrowhead. He then chucks it over next the girl, hoping to draw her attention. It would probably be a little harder to blend in with people now that he had no obvious eyes, but that would be a problem for later. Besides, he needed the most of the body to be intact enough for identification if he wanted the money!
  11. As I slowly get up I would notice something hit my leg. My body would turn in the direction which it came from and there I would see is you. I would pickup the arrow with what I assumed was your eye, and walk in your direction. My with my free arm I would wipe my mouth off on my sleeve. I would sigh softly knowing I would need nee clothes now but temporary I pushed such trivial thoughts out of my mind and really studied the character before me. Only one word came to mind "Your..... disgusting..." My head would tilt to the side slightly in awe as I carefully hand back your missing eye ball. "I think you need this more than I do...."
  12. Well, everything went better than expected. It looked like there would be just enough of that remaining person that Tichus could use to collect the bounty reward. Watching the young lady and listening to her was almost a humorous contrast, considering she calling the eye disgusting yet happily ate a man's heart. He didn't think much of her awestruck actions. Whether it was from the fact she (correctly) assumed it was his eye or his heavy, marred armor it didn't matter. As she handed him his eye back he studied it for just a moment, knowing he would have no use for it. "I got no use for it. At this point the old thing was just for show." he replies before tossing it to the side like it was no big deal. It wouldn't be the first time something had came of of him. "Only needed it to pull you off of him." Tichus remarks as he gestures towards her earlier meal. "Can't exactly collect a bounty without proof of the deed."
  13. I would simply stare and study. He looked horrible. Partially dead. When he tossed the eye to the ground I would bend down to retrieve it. Cradling it inside my hands, it was the strangest feeling to be holding an eye ball. Carefully I yanked the arrow out before tossing it to the ground my own his never leaving his one eye still in my hand. "You... You should take better care of yourself... You may be a dweller of the sport world but due to your poor care of your body, you look like that of a rotting corpse. With this kinda treatment I am surprised you've managed this far.... Go see the Time Witch. She will fix you, though she might make you go fetch the required ingredients." I let out a sigh of frustration remembering that not many people know of her existence let alone of how to reach her. Silently I cursed her inside my head. A powerful witch she is but a God awful person as well who just happened to always be right. My feet would lightly kick up some of the dirt. "Hmm.. see how you probably don't know I guess I could take you to her after you finish up bounty."
  14. It was clear from her sigh that this woman found this 'Time Witch' to be a pain. Why she would believe so was beyond Tichus, since he never met this witch before. However, what he did know was that the person before him seemed to be more interested in his state of body than he was. Maybe he should consider it. Then again, the person telling him had an evil aura that practically glowed like the midday sun to the revenant knight. Though his skull was unable to form expressions, a large sense of revulsion still jolted through him with her being this close. "I've never bothered to put much thought into how I look anymore. Just a temporary shell until my business here is finished. I'm practically nothing but bones now under all this old armor of mine." he says, offering some explanation to her. He thought on telling more to her, as in how he could keep continuing, or even why he is here. He decides against it for now though, so he doesn't risk the possibility of it being used against him later on. "But sure, I'll go along."
  15. Shaking my head slightly I let out another loud annoyed sigh. It wasn't that I had to be his guide it was more to the fact that he didn't seem to care at all for the one thing he owned. His body. I would for a moment turn my body the other way before reaching my hand down the top of my dress. Hidden under my left breast was my pouch of money. Since my breast were large enough they kept the pouch well hidden and no one but me ever no other wise. I would turn back around and hand him my pouch of money. "I am staying right here. Town folks don't take to kindly to my kind even if they don't know what I am don't mean they can't sense that there is something different about me. When you go to collect your reward stop at the tailors and buy me a dress. I simply can't walk around in this anymore, let alone visit the Witch in this... she would kill me on the spot if I did." I would shudder from the thought. As annoying as she was I still wouldn't want to be the person to piss her off. "Hurry now, the day is slipping through our finger tips." I would head back to the direction from which I came. Having remembered that there was a river to wash up in.
  16. Tichus didn't need her prodding tot know he needed to hurry up. He knew from experience that eventually people would notice something was off about him. If he stayed for much longer than that things got real rough for him. It was one of the first lessons he had learned after he received the 'gift' of unlife. Still, money was money and as long as peace was restored to the nearby area he doubted anybody would start asking questions until well after he left. He gathered the bodies up before going in, using some rope to keep them tied together. It took a little while but he eventually found the constables office to turn them in. Tichus took the bounty notice out of the pocket in his belt and handed it to the him, receiving the money not long after that. He should have been paying more attention to what the man said, since he thought he had made an offer for a temporary job here. With the money in hand from his bounties as well as from the young woman he stepped into the tailor's store. Somehow the idea of a large armored person stepping in to buy a dress struck him as awkward. Also, how was he to know what would fit that woman? Regardless, he grabbed the first dress he found and bought it. He then quickly headed back in the direction he saw his apparently new companion heading.
  17. The first thing I noticed was the dress. It was long enough but the colors didn't seem.. dark enough. I grabbed the dress from his hand carefully examining it. The chest area wasn't large enough either. I would sigh softly before throwing the dress to the ground as I quickly undressed from my ruined clothes. Once that was taken care off I grabbed the new dress and uttered two words to my "friend" "Stay here." Then I was headed off to the river to bathe. Carefully cleaning myself of all filth. Ten minutes later I was walking back fully dressed, fighting the urge to try and adjust my breast. It looked like they were hanging in there. I was more than relief that it was just me and this sport. Anyone else would have thought I was from the whore house. "Thank you for grabbing me a dress. My name is Fern. I apologize for not introducing my self earlier." I would hold out my hand to him, waiting for him to except.
  18. Tichus just nods and leans against a nearby tree as he waits on her. In a way, he was glad he didn't have to worry about needing to bathe or other mortal things anymore. As she bathed it occurred to him that he wasn't sure how long it had been since he had to worry about those kinds of things. It didn't do him any good to ponder on it now. A bath certainly wouldn't do much for his bones anyhow. His thoughts were interrupted by Fern making her return. Maybe he should have taken a second look at her before buying that dress. She could probably fit in at a nearby brothel. Tichus gets off the tree and takes her hand for a quick and firm shake before releasing it. "Tichus Foretesque, pleasure to meet you." he says in reply to her. It had been a while since he had a traveling companion other than his sword. "Apology accepted, by the way."
  19. I gave into a small friendly. It seemed the least I could do. "Okay now that we are set we can go see her." I would come to the tree Tichus was leaning against before letting my right become engulfed in a blue crystal before quickly stabbing it all the way through my left hand and yanking it back out. Quickly I would trace three infinity signs on the bark. The blood would sizzle and burn into the wood before turning black and disappearing, just like the wound in my hand. I would take a few steps back and wait till the hidden door finally swung wide open. Quickly I would rush inside. "Hurry up before it closes on you. It will only stay open another minute."
  20. Blood magic? This was usually something that wasn't regarded very fondly from his experiences. The more he hung around Fern the more he she was really was demonic. Other than her aura and heart eating, anyway. Tichus follows as instructed and enters in through the magically-summoned doorway where Fern went. He ignored the will of his blade as he followed her. He wasn't sure what to expect.
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