Lost Within (Anyone and everyone is welcome)

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  1. The air was dark and sinister like the Devil himself. Untamable, uncontrollable, like a raging fire. God was just and pure while the Devil himself was the root of all evil. They had fought for this world for decades upon decades. The Devil was never ending. But even he was growing weak against the power of God. He needed others to help him win the war he had started against God. So he plagued this world with a terrible sin. He sent demons of all kinds down to Earth with the sole intent of mating with humans to breed half breeds who would follow him. They would have no place in this world nor would any of the people love them and accept them. It's been a hundred years since the Devil started tainting the world and his armies grow stronger and stronger by the day. But this is not the story of The Devil and Gods war but the story of an unfortunate girl. One with a curse upon her family. A girl who is a half breed but already born with three demons inside her. Her name is Fern.
    Stiff joints and sore muscles are what I woke up to. The sun had fluttered over my eyes in the middle of nature it's self. I stubbornly and unwillingly opened my eyes to greet the summer sun. It was only the beginning of the day and already I felt annoyed. The birds sang cheerfully and flew by in different speeds. But no matter the speed I could see all in nature. It was apart of my gift and curse. My lungs inhaled deeply, letting my chest rise higher before I slowly exhaled and watched my chest slowly sink back down as well. "Alright Fern, shake the dust off your ass and get going." And with that little speech to myself I was up and ready for the day.
  2. As Fern hopped onto the train to take her daily commute to town, her best friend Wendy was waiting for her.
    She patted the seat next to her, which
    Fern gladly took. The two girls talked for a few minutes about your typical kind of stuff. The weather, the cute
    boy walking down the street, and what they had eaten for breakfast, but that wasn't everything that Wendy had on
    her mind. (Fern is hiding something from me.) She didn't know how she could tell, but she just could. A few moments later the bus screeched to a halt, and a man in a dark cloak climbed aboard the train. "Fern," Wendy said, trying to keep her voice steady and at a hush. "How come that man just got on. He wasn't at a station, and he's by himself." Wendy watched as Fern shrugged. "He probably just missed the station arrival," she said, fingering her mousy brown hair. Wendy continued watching. She watched Fern look up, a look of terror flashing across her face. She tried to hide it as the cloaked man walked by. She seemed to know him. How, was what Wendy did not know.
  3. Evil is what I felt. But it shouldn't have been a surprise considering he's one of my kind. But it was his very essence its self that reeked of wrong and evil doing. I could almost smell death omitting from his body as he walked by, and that was what scared me. It's not the fact he's here for me but more what he has planned. Half demons weren't doing themselves or anyone else any good. I sighed deeply. "How annoying..." She looked at Wendy who didn't know her best friend was a monster, and offered a faint smile. "Don't worry everything will be fine..." Or at least I hope so.
  4. A young man would walk on he had long black hair and a scar underneath his right eye. Eyes red and yellow. He had on a black long sleeve shirt and black cargo pants with black steal toe leather boots with chains wrapped around them. He sat on one of seats near the window looking outside. He let out a sigh and closed his eyes going to rest all the way to his destination
  5. A boy got on the bus at the next stop. He was wearing a white bunny hood, grey sports dance pants, and a pair of double layer black and white converse. Around his neck was a golden cross. He found a seat in the back of the bus and sat down. He scanned the bus for someone to entertain him, when he picked up an intense vibe in the air coming from a tall mysterious man in a coat standing in the bus.
  6. I eyed the two knew people to get on the bus. One completely dressed in black while the other dressed in white. Both were equally weird and I couldn't shake the feeling that there was something off about them. Wendy had gone quiet and I knew she was racking her brain but what could I say? Hey Wendy I'm actually a half demon and the guy in the hood is a demon sent to bring me back to Hell to help the Devil win the war against God? No!! You don't do that. you conceal and don't let anyone in. But I already did and if I wasn't careful I could lose her in the blink of an eye.
  7. The young man opened his eyes and would then glare straight ahead. He had a horrible feeling in his gut and knew something wasn't right. He turned his head looking around at the others and saw the guy in the hood and then an evil grin formed on his face has he sat back down
  8. Noticing the grin, I grabbed my cross and mumbled something to myself. The bus came to another screeching stop. Except this one was a bit more violent. Two men in front of the bus who looked almost identical to the man in the coat. One of the men had a grip in the bus and the other stood next to him and pointed his finger at me. I shot up as the man in the coat on the bus charged me. I rolled under it. When I stood up I cited a verse from the bible and the demon screeched shattering the glass. "A full demon!" The boy jumped out the window over Fern's head. "Damnit." The other two had walked onto the bus and went over to Fern. I cited another verse throwing them to the back of the bus. "I can't keep this up."
  9. Just when I was starting to feel a little relaxed the bastard in the hood looked my way and smiled. It wasn't one of those friendly smiles either. It was a smile that said one word. Gotcha. My heart sank to my stomach as he flashed that same stupid smile to the two strange men. Shit. Whatever he had planned it involved all three of them. Then I saw it. It took me a moment because it blended in with him but in his hands were small balls of misty like blackness. Except it wasn't mist. It was Hell fire.
  10. The young man saw all this happening has he sat up showing no fear her glared at the men in cloaks has he showed his teeth. All of them very sharp has smoke began to form around his hands.. " interesting very interesting
  11. I wasn't even paying attention to what was going on in the bus, all I could think about was this man's Black Hell fire and the damage it could do and the people he would kill with it. It shocked me even more to see someone else besides me with Hell fire. But mine was black it was purple and blue and the fire was calling my name and I wanted to do nothing more than answer it but my focus was knocked out when two more people in hoods came up and grabbed me. As soon as their hands touched my skin it felt like I was burning alive.
  12. The boy ran to the two men grabbing Fern and sidekicked them off of her. I tried running off the bus with her, but that seemed to be against their plans towers of hell's fire lit up all exits in the bus. Gritting my teeth I pulled out a gun. A revolver loaded with black bullets. "Let's make this quick."
  13. The young man saw the men in cloaks grab her and he charged at them both with great speed he grabbed both by their faces a black fire mix with electricity formed from his hands trying to set the girl free from their grasp. He glared at them as a roar came from his mouth his power radiating around him
  14. I black out but I caught enough glimpses to fill in the void later. The last things I saw a boy with a gun, the Hell fire engulfing the bus, the boy in black that somehow reminded her of a dragon , and finally Wendy's scared confused face. It wasn't any of these peoples fault yet because she was here someone was gonna pay, someone was gonna suffer, and someone was gonna die. The sweet fire calling was no longer something she could ignore so she did what was natural of her kind. Fight back. My hands became engulfed in blue flames before I slammed them on the walls of the bus. The Hell fire that once blocked the door was frozen over in a sky blue crystal and could easily be broken. Then the blue fire was gone from my hands replaced by the purple. My hands turned to crystal spears I pulled back and quickly thrust forward, right through the two goons who had grabbed me earlier.
  15. Three bullets is all it took and all three men disappeared with a white flame. "Man, their annoying." I turned to Fern "Who are you? They seemed awfully intent on getting you." I said folding my arms. I was a bit taller than her and slender. "Name's Jack by the way." I stuck my hand out towards her.
  16. He glared as he watched the girl in blue impale them and then they disappeared.. he then crossed his arms has he was making his leave.. he wanted to find more like them and cause them pain. He started to head towards the exit of the bus has the other two were about to greet each other
  17. I couldn't handle this right now. I knew people were watching and this guy Jack, wasn't making it easy for me. I shoved him into a seat and took off to the door where the guy in black was standing. I basically stomped on him to get out and take off running down the street. I could hear Wendy calling my name but noting mattered anymore. Not her, not the demons on the bus, and not the guys who helped save her.
  18. I couldn't handle this right now. I knew people were watching and this guy Jack, wasn't making it easy for me. I shoved him into a seat and took off to the door where the guy in black was standing. I basically stomped on him to get out and take off running down the street. I could hear Wendy calling my name but noting mattered anymore. Not her, not the demons on the bus, and not the guys who helped save her.
  19. Jack fell into the seat and got up and ran to where the other guy at the door was watching just as confused as he was.
  20. He got shoved to the side watching her run away. He glared at her but didn't say a word. He got out and would start to sniff the air his eyes scanning around. He sighed none of them nearby but he knew more would come if he followed the girl. He then started to walk keeping her scent close to him has he started to walk the opposite way