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    • A girl is in an airplane, and when they pass through a island, it falls and crashes in the island. What if she is not alone? What if it happened on purpose?

    Name: Lillianna ( unknown)
    Age: 18
    Personality: Usually looks at the positive side of things, friendly, caring, shy when at unknown places, or around unknown people, curious/adventurous.
    Important Backstory/info: She is an angel. She has markings on both of her wrists that glow when she is around other supernatural beings, and she also has some on her back, when she is in her human form. She can heal things back to life despite dead or not.
    Angel form:[​IMG]
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  1. Name: Sebastian Kane

    Age: 80 (physically 25)

    Personality: Aloof, quiet, thoughtful and difficult to read. Sebastian is not one to speak up when he can listen and learn. He is harsh and pragmatic, and he loves cruel irony. Has a strong sense of ambition and doesn't mind hurting others to get what he wants.

    Important Backstory: Sebastian is a member of the Kane family, a clan of vampires who rule the island. Like the rest of the clan he was chosen from a human family and groomed for leadership before being turned in his early adulthood. While he is technically a prince, since none of the Kanes have died in the last two hundred years, he can't go very far. He is in charge of the Night Patrol, a group of elite monsters who make sure everyone follows the Kane's rules--or suffers if they don't. His talents are compelling others to reveal their secrets and mist shapeshifting.


    Appearance (open)

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  2. Lillianna was in a airplane, traveling over to Rome. Her parents are rich and they felt bad for her not being able to spend as much time with her family and friends as much as she wants. Her parents are always traveling and going on business trips that they are hardly there. They aren't even there for her birthdays, or christmas. It was so terrible. She sighed a little as she put her earbuds in, but as she did...BANG. Her heart began racing as the airplane started to go down. All you can see is water, but before she knew it the airplane hit an island, a very large island, and she ended up getting cut up and hurt, her ankle was a bruised, twisted, might be broken, there was cut marks on her arms and legs. Her clothes in which was a skirt and nice top, they were ruined, her shirt had cuts on it, revealing her angelic marks. She had been knocked unconscious but only for ten minutes. Before she knew it she woke up, looking around she was worried.She moved to crawl to look for a cell phone, her luggage was out in the sand, her heels that she was wearing was still on her feet.

    Hearing talking she looked around, maybe she needs to find someone to take her home, or was she just hallucinating already? She was a rich girl... She groaned as she stood up, wincing she was going to walk on her bad ankle. She took off her heels as she looked around. Her wrists were glowing very badly. " Hmm.. they only do that when I am near dark things like vampires or demons..." She sighed and went to go walk around. She looked around, she was so scared. She began walking towards the trees, in which after a little bit she found a huge castle. " Woah...." She frowned as she carried her purse that she grabbed from trying to find her cell phone. She winced, hoping her healing powers will kick in but then again this might be a little too bad to self heal. She blinked seeing some people coming towards her so she decided to try to run but she was snatched and the guards that grabbed her began to drag her towards the castle and to the throne.
  3. Sebastian was hard at work. Reports and evidence lay scattered across his deck, mostly random information regarding some strange activity by island's Hellgate. He suspected one of the demon families was up to something, but he didn't have enough evidence to act just yet. It had been more than thirty hours since he'd started, and he was getting nowhere.

    There was a sharp knock on the door. "Enter," Sebastian said, not looking up. He recognized the knock; it was his lieutenant, a ghoul named Praxis.

    "Sir, you're wanted in the throne room."

    Sebastian looked up, puzzled. "Coming."

    He hastily put away his work, locked it up in its various drawers, and followed Praxis out. The castle corridors were damp and drafty, but Praxis had a witchlight lantern to show them the way. Its faint bluish glow cast eerie shadows along the walls. His study was located behind the first dungeons, for security reasons, and it tended to fl

    "What's going on?"

    "According to our reports a mortal plane crashed on the island just a few hours ago."

    "A what?" Sebastian's voice echoed in the tunnel.

    "An airplane, sir. We don't know what caused the crash yet--"

    "You've already started investigations?"

    "Of course, sir. Initial response stated there were no survivors, but apparently someone new has...shown up."

    Sebastian took the report and scanned it as they ascended the stairs to the throne room. This wasn't supposed to happen. The magical barrier that kept most humans well away from the island was still functional, but nobody was supposed to be able to survive passing through it. At least, no mortal.
  4. Lillianna tried to fight the people that was dragging her. " Let me go!" She screamed. She frowned as her wrists were glowing. She didn't want to get in her form. She hated this. She wanted to know what was happening. She closed her eyes as she thought about how maybe a way to get away. She looked up at the guards who entered the castle and she was looking around. There was a functional castle? She groaned, " Just let me go!" she tried to fight them back. She hated this. She closed her eyes after she was thrown and almost hitting the steps. She frowned and she looked at her cuts. She then looked up.

    Seeing feet at the top of the stairs. She blinked a few times and sighed. She shrugged softly. She said, " The hell!! Stop with this whole acting thing." She snarled and she finally stood up. She need to figure a way off of this. She wanted to get away. She moved to go run towards the door. She wanted to get out of here. " Let me through!" She tried to move the guards, but she was so small compared to them. She sighed turning back to the guy on the throne.
  5. When Sebastian arrived in the throne room it was packed. Various monsters had apparently gotten wind of the crash and wanted to see its lone survivor. He made his way towards the throne, where the head of the Kane clan sat watching.

    Charles Kane was an old man, though he didn't look it. Like most of the vampires he'd been turned in his younger years, but there was something about the eyes that bespoke his true age. He didn't even have to look directly at Sebastian for the younger vampire to know he'd been seen; he merely gave a slight nod.

    "Guards, hold her still," he ordered. His voice wasn't particularly loud, but it still silenced the room. Two of the guards moved to hold the young woman, keep her from struggling or trying to run again.
  6. Lillianna blinked, wait was this not a play? Was this really real? She frowned as she felt the guards grab her to keep her still. She looked around, her heart was clearly racing from being around all of these dark monsters. She frowned looking down feeling like she can't do this. She stayed quiet because of how shocked she was that this one guy silenced the room. She didn't want to get out of her human form, the angel form is just so small but her wings are large. She hadn't been in her angel form in so long so she might smell like a mortal. She had a necklace on that kept her in her human form it. Her angelic form had extra long hair, bigger breasts, a bigger bottom. It was just so different. She sighed, she said, " Please just let me go already, I don't want to be here as it is. " She wanted to be in rome already. She looked down at her purse. Maybe she got service in here. She tried to reach it with her foot. She wanted to get away. She looked to her arms that were being held seeing they were holding her wrists, which covered her marks. " Let me go! I'll leave I swear." She didn't care that no one was talking but she wanted to get out of here and she didn't care what to do.
  7. Sebastian watched the...unusual-smelling girl in carefully concealed confusion. She was taking this entire situation remarkably well, considering she'd just been in a brutal plane crash and was now surrounded by creatures the mortal world claimed did not exist. Maybe she'd hit her head or something.

    Charles made eye contact with Sebastian and gave a slight nod. Sebastian understood; he was wanted to find out what the girl was really thinking. He stepped forward and the crowd parted for him. Crossing the room he stopped directly in front of the girl, and gestured for the guards to let her go. Once he'd used his influence on her, she wouldn't even want to run. His dark eyes locked with hers. When he spoke, his voice was calming, persuasive.

    "What is your name?"
  8. Lillianna sighed. She was feeling more relaxed for some odd reason. Wait... He was a vampire. She looked into his eyes and her bright green eyes looked into his dark eyes. " Why would I want to tell you?" She asked calmly. She rubbed her wrists and fixed her outfit. She ran a hand through her hair as she saw how he sounded. " You know whatever power your trying to use on me it's not working, or at least you'll try harder." She was shocked at how calm she was. Considering all of the creatures here are not of the light. She placed a hand on her necklace, to cover this, she wants to look as human as possible. " Can I just leave? I mean yeah I hurt from the cuts and everything." She crossed her arms. " You need to stop with the act, mister high and mighty." She giggled. She then looked over at a ghoul," nice make up, you guys shooting for a movie? Ohhh! I wanna be in it."
  9. Sebastian heard murmurs from the crowd; he didn't make a secret of his ability to make people answer, and it often saved him a lot of trouble. If word got out that it wasn't working anymore it could jeopardize his position. His eyes narrowed.

    "Interesting. It appears mortals are more stupid than I remembered," he said, mostly for the benefit of the various creatures watching. "Where exactly do you plan to go? Do you remember how you arrived here?"
  10. Lillianna glared, " Stupid?!" She calmly moved to take a step forward. She shook her head and said, " I am not! Take that back." She said to him. She sighed, " I was my way to Rome but then it crashed, as if it hit something, but there's nothing in the sky." She said calmly. She shrugged. " Look who do you think I am exactly?" She licked her lips. She looked down as she wondered. Should I show my true form? She looked down as she sighed. I honestly hope that they won't look at me differently considering I have a few powers. She sighed playing with her hair before looking at him. " Just forget it, I wanna go home, even though I have no parents." She rolled her eyes. " I am a teen after all." Of course he would be able to read her thoughts now.
  11. "Just where do you think you're going to go, 'teen'?" Sebastian asked. "You were more than lucky to survive that crash, you shouldn't be playing with your life right now by showing disrespect."

    He sensed something she was hiding, something that made her nervous, and decided to play on that. "Unless it wasn't luck that let you live. Maybe it was something about you in particular."
  12. Lilianna looked over to him. " Disrespect?!" She sighed calmly as she stopped. She moved to go walk backwards, hearing him. " I don't know what your talking about..." She said acting stupid. She realized her injuries were healing now. Oh great. She gulped nervously and said, " Well that is because I am a fast healer and I... I am just lucky is all." She said honestly. She blinked a few times as she wondered. She said, " playing with my life? Exactly what would you do? I mean sure you're acting as if you're the leader but you're not."
  13. Sebastian stepped forward, now speaking with a tone of warning and command. "Stop."

    She was getting scared now, she might do anything. In a crowded place like this it could be dangerous, start a fight. Especially since he was now certain she wasn't human. He could see the (surprisingly few) injuries she had were better than they'd been when they brought her into the room. Sebastian turned back towards Charles.

    "Your highness, I would like to interview this woman privately."

    "You may do so," Charles said, though some of the present monsters started murmuring about it.
  14. Lillianna blushed. She didn't know what to say. She bit her lower lip. She tilted her head as she wondered. She didn't know what to say. She knew that she was in trouble. She looked down at her feet. She closed her eyes tightly. She licked her lips. Wait why would he want to investigate me? She sighed softly. She didn't know what to say. She sighed as she itched her arm, seeing how one scratch was still there. " You need to stop with whole acting, I don't see a camera around." She said honestly. She didn't know what to say.
  15. Sebastian gestured for the crowd to open up and let him back out. His guards helped to clear a path, and Sebastian gestured for the girl to head that way. He saw some of the werewolves were eyeing him darkly; they didn't like the Night Patrol. It was an old grudge, one that he tried to avoid provoking. Some of the monsters probably saw this act as a way of controlling their unusual prisoner, but Sebastian was more concerned about preventing a fight.

    "This will be easier if you accept reality now instead of doing something dangerous," he said in a low voice.
  16. Lillianna blinked a few times, " So wait.. this is real.. like they are real?" She asked. She was acting stupid to make sure they know that she was a mere human. She wanted to break her human form. She looked over at a werewolf and went to touch it as Sebastian was starting to walk. " Doing something dangerous? Me being dangerous to you guys?" Well the angels and demons were and kind of still at war, aren't they? Maybe I need to keep tabs with the others to know how we are doing I guess. She licked her lips and seeing that she should be good she went to go walk behind Sebastian. She was really worried though.
  17. Sebastian's arm lashed out to block the girl's as she reached towards Sir Ivanka, one of the matrons of the werewolf pack. She snarled, but whether it was at the vampire or the "human" was unclear. Sebastian averted his gaze and gave her a slight bow, and she stopped. This girl creature was going to cause a diplomatic incident if she didn't stop. Fortunately she did, and Sebastian led her down a passage, to a room adjoining the corridor.
  18. At that moment Lillianna was going to speak about how they shouldn't do that to a angel, but then she stopped. She didn't want anyone to find out who she is. She sighed not speaking, she knew that she might end up getting killed. She looked up to the ceilling. Hoping that the angels were going to take her out of this. She just stayed quiet. She bit her lower lip as she thought. She just quietly followed. Maybe she needed to find a way. She smiled at him. Lillianna soon looked up seeing him. She blinked a little. Seeing that they were in a room. She raised an eyebrow.
  19. "I'd rather discuss your nonhuman aspects in a place where nobody will react badly," Sebastian said, gesturing to a chair. The room was sparsely furnished, just a table and chairs. One of his guards was already lighting torches around the room to illuminate it.
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