Lost under the mountain (Fantasy MxM)

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  1. What I look for in my partners:

    -Posting at least once a day. (Can be excused if something comes up, of course!)
    -Decent grammar
    -Able to provide me with a good amount of content to reply to/make their posts interesting. (Few paragraphs 2-3, depending on the post can be less or more.)
    -Willing to RP through PM/Conversations, and contact me in the same manner. Please don't post here.
    -Willing to hunt down a picture (anime style) for their character. Kind of a big deal for me, I have a good imagination, but having some eye candy allows me to get much more involved with a character personally. I will do the same for major characters (and sometimes even minor ones) of course.

    Things you should know about me:

    -English isn't my first language. That said, I believe it's hardly noticeable most of the time. If my grammar/sentence structure comes off as awkward sometimes, just go ahead and tell me, I'm more than open to criticism!
    -When it comes to MxM I have a strong leaning towards cute. I don't like 'manly' or even 'handsome' males much, and visible abs/muscles are an immediate turn off. That said, I can play/play with characters anywhere from mid teens (without breaking site rules of course) to late twenties. I'm also quite fond of traps, as well.
    -If we talk OOC and the subject of videogames comes up, expect me to never shut up. Seriously. You've been warned.

    Inspiration for this thread:

    Considering my username, I can't believe that I didn't come up with this idea before. The concept will draw from Forgotten Realms's Undermountain and also Legend of Grimrock. That's where the similarities will stop though, at the base concept. For this one, I could play the part of the DM, I do like coming up with events/characters for my partner to run into, so I don't mind at all~

    Basic Setup (open)
    Your character has been... Removed, disposed of, jailed, has become a prisoner. You committed a crime, were framed, or simply became inconvenient for someone powerful, and circumstances have now turned your life into a nightmare from which you won't awaken. You've been banished to a place known only as 'The forbidden mountains', sent through a magical one way portal and arriving at the bottom of the mountain, you know very little about the place, except for one simple fact: No one comes back from the forbidden mountains. People are sent there and never heard from again, escape is unlikely, death is a constant possibility. Even worse, you arrive there with nothing but the clothes on your back, very little combat experience, and no magical skills to speak of. With no choice but to venture into the tunnels and dungeons of the massive mountain, you move forward, with only the hope to survive another day in this hostile environment.

    Will you change history and manage to escape through a twist of fate, or will you be another corpse to add to the death toll of the dungeon, another soul who's name will never again be spoken by the outside world? It's time to forge your own future.