Lost the Way (Cello x pooderthepirate)

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  1. (Hm. Not sure why I have that title, but okay.)

    The sun was high, pedals were falling, and Kyanto had just barely begun his day. He washed up, put on his enormous backpack -which was easy for him to carry with his strength- put his swords on his belt, and left the inn. He stopped quickly by a restaurant for breakfast, before leaving on his path. He was on a business trip, going to trade with the people in a city.

    The walk was quiet- mostly small grassy hills, with mountains off in the distance, where he lived. this was mostly his job- he would greet someone every once in a while, asking if they needed anything, and other times when he would rest, he'd set up a simple shop then. Foolishly, he had decided not to by a protecter, thinking he could defend himself if needed. It was then he had started to walk through a forest, enjoying the view as he could.
  2. Soft snoring came from deep within the forest. A young girl with dirt smudged all over her face and skin hung from a tree branch, sleeping soundly. A look of unease fell over the girl's face, for a horrific dream began to play back in her mind.

    "Rem, run!" a man's voice echoed through her mind. There was fire, blood, and a crying little girl, no older than 9.
    Several large men held the girl's father at bay. No matter how hard he tried to reach his little girl, they would not release they're grip on the bloodied man.

    Suddenly, the dream changed course.

    The crying little girl laid on the ground, hugging her dead father. His mangled bloody corpse was lifeless, but the girl still tried to wake him up.
    The men responsible for this approached the blood covered girl, malicious grins spread across their faces. And with that, the dream ended.

    Rem awoke with a start, her tossing and turning had caused her to fall off the tree branch, squealing.
    "Ow!" Rem shouted, rubbing her backside as she stood. The dreams of that night still haunted the girl, even years later. But she didn't let it take it's toll on her. At least she tried.
    A grumble in her stomachs interrupted her thoughts. It was time to make a move. Having traveled all over the place, from the desert lands all the way to the lush forests of the kingdom capital, she made her living by thievery.
    "Time to move on." Rem brushed her hair with her fingers to get the knots out, then set off, weaving her way between low hanging branches and other vegetation that covered the forest floor.
  3. It was odd, the way he hadn't been attacked a single time. Usually, the sight of his giant bag attracted thieves from miles away.

    Maybe it was his lucky day. He was glad that he was able to be alone, in a quiet place, without any distractions. Just him and his thoughts. He felt tranquil, at ease, off guard, and altogether, very happy. But something was always missing- he wasn't sure what it was, but he didn't like it. Nothing he knew about could fill this emptiness. All he could do is just keep it off his mind, and try to enjoy everything else.
  4. Rem's soft footsteps began to slow down. Through the trees, she spotted a man carrying a large bag on his back. Perfect. She thought, a mischievous smile forming on her lips.
    Taking a deep breath, Rem wandered out onto the path just a few feet in front of the man, stumbling over her own footsteps. On purpose, of course. A small groan passed her lips and she fell, face first onto the path.
    Any decent man would try to help an injured woman, and she knew it. It was a good thing she was a great actress.
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