Lost Souls (Murder Game Pre-Alpha)

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    Mirrah. A land of knights constantly plagued by war. You awaken to find yourself there, unsure of who you are or where you came from. All you know is that you bear a strange mark on your bare chest, and that you look nothing like you used to, your skin green and hideous. Looking around, you are in a plain beside a strange fire fueled by bones, surrounded by people of similar appearance. A man clad in armor watches you from across the way. What do you do? Where do you go?



    2. You can play as a canon, but they will lose all powers, skills, and items. Basically, they get a class and some basic items. The Doctor doesn’t have his screwdriver. Batman fights like a white belt and punches like a twelve year old (depending on your class).

    3. You will die. A lot. A LOT. No getting upset. It’s a part of Dark Souls you have to accept.

    Oh, by the way, put I agree at the top of your post if you actually read this shit.

    4. It’s my first time to GM… well, anything. Cut me some slack, but don’t be afraid to give constructive criticism.

    5. Keep OOC chat to a minimum. You can talk OOC, but keep it relevant and don’t do it often.

    6. Your character will eventually go Hollow if you don’t use Humanity obtained by being the MVP in a boss fight, from certain enemies, and from some chests.

    7. As this is something of an alpha, and is 100% casual, people can join without application. That being said, I will tell you to get out if you refuse to follow the rules or get upset because your character dies.

    (Was gonna write a list… it got way too long. Click the class for information on starting gear.)

    -Starting Gift-

    (Exclude the Old Witch's Ring, Master Key, and Pendant)


    Bedwyn Kay of Drangleic- BarrenThin- Guide (Warrior)
    Khalia of Lanafir- york- Deprived
    Clair- Ouchies- Pyromancer​
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  2. ~Reserve a spot for this girl!~
    Name: Khalia of Lanafir
    Class: Deprived
    Starting gift: Twin Humanities
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  3. Reserving a spot

    Name: Clair

    Class: Pyromancer

    Starting Gift: Black Firebomb
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