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  1. Anarchy sighed, staring out the window. It was cold. She was 101 years old, young for a demon. Her eyes were a deep crimson red, but they looked human otherwise. She had black hair that had a braided halo around her head. All her teeth were razor sharp and she wore a black tank top with a black pair of shorts, and black, 1/2 inch heels. She didn't like high heels too much. She moved away from the window, snapping her fingers and the fireplace lit up, along with various candles, warming the room. She moved a chair by the fire and made some tea, putting it on the table in front of the fire before going to the stairs, starting up to her room.
  2. "No!"
    Why Kassie's friends could not take no for an answer was beyond her. Camping just wasn't something she was particularly into. She despised the outdoors: the bugs that crawled all over it's surface, the humidity that made her hair frizz up after it was freshly straightened, and the dreaded thought of her doing her business in the woods. What would I use for toilet paper? A damn pine cone? Even so, they somehow managed to drag her out in the middle of the woods.​
    Heather was still wide awake, sketching in her notebook. It was something she did often and a talent Kassie was jealous of. The only thing she could do was write and she was practically an amateur. Although she was awake, Max and Dustin were fast asleep, mumbling incoherent things and snoring so loud that Kassie was afraid a bear might show up and gobble them up.​
    Releasing a sigh, Kassie poked the fire with a twig she found beside her tent. "I hate you guys so much right now."​
    Heather gazed up, releasing a light chuckle, "You'll have fun. Don't worry."​
    "Getting bitten by mosquitoes, rubbing leaves on my rear, and having my hair frizz up so much it's practically like an afro isn't fun."​
    "We could swim?" Heather suggested, shutting the notebook and shoving it in her backpack.​
    "I can't swim."​
    "Yes, still! You know I'm terrified of drowning."​
    "You were only down there for five seconds and I pulled you back up!"​
    "It was five seconds too long, Heather. Five seconds too long."​
    The brunette shook her head and eyed the fire for a brief moment before looking back up at her blonde friend. "We need more firewood."​
    Kassie raised a quizzical brow, "So?"​
    "You should go get some."​
    "No way! You do it!"​
    "Rock paper scissors?"​
    Kassie grumbled and scooted forward towards Heather. Might as well make it a fair shot.​
    It was just one scissors away from becoming a rock that caused Kassie to wander aimlessly through the woods in search of firewood. She had collected only a few branches when eventually she spotted logs neatly stacked behind a bush. Whoever collected these could get more... She rationalized. ​
    When the logs were collected, she turned, getting ready to head back to the campsite. ​
    "What the--"​
    Wasn't there a gap between those bushes? The blonde looked around for a few moments before she realized there wasn't an exit. Despite the odd circumstances, she made the classic mistake of thinking it was merely her head playing tricks on her and began walking around the bush path. It was only moments later before she encountered a large structure in the distance. Without her glasses, she couldn't make out a thing, but she could only assume it was a mansion by the size. And by the faint lighting, she assumed it was occupied.​
    It got dark fast, she noted, after noticing the lights.​
    Kassie decided to drop the logs because whoever was in this mansion probably wouldn't appreciate her stealing what they most likely retrieved themselves. She had taken her backpack with her, fearful that the others might get into it, and pulled out a flashlight and began walking towards the large structure in hopes to have whoever it is help her find her way back to her campsite. ​
  3. Anarchy stood up after several minutes and paced around, bored. She did this every night, still coming up with nothing. She unfurled her wings through the two slits in her tank top, stretching them a little before tucking them back in, making them invisible again. She sat back down, holding her face in her hands and sighing. "Someone please come by. I don't care if this place is cursed or not, I'm bored." She whispered into the air. The fire flickered a little and she looked up. A flashlight flickered in a window and she bolted to her feet, waiting for the knock on the door, excitement pulsing through her. A visitor..Finally!!
  4. Deeming the light from the window enough to see, Kassie turned her flashlight off. After it was placed in her backpack, she gave an abrupt knock on the door.​
    "Hello! Anybody there?!" the blonde shouted.​
  5. Anarchy smiled, going up to the door. She opened it the door and smiled down at the blonde. "Why Hello. Lost my child?" she asked sweetly.
  6. Kassie half-expected not to have anyone answer the door, but instead her knock was instantly met with a black-haired female.
    The blonde blinked, not fully prepared on what to say, but after a moment of thought she was able to speak again.
    "Um, yes. I kind of wandered too far from my campsite and the strangest thing happened; my exit sealed up! Well, at least I think it did. I'm not entirely positive. Either that or I just spaced out. I...er... do that a lot."
  7. Anarchy just stepped back a little. "Why don't you come in dear, you must be tired. Tomorrow I can take you back." she said sweetly, knowing it was a lie, but deciding she'd explain the next day. "Come, you may sit in there by the fire. Have some tea." She smiled.

  8. "Um..."​
    Kassie knew it would be completely idiotic to just go into some stranger's house and have 'tea' with them. Regardless, she found that the idea of turning around and finding her own way back was so unappealing that it almost caused her to merely shrug her shoulders and go along with whatever this stranger was suggesting. ​
    "My friends are probably worried about me. I've been gone for quite a few minutes now."​
  9. Anarchy nodded. "Do not worry, while you rest I will send a friend of mine to tell them, he's very good at finding people. He'll give them word, and that you shall be returning tomorrow. You are far too exhausted to take the trip back, it's a long way to the campsite from here." She said, still smiling sweetly. Come inside..there's no way out, and I'm not letting another idiot die... She thought silently. "Please, it's going to get cold soon."
  10. The offer was very tempting. The weather was beginning to cool down to the point where she could see her own breath. Then she thought about how unfair it would be for her to be inside a large toasty mansion while her friends froze. Kassie's brows furrowed for a moment before she released a sigh. She couldn't form the words to reject this offer and oddly enough she felt compelled to accept.​
    "I guess it couldn't hurt..."​
    Kassie was unsure of what she said, but attempted to shrug it off. She can apologize to Heather and them tomorrow. She'll just say it was, "payback for forcing me to come here" and all will be forgotten. ​
  11. Anarchy smiled. "Great!" She said. "Come on." She gently grabbed the girl's wrist and led her inside, sitting her by the fire. "Help yourself." She said sweetly before going to close the door. When she returned, she sat in the chair opposite, her legs tucked neatly beneath her.
  12. The woman appeared rather excited that Kassie accepted her invitation and she assumed it was because she didn't get many visitors out in the woods. ​
    Move somewhere that isn't in the dead center of nowhere then!
    Not dwelling on the topic much longer, she began to gaze around. The place was rather large yet it made a chill run down the blonde's spine. ​
    "Nice place." she stated.​
  13. Anarchy smiled. "Well thank you. It was my father's." She looked around a little. "Do you need anything?" she asked her guest, smiling.
  14. Kassie fumbled with her thumbs for a moment before saying, while blatantly ignoring what the woman said, "So, when is this friend of yours going to head to the campsite? I need to tell him where it is."
  15. "He should be here-" She was cut off by a low voice.
    "Anarchy, ah, who is the guest?" A young man asked, wearing complete black, his face hidden by a shadowed hood.
    "Gray, please, go to the nearby campsite and inform her friends that she will be staying for the night." she looked at Kassie. "Need him to say anything more?"
  16. Kassie thought about this for a moment before shaking her head. The things she wanted to say to her friends she would rather say herself than to have some stranger pass the message along. She looked back over at the man for a moment, finding it rather creepy how he concealed his face. When she realized she was staring she turned her attention back to the female in the chair beside her. "So," she began uncomfortably, "what do you do for fun around here?"​
  17. Anarchy nodded. "Can you do that?" She asked, looking back at him.
    Gray nodded. "Yes, Anarchy." He waved a small goodbye before going out the door. Once he was outside, he disappeared, reappearing close to the campsite. He walked over, standing near the fire and clearing his throat and watching Heather. "Hi." He said.
    Anarchy sat down again, smiling at Kassie. "Usually I write, or watch the stars this late. I love writing."
  18. Heather screeched at the suddenness and sound of the voice. At this point, Max and Dustin were wide awake and were rubbing the sleep from their eyes. "What's going on Heather?" Max questioned, slightly annoyed to have been abruptly awakened. It was only a moment later before he noticed the cloaked man behind her and he raised a brow in question. "Who the heck are you?"​
    Dustin also added, "Where's Kassie?"​
    "Really?" Kassie questioned, lightening up a little bit, "I love writing too. Been doing it since I was in middle school."​
  19. Anarchy smiled. "That's cool!" She said, tilting her head a little. "Any favorite genres?"

    Grey looked around them. "Kassie is staying at my master's mansion for tonight, as she had fallen ill. I am doubtful of her return, and you may not visit her. Any questions?" He said dully, but authoritive.
  20. "Horror." Kassie smiled, thinking of the Stephen King books she read when she was younger. She often tried to write things similar to that, but could never think of anything decent enough to put down. "When it comes to writing though, I just write whatever comes to mind. I'm not very particular, just nothing historical or nonfiction really."

    "Listen you creep," Max began, "she's our friend and I think it would be best if you just bring her right over here. If she's that sick, we'll bring her home." Heather was still visibly shaking. Maybe she shouldn't have let Dustin convince her to watch those movies with him the night before.
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