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Are you interested in this roleplay?

  1. Yes, but I want it to be set in modern time.

  2. Yes, but I would like to have crossovers with other fandoms

  3. No, it doesn't sound promising.

  4. Yes, but I would like this to be a single Scooby doo series, no crossovers.

  5. Yes, but I want it to be set in the 1970s.

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  1. I just had this idea of building a Scooby Doo RP. I was curious if anyone would be interested. For some basic information, I am planning for this to take place after Scooby Doo Where are you but before Scrappy Doo and the gang is split up or after What's New Scooby Doo. The time period of this will be either the 1970s or modern day ( it will be up to you guys.) I would need four other rpers for the main game and one play the villains. ( I would like to switch it every mystery, so rper 1 is mystery 1, rper 2 is mystery 2... etc.) I would need a Fred, Daphne, Velma and Shaggy. I will be claiming Scooby Doo. Depending on the rpers, we can have the others play relatives of the scooby gang ( I would take the Scooby family tree.) So, anyone game for this?

    Fred: Open

    Daphne: @~Dark Disney~

    Velma: Open

    Shaggy: @Michale CS

    Scooby: @LuckycoolHawk9

    Player to play the ghosts: @Ringmaster
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  2. Daphne
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  3. Dibs on the Ghost.

    I have a few ideas in mind that I wanna break out.​
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  4. So here's my little prompt idea for this particular mystery, combining a few other...Suitable works.


    Wrath of the Night Mare

    The Beast is gone, forevermore.

    He wanders far on distant shores.

    But leaves a key beneath the mat.

    For followers to bring him back.


    Texas. The Lone Star state.

    Its a beautiful night on the Marston Ranch, despite the funeral. Grandfather Abe had finally passed away, the cantankerous old coot fighting to the bitter end. John remembered it well, in that hospital room. Looking with triumph down on that vile man. Growing up, all that pain, all that fear? It was worth it, just to look down on him and sneer. He had everything now from the lands to the ranches contents and was going to be filthy, stinking rich with his new plans to tear it up. He savored that bit of news, telling the old man everything as he sat by his bedside only for his grandfather to laugh.

    Weakly, his oxygen mask giving him the life-giving breath he needed, he rasped.

    "You're still as stupid as a twice fried toad. Fancy city education and all. It turned your head, twisted you from whats right. So I'll give you something to remember me by. You and that town of traitors, agreeing to dig up our lands. Let our family curse rest once more on your shoulders boy. You and all who follow in our line!"

    John left him to die alone. Disgusted at the old man, at his utter belief in such things.

    But he still couldn't quite erase the chill running up his spine.

    That had been a week ago. His people had come, they were getting set up and overall? Things looked to be just fine.

    In the distance, the sound of a horse screaming echoed over the plains.

    John turned curiously.

    Was that a light?

    He stepped out to the gate, peering out curiously. That didn't seem like a headlight of any sort. It flickered poorly and seemed smaller. Almost like....Flames.

    The thing came into view, before rearing up on hooves as it unleashed that scream once more.


    It was the black of coal and charred wood. Lightning struck, as flames flared bright. From its hooves to its mane and tail, fire burned brightly illuminating the monster in terrifying detail. John Marston knew what it was. A childhood terror, suddenly come to life.

    "Oh god. The Night Mare!"

    The Night Mare screamed and charged. Marston didn't stay to find out, running helter-skelter, fear lending him wings. He could hear the beat of hooves, feel the heat as his back. He stumbled up the porch and quickly slammed the door.

    Outside, there was a crunch of metal and shattered glass, a final scream and then silence. An hour later, John Marston took the opportunity to peek out from a window.

    His car was totaled. With nothing more to show for what had happened, save a hoofmark seared into the car like a terrifying brand.

    The Night Mare was real. His grandfathers curse had come to life and pale, John slumped to the floor.

    And it was coming for him.

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  5. When Gravity Fell and Earth became Sky.

    We feared the Beast with just one Eye.

    And now the time has come to burn.

    The Beast is back, he will return.




    That feeling of helplessness, the events of Weirdmageddon.

    Dipper dreamed of it every night, but never in such vivid and horrifying detail. He remembered his sisters arms, the trembling from him. And Bill's words as he strove to break his grunkles as he spoke, without all the jovial intonation he had come to expect.


    Dipper hugged his twin, horrified as he saw what it landed on, the emblem of a shooting star reflected in Bill's eye. He wanted to scream, he wanted to cry out. Not her. Take me.

    Please, take me instead.

    And though it had ended before he could do it, in his dreams the opposite occurred.


    Mabel would vaporize in a stream of heat, flesh ripping off the bone as she stared into his eyes and tried to smile for his sake.



    And Bill turned to look at him, as though they were having a pleasant, intimate conversation. Like before, his light voice in contrast sharp to everything around them as he spoke.

    "I'm coming back."


    He woke up almost about to scream.


    He looked around his surroundings and sighed out. Right...Just a dream. He wasn't thirteen. Bill was long since gone. And he and Mabel had long since split up, going their separate ways though he made sure to call her a lot. She was a teacher now, or so he recalled. The thought of her surrounded by children, helping them learn via her quirky ways always brought a smile to his face as he sighed and sat down on the desk installed into the wall of his new home.

    Gravity Falls had left its mark on all of them. In Dipper, it manifested into a desire to know. The world was full of mysteries and wonders and he wanted to seek them all out. To that end, he was taking one of the final steps in that direction, what would be his life's work.

    The Fourth Journal, penned by his own hand. To that end, he kept things simple. His mobile home and laboratory, a blog he ran detailing some of the mysteries he had solved along the way which gave him enough donations, in addition to some backers(thank you paypal) and of course- The all important tool to aide him best.

    The internet.

    He turned on his laptop and checked out the local scan of the day. Set to detect certain keywords, it weeded out the obvious fakes and tried its best to net in scraps of news that would actually pan out. This one looked particularly interesting and he stared, looking at the Texan paper article, detailing some kind of demonic horse. There was also some kind of auction in turn, coincidentally hosted by the victim of the attack. On hold now of course, till events settled but something compelled Dipper. Maybe it was his dream, maybe it was the sleepiness in him yet but he clicked on it anyway. Item #7, a wall hanging woven by a Blackfoot in the eighteenth century.

    He fell over in his chair, pale and shaking. Aloud, he spoke.

    "I'm gonna need some help on this."


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  6. [xtable=skin1|bcenter|95%x95%]
    {td=left|top|40%x45%}Name: Norville "Shaggy" Rogers

    Age: Thirty Three
    Race: Human/Wizard
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Blue
    Height: 6'2"

    Canon: Mystery Inc.
    Alignment: Scrupulous (Good) or Chaotic Good

    Faction Description: Mystery, Inc.

    High Concept: Jaded Street Wizard
    Aspect: Illumination isn't Pretty
    Aspect: Discretion is the Better Part of Survival
    Aspect: A Familiar Friend
    Stunt: Yoinks! - Because I have Seen What's Out There, I gain a +2 Whenever I am Quickly Overcoming an Obstacle where a speedy withdrawal would help.
    Stunt: When they Bump, I Bump Back - I gain a +2 when I Forcefully Attack or Carefully Defend against an opponent who has attacked me personally in this exchange.
    Stunt: A Little Help From My Friends - I gain a +2 when Carefully Creating an Advantage where knowledge from an ally or the physical presence of my familiar would help.{/td}
    Short Bio: Many think me a coward. This could not be further from the truth. I see what is out there, know what it is. And, most importantly, I know what I can kill, and what can't be killed. My world turned upside down the day my dog started talking to me. I'm an unusual type, an illumimatus, one of the few that sees the world for what it truly is. I don't recommend it. So, using my wealth, I put together a team, and a good one. Brawn in Fred Jones. A public face and additional financial support in Daphne Blake. A genius criminologist, Velma Dinkle. And of course, Scoob. Scooby-Doo is my familiar, or guide, totem spirit... Whatever you want to call it.
    It isn't always Old Man Jenkins behind the mask... Sometimes there's no mask at all, and sometimes, what's behind it will shatter you just by the looking. One last piece of advice, if you see me running - follow me.{/td}
    I can adapt this easily to the absence of a game system. Been waiting to dig this out again.
  7. Well, as long as he is adapatable, we have our Shaggy.

    ---- And this is not because I am desperate to finish the cast list before making the actual forum.
  8. So @Ringmaster @~Dark Disney~ @Michale CS, would you like me to wait for the cast to be filled before sign-ups...or just make the sign-up sheet and see if that attracts anyway?
  9. Its your show till I run this mystery, so up to you.
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  10. Like, whatever you want man, it's cool with me. As long as there's snacks, that is. Though it'd be really cool if we started soon so I can get back in the groove.
  11. Okay, I will make one before the week is over.
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