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  1. A big group of boys were taken and deposited on a secluded island out in the middle of a vast ocean. There was no adults, no rules, just the island and the boys that had newly been placed there like lab rats in a maze. There were boys of all different ages, sizes, ethnicities, race, religion... They all together had only one thing in common... They were all homosexual, whether they were open or closeted or just didn't want to admit it. They were all in fact gay. What will happen on this island? There may be more to it then what appears to the eye...


    1) We will be playing multiple characters.

    2) Your characters are the 'top' my characters are 'bottom.'

    3) I would like a descriptive rper, 1-4 paragraphs and in third person! One liners are so boring and I don't like first person while roleplaying!

    4) mature content will happen, cussing, violence, etc. I also do not mind mpreg happening.

    5) this will be taking place on a libertine thread. Not through pm's or email.

    6) Have fun! If you have any ideas please tell me! I want to keep this alive and interesting! ^.^

    7) I don't mind anime or realistic pictures or even descriptions.
  2. Sounds interesting
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  3. Thanks! :) pm me if you want to rp it with me! ^.^
Thread Status:
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