Lost Little People

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  1. Anna Burnhart lived quite a normal life for a 16 year old in Lake Benedict High school. She had friends around the school, an annoying little brother named Gary Burnhart who was always mean to her and a crush. A 17 year old soccer player named John Busen and of course wonderful parents. However, one car ride on her way home from school would change her life forever.
    "Turn the radio up Stacey! This is my song!" Gineen, One of Anna's friend said waving her arms in the car like she was in a concert. Stacy smiled, silently fulfilling the young woman's request by leaning over and turning up the dial attached to the radio.
    The unfortunate girl that had to sit next to the crazy Gineen dancing in the car was Anna who kept getting pushed accidentally every time the young dancer decided to move her arms over towards Anna's side.
    "Would you guys cut it out?" Arianna, the only girl who's more up-tight then the rest of us snapped. "I'm so hungry! When are we gonna eat?"
    "If your really hungry then we will stop by McDonalds on the way home" Stacy said camly.
    "Finally!" Arianna sighed, "I was about to contemplate eating one of you!"
    "Nice to know that we have good friends" Anna chuckled.
    Stacy turned to Anna briefly, "nice one" she said.
    Suddenly a figure trudged over in the middle of the road in front of the car that the four girls were in, however the girls didn't realize it right away for they were too busy talking.
    "Thanks!" Anna said smiling.
    "Oh my gosh look out!" Gineen shouted.
    Stacy spun around and swerved violently off the road as all the girls screamed.
    Anna slowly closed her eyes as she hears screaming from her friends. The young woman Could only see the broken window in front of him before she passed out.
    What seemed like a couple of days later, Anna's eyes slowly opened. Through the broken window she saw the bloody bodies of her friends everywhere.
    "Oh...oh God, what's going on?" She whimpered not able to take her eyes off the bodies.
    "Gineen? Stacy? Aressa? Can you hear me?" Anna shouted.
    Only eerie silence filled the air. After a moment of nothing Anna slowly started trying to sit up "I've got to get out of here," she thought out loud.
    Feeling a sharp pain as she sat up, she looked at the source. A long piece of glass was wedged into her lower leg. Using her other leg, she kicked the glass over and over until it broke. She sat there for a moment before grabbing the glass in her leg and ripping it out.
    She screamed but then stifled it when she heard something in the bushes.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.