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  1. Kiki peered curiously from behind a tree. She held her blanket tight around her as she stepped out, Blue flying high above. "Hello?" She asked a young man who looked like he had just been washed ashore. His black hair was plastered to his face. "Hey...c'mon...don't die." She said softly, kneeling by the water-logged human. She pressed a careful ear against his chest. Heart still beating. "Hey now." She tapped the side of his face gently with three fingers. "Wake up sleepyhead.." she said, watching him curiously. It seemed like forever since someone else was on the island! She whistled softly and Blue dropped down, landing carefully on top of the blanket, perching on her head.
  2. The first thing Keiji felt when he regained consciousness was an tap on the side of his face... Everything was a bright shade of red as the sunlight shone through is eyelids somewhat, as he started to become aware of his surroundings, he could hear a feminine voice speaking to him, but he couldn't quite make out the words yet. Slowly opening his eyes, he saw a girl, a little older than him standing over him, and as he started to stand up rather shakily, he noticed she was wearing strange clothes with a parrot perching on her head. Perhaps this encounter was a little odd, but he was glad to have company at this point in time, though he couldn't really remember how he got here "What... Happened?" he asked, realizing how dry his throat was as he spoke, it sounded more than a little raspy as he had nothing to drink nor eat ever since he was thrown overboard; he knew sea water wouldn't do him any good.
  3. Kiki shrugged, a slightly unsure look on her face. "I just found you here. I'm Kiara but you can call me Kiki. I think you got lost at sea sir...what's your name?" She asked, walking around him to check and see if he had any injuries. She didn't see any. She took a canteen off her hip and held it out to the man. "Here. It's water...you need some." She smiled a little. "Only sip though, or you'll get sick." Her voice had a slight accent to it, unlike any other countries. The parrot on her head chirped and she giggled, holding her finger over her head. It hopped on her finger. "This is Blue." She smiled. She seemed much younger than she looked.
  4. Keiji looked a little nervous as Kiki walked around him after asking for his name... But after she talked a little more and held out a canteen to him offering it out, with a warning, he smiled gratefully, taking the canteen carefully and sipping from it a little. After a moment, he gave it back to her and spoke now that his throat was less parched "I'm Keiji..." he said, his voice still rather quiet as it usually was. As the parrot which Kiki seemed to be good friends with, hopped onto her finger, she introduced it to him as "Blue", indeed a fitting name, he smiled a little and waved to it noticing how Kiki seemed to behave younger than she seemed to be. Perhaps it was just the dizziness he was feeling or something, though she did mention he might have been lost at sea, and thinking back a little... He was indeed on a ship, the last thing he remembered was some big wave washing him overboard and everything going back, he shuddered a little as he realized how close he'd come to drowning in all that chaos.
  5. "Nice to meet you Keiji! C'mon, I'm on a patrol, but after I'm done I'll show you my-" she stopped, peeking around him. Was that another person? In the same day?! Her face lit up. "TWO people?! Is it Christmas or something?!" She giggled and grabbed Keiji's hand. "C'mon, let's see if this person's awake!" She said with a giggle and a smile. Obviously she was excited to have new people on the island. Careful not to pull him over, Kiki led Keiji towards the new wash-up (Cheiko).
  6. Keiji was a little confused at what Kiki was looking at at first until he turned around and saw what he saw... Someone seemed to have washed on shore, perhaps fellow shipmates? Before he could say anything though, Kiki had already grabbed his hand and lead him towards the new people, he couldn't really argue or resist anyways since he was still a little tired, but he too was curious.
  7. Kiki knelt down beside the new stranger. She did the same as before, a gentle ear to the chest for a heartbeat check, a gentle hello, then tapping the cheek with three fingers. She slid the blanket off her shoulders, as the sun was hot. She wore a brown t-shirt that the sleeves were cut off and it was cut just under her ribs. She also wore a pair of old jeans that had been cut very short, no shoes. Her white hair was roughly cut with a knife and just hung in waves from her head. "C'mon newcomer, wake up now." She said gently.
  8. Cheiko slowly opens his eyes, wincing as they got used to the light. Everything was blurry... and he could hear voices! Not to mention he was soaking we- he remembered now. The tsunami... It came crashing in like nothing he'd ever seen before. The element of water was never something to underestimate.
    "Gah! Where are my glasses? I can't see a thing!" Cheiko suddenly bursts out as he squints, unable to make out the blurred faces around him as his hands scrambled around at the floor. His glasses were laying not too far away from him, glinting in the sun, but Cheiko was looking in the completely wrong direction for him.
    Glasses... glasses..." He mutters frantically. He hated seeing everything blurry, so much so that he was almost oblivious to the people around him.
  9. Kiki fell backwards as the man suddenly seemed to explode to life. She frowned. "Mister..." She glanced around and picked up the glasses she thought he was referring to. "These?" She asked him, going over and resting a hand on his shoulder. She grabbed his hand and placed the glasses in his palm. "Are these yours?" She asked, picking up her blanket and returning it to her shoulders, despite the heat. "What's your name?" She asked him, glancing back at Keiji and motioning him over. Blue was once more circling over them.
  10. "A-ah! Excellent." Cheiko says gratefully as he takes the glasses, fumbling with them a little as he slid them onto his face. As soon as the pair of glasses were over his eyes, he sighed calmly and stopped crawling at the ground, seemingly absolutely fine and calm now as he dusts sand off his trousers, and wrings a little water out of the tie of his black uniform.
    "My apologies. Without my glasses, I can't see a thing, and I turn a little eccentric when I can't see. A little trait of mine." Cheiko says in a much more calm and less panicked voice as he stands up straight, wrinkling his nose a little at the smell of saltwater at his clothes.
    "Hmm? My name? Well, madam, you may call me Cheiko. Pleased to meet you." Cheiko says with a polite bow as his eyes look around the area, and his face flares up with a bit of concern.
    "Where on Earth did that tsunami take me... no matter! I have a radio in my briefc...a..s...e..." Cheiko mutters towards the end with realisation that his briefcase was nowhere to be seen.
    "*Ahem*. Well then, madam, do you live around this area? I may require some assistance to get back home. Your name is...?" Cheiko asks politely as he wipes his glasses with his shirt sleeve.
  11. Kiki stared at him a moment and shook her head, rolling her eyes a little. "No radio contact out here. I guess you could say I live here. I'm Kiki, and this is Keiji, he's like you." She smiled a little. "You're on the Lost Island, or at least that's what wash-ups like you usually call it. I call it the Forbidden Island because it's extremely rare that anyone shows up." She shrugged, turning and shielding her eyes as she looked over the forest. "We have 9 hours before sunset...c'mon. I have to finish patrol and I can't just leave you here. Water?" She held her canteen out to him. "Just a few sips though, as too much will make you sick." She said, smiling at Keiji a little before looking further down the beach. This man with the glasses...he seemed to...what's the word. Political? Something like that. Kiki sighed softly. Keiji seemed a little more like the people she remembered when she was little. Nice and go-with-the-flow kinda people.
  12. Keiji waved a little shyly standing further back from the two, other than his parents he hadn't been around people, and now that he was more conscious of the fact... The presense of neq acquantances made him a little nervous, but he wasn't even close to being familiar with whatver was on this island like Kiki was, so he started approaching the two slowly but surely. It seemed they were stuck together for a while, so he'd have to get used to the company of others, as much as it made him uncomfortable now, as he neared the two, he realized how close he was to the water and stopped rather abruptly, partly in fear, partly because he was as close as he could get to them for the time being. He occasionally found himself glancing at the waves a little further from them with a nervous expression now that he was a little closer and aware of what could happen within them.
  13. a little boy drifts onto an unknown island, barely breathing he lays there, all of a sudden he gets air through his lungs, making him choke, He spits the water and sits up, His heart beating fast,"Brother, mother,father!?" he yells, He stands up and looks around, First he was on land, now hes on an island, The boys begins shreading tears, not knowing where he was
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  14. "Oh? Thank you." Cheiko says as he takes a sip from the canteen. He wasn't exactly parched, but a sip of water was just what he needed to help him think straight. He gives a polite bow to the other person standing behind Kiki.
    "The Lost Island, you say? Can't say I've ever heard of the place... but I suppose we'll be staying here for a while if there's no radio contact out here. I appear to have lost my briefcase, as well... that had all my work in it..." He mumbles towards the end with a little annoyance, but it was important to keep his head as he pushes the glasses up onto his face, and they give a little glint in the sunlight. He then passes the canteen back to Kiki, realising he was still holding it.
    "So... apart from us, are there any other people he- oh!" Cheiko begins, but stops his sentence as he could of sworn he heard some yelling coming from the distance.
    "Did anyone else hear that? Or is the heat getting to me already, haha!" Cheiko jokes as he wipes his glasses with his shirt again; they were really steaming up in the heat. He was wondering a little why the woman had rolled her eyes at him - but this had happened many times before when he talked to other people. He figured he just sounded somewhat irritable in the way he talked.
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  15. Kiki tensed at the sound of yelling. She frowned a little. More people? Something was wrong...this many people at once? Well, true, 3 people were not a lot, but she felt like it was something bad. "Yeah....Lost Island..." She was quiet. She could hear the faint sounds of...crying. Her frown turned to one of slight concern. Crying? That was never good. "Let's go, someone else is here." She said, quickly attaching the canteen to her belt again and whistling. Blue landed on Cheiko's shoulder. She looked at the little bird sternly. "Make sure they don't get in trouble."
    The little bird chirped, ruffling his feathers. Kiki nodded. "Follow me, stay on the beach, and if you get left behind Blue will show you where I am." She said quickly, obviously in a rush to get to this next person. She knew being stranded on an island in the blazing sun after being lost at sea was not every good for the body. She quickly turned, taking off. She ran fast, careful not to kick up a lot of sand, and saw another boy just a little away. She skipped slightly, slowing down beside him. Seeing him in tears, her first instinct was to hug him.
    So she did.
    "Shh. It's okay." She let go. "Wipe those tears away, okay?" She said gently.
    Blue chirped, little eyes concentrated in the direction Kiki had disappeared in. He'd obviously known what he was supposed to do.
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  16. The boy sat in the sand crying, His hands digging in the sand, He then saw a girl running two him, The girl hugeed him, He held on to the blanket type cloth,Gripping it, A minute passed as the tears slowly went away, The women let go and he wiped the tears with his hand,"H..Hello" He smiled, He stood up and hugged her legs "Do you know where my mommy is, I was in a city, now i'm here" After the hug, he dust the sand off him and went into his pocket taking a necklace, "My mommy got this made for me, she said if i'm lost or scared hold this against my heart" He smiled at her as he placed it against his chest
  17. Kiki smiled softly, taking the boy's other hand. "I'm sorry, I don't know where your mommy is, but it's okay. You're safe here. Okay?" She said softly, taking the blanket off her shoulders and wrapping it around him. She giggled. "You're a wet kid, y'know." she said. "I'm Kiki. What's your name?" she asked him, helping him to his feet. She knew they needed to keep moving, but she wanted the others to catch up and make sure this kid was alright before continuing. He looked so young...so lost.
    She couldn't leave them here alone, obviously.
    And she did not want to be out after dark.
  18. Keiji followed Kiki as she told him to, feeling a cold breeze blowing behind him, and looking around as he was walking, he realized how low the sun was getting in the sky, night was falling soon. The dark didn't bother him too much, but he didn't know what the night would bring in a place like this, but at the sime time he knew he couldn't leave that little boy that was found laying on the beach all alone, and plus; it's not like he knew the island too well anyways. As he drew closer after the little boy had been taken care of, he waved a little again as reserved as he usually was watching from a distance for the time being.
  19. "My... what a beautiful bird! I've never seen anything quite like it!" Cheiko remarks as Blue lands on his shoulder, then he pushes the glasses up onto his face as he follows behind Keiji and Kiki, reminding himself to stay focused. It was then they found the source of the crying: a small child, left all alone on the beach. Today seemed to be a good day for getting lost on an island in the middle of nowhere, it seemed. Cheiko approaches the small boy once Kiki stops hugging him, kneeling down to his height as he gives a pleasant smile, pushing the glasses up on his face once more as he did so.
    "That's a very nice necklace, young man!" Cheiko says with a small gesture to the nice necklace around him, trying to make himself appear friendly at the least.
    "I'm a little lost here, too. So you're not the only one, don't worry, haha! My name is Cheiko. Kiki here found me washed up as well; I'm sure we'll find a way to get to your mother eventually." He reassures him politely as he tries to make the kid feel a bit more comfortable.
  20. Kiki stood suddenly and there was a growl from the trees. She didn't look too worried. She looked at them, then at the boy. Kneeling down again, she picked him up, blanket and all. He was a little heavy, but not as bad as some of the rocks she's carried. "C'mon, we need to move." she said calmly. As she walked, she spoke to the boy. "Would you like some water?" She asked.
    Blue chirped, still on Cheiko's shoulder, and leaned forwards as if saying to follow.
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