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    Lillian lived as part of an ancient tribe, they who had the power to travel through time.
    However, use of this power came with a cost, ranging from minor injuries up to comas.
    Lillian was in the midst of a raging fire brought on by a warring tribe who lived across the valley.
    They had assaulted her home and was burning it to the ground. She had to escape and so
    she used her power. But she was in such a rush to escape the flames she hadn't selected
    a time period and so when she wound up in a forest outside of a more modern society,
    she was so lost and confused that she didn't know what to do. She was in the present
    day city of New York, stumbling through the small forest left on the outer edge of the bustling
    city. She pushed through the final shrubs and treeline, collapsing on the ground and falling
    into an unconscious state.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Jack is his name. Many find his abilities interesting. He comes from a tribe of amphibians know as the Abeblal. He is considered the run away monkey prince. He left not feeling ready to lead with all the responsibility his father had begun to place on him he wished for more fun in the world. He managed to go all the way to the small forest that was left in New York city. His specialties was close range or using a staff, climbing, and using not just his hands but feet. He also had mystical powers his tribe possessed of nature. He just wasn't as good at some of the task of using this ancient magic of his kind as his father.

    Jack making his usual rounds swinging in the forest once more from stealing near by from a zoo. He never understood the cages but the food was free. Then he almost tripped over someone much farther away. He had never seen her around before he thought he of all people might would know. She he could tell was unconscious. He poked her with the staff to see if she might move.
  3. She still lay still, breathing faintly and remaining unconscious. She was lying on her side and wasn't moving or showing any signs
    that she was okay. There was a small bruise on her forehead, a cut on her side, and a burn on her wrist. These wounds had no
    apparent source which would leave anyone puzzled as to where they had come from, but her being unconscious supplied a more
    urgent issue. There was an amulet not but a few feet away form where she lay, a sparkling crescent moon shaped crystal hanging
    from it's chain. She seemed more or less healthy but she wasn't going to wake up any time soon, and if anything she needed to be
    moved from the grass where someone else might trip over her.
  4. Jack watched seeing the girl was breathing gave a sigh of relief. he didn't wish to find a dead body so seeing she was alive was a good thing. He could see she seemed injured and sighed knowing he couldn't leave her like this then his eye caught a sparkling crystal. Grinning being the girl was unconscious he figured it was hers. But being shiny he figured he'd hold on to it for her. Maybe hide it see if she wouldn't notice. Jack made his staff sit and he seemed to stand only in it. He bent down and picked up the item then pocketed it. Next he looked at the girl judging if he could lift her. Jack let his tail grab his staff and he then bent to lift picking her up. He then began to slowly walk toward his home which was a home near the woods how he managed it many did not know.
  5. Despite her appearing to be somewhat heavy, she was fairly lightweight and easy to move. The crystal had a glow to it,
    almost like it had a light in it but just bright enough to shine through the fabric of your pocket with a dim blueish white
    color. Her ear twitched but she remained unconscious, still showing no signs of waking.
    (( Gonna have fairly short posts for the time being even though I said at least a paragraph, gonna be hard writing much when my char is unconscious...))
  6. (I always have been told at least three sentences is a paragraph so your fine so far to my understanding. Or well the school I went to and same districts understanding. And it's fine.)

    Jack wasn't surprised much by her weight not much different than when his father made him try to help carry any injured from the tribe. He just always struggled climbing when carrying someone. Jack noticed his pocket glow and glanced understanding it was the crystal he moved his tail to try and hide it from any wondering eyes. Who else he may see before he made it home Jack was unsure. The house he lived in was a few blocks away and it was three two stories and had a basement throughout he had made it looked like the perfect home for any monkey. He headed for the street he lived on turning right down the road.
  7. Clouds began to gather in the sky, and thunder split the silence that had fallen on the neighborhood.
    Everyone seemed to be indoors and nobody was really outside, very few cars passing by. It was eerie
    and not normal for this part of the neighborhood. Lillian wasn't aware she was being taken somewhere
    safer than where she had collapsed only minutes ago, but she knew she wasn't where she should be.
    She was lost, and something had gone horribly wrong when she had leapt through time.
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  8. Jack looked up seeing the clouds showing how it would soon rain and possible hard. The rain always felt nice but usually he was only out when it was light. He knew the reason they hadn't seen anyone was simple the rain. Which soon thunder sounded making Jack's ears twitch at the loud sound. He always hated thunder storms as a kid they bothered his hearing making him feel uneasy. He had no idea who this girl was but that wasn't going to stop him. He soon went from walking on two legs to running where one hand was still keeping the girl safely on him along with his tail which moved from blocking the glow. He was running soon they would make it and he would just need the key.
  9. Soon rain began to fall from the darkening sky, but rain seemingly couldn't touch you or Lillian.
    Almost as if there was a dome over the two of you, the rain sliding down a sot of protective shield.
    It was strange, but it was better than getting soaked. Regardless, Lillian still did not stir, the glow
    of the amulet becoming stronger as the rain fell in great sheets and thunder continued to pound
    like drums of war. Soon, lightning began to split the sky and the thunder quieted down, the rain
    still pouring down but falling onto a invisible shield, each drop of rain producing a faint blue glow when
    it hit the shield.
  10. Jack slowed as he realized the rain wasn't hitting them then stood stopping. The sound still bothering him but it became more faint as the storm ran on. He could see his pocket glowing even more. He figured perhaps this girl like him had strange powers. That or it was simply the crystal she possessed. More reason for it to draw his interest. Finally he continued to walk and soon the arrived at his home. The whole way he wondered what magic could be making the drops of rain miss them every time. He let his hand in his pocket with the crystal and pulled out a key then turned the lock and opened the door. He closed and locked it behind him. He took her up to his guest room and layed her down. What to do next he wasn't sure maybe get her a drink for when she woke up? He went down and picked up apple juice and banana juice not sure which she might prefer and went back up then placed the two down and climbed at a spot he had for a seat above the door.
  11. ((Mind if I do a time jump? Just gonna go a few hours forward so we don't have to sit trough the storm and all while Lillian is unconscious...))
  12. (Fine by me. You don't think where moving to fast for others to join do you? Oh and when we get more people we may should have an ooc even)
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    Derek lived in a tribe of winged animals and reptiles known as the Aragosi. They were a vast and very technologically advanced tribe with a single goal in mind: eliminate magic, and replace it with their technology. They, unlike so many other tribes, were not blessed with powers of manipulation or sorcery, but rather given wings, wings that couldn't even help them fly, more of an accessory than a use. So they used inventions and mechanics in order to dispose of anything magical.
    They warred constantly with these tribes, and held several trials of sorcery and witchcraft. They were largely successful for the majority of the time, but there were a few defeats, and some of the more cowardly tribes used their magic to escape their reach. The Aragosi prospered as an empire and late, as a nation.
    Now, in this time, they have other things to worry about than magic-users, they now have a people to cater to, but to instill a hurting on those who use magic, an order of elite warriors was created to find and kill any of them, it didn't matter the way, just how many they killed. They were simply called Hunters & Huntresses.
    Darak was a Hunter himself, most conventionally, with a group of henchmen at his beckon call, and a lot of kills under his belt, he felt pretty satisfied with the work he's done, so he mainly just roams around New York and does nonchalant things.
    Conveniently, he was in the vicinity of Jack and Lillian, although the rain impeded him from going out to meet them. He didn't like getting his fur all wet, shaggy, and bundled up in knots, but then again, what animal does?
    When the rain cleared, and the sun shone, the orange-eyed wolf arose out of the building holding a coffee mug and pocketing a weapon, not knowing the actual events of how the girl got here or how the monkey got there, but all he knew was that the girl was unconscious. She needed help, and believe it or not, Derek was a generally nice guy, to non-magic users. He quickly ran over to her, looked at the monkey, than back at her, he asked the monkey; "Oh my goodness, what happened to her? Was she hit with something?"He shook her a bit, then splashed his coffee in her face, hoping to wake her up.
    "C'mon, you, don't make me call the authorities!"
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  14. Jack could hear someone at the window and swung upside down looking at the man. "I found her on the side of the round and almost fell. Then well thought it would be better to bring her inside and help her." He stated and then did a jump at the coffee. Jack manged to turn quickly to fall on his feet. and held his staff. "Now no need for authorities just yet." He stated. "I don't know if that's the best place to have her wake up..." He thought a moment. "Well I don't know how she'll act here." He spoke more to himself the second time. "Now the marks look like burns and they seem rather fresh don't you think maybe a fire?" He commented. 'Or maybe a scourer she ran into?' He thought to himself not sure how she got this way. He also hoped when she woke up she wouldn't be mad about the coffee for that wasn't him he had placed fresh ice moments ago while it was still raining in the two different things of juice.​
  15. (( Gonna say the storm has passed and there are still a few clouds but it is later in the day around 530 PM. ))

    She wearily opened her eyes, sore for some reason and seeing a monkey and something appearing to be a mix
    between a wolf and a bat standing before her. Her vision was blurred momentarily but soon she could see more
    clearly, sitting up and rubbing her forehead.
    " Wh- where am I? Who are you two? Actually, when am I?"
    She looked through a window and saw buildings much different than what she was used to back in her time period.
    She stretched a bit and soon realized she was somewhat drenched with coffee, shaking her head so that it came out
    of her hair and proceeding to try and dry it out of her shirt.
    " And what is all over me?"
  16. Jack noticed the girl wake and moved his face a bit closer till she seemed to be okay a bit he then relaxed and moved back. "That's a lot of questions for someone who just woke up." He stated and climbed his staff. "Well your in New York." He said looking at his hand to count the answers to her questions. "I'm Jack... He's a fella who was also worried about an injured pretty lady." He stated counting a second figure. "Now when. Well when do you think? I'm serious I'm horrible with dates even the day most of the time." He stated replying to the third making another figure point out. He then looked at her seeing she was working on the going to be stan more than likely. "Three that would be coffee from our buddy here." He said letting his tail point to the man. "Now I wasn't sure if you would be thirst there is apple juice and banana juice on the table to your right if you'd like." He stated then jumped. "And I guess if you want I might could find something for you to wear so I could wash those if you'd like." He said and grinned. "Oh aww hmm...." He said trying to think if he was forgetting something. "Oh yes... If you wouldn't mind sharing what happened to you? I mean why might you have been unconscious on the side walk earlier? Hmm..."
  17. " I'm sorry I was unconscious on the what now? "
    Being that she was form another time period, she hadn't the slightest clue what a sidewalk was.
    She then noticed the glowing from your pocket and immediately became somewhat angered.
    She stood up from the bed, wobbling a bit at first but then regaining her balance.
    " You weren't thinking about stealing my amulet were you?"
    She had her hands propped on her hips and a scowl on her face. That amulet was precious to her and
    she wasn't going to let a monkey take it form her.
  18. Derek cocked his head and grunted at the monkey's response before finally adding; "Well, she better wake up soon, and warm coffee works every time."

    Soon enough afterwards, she woke up, completely unaware of her surroundings, or where she was, signaling that somebody knocked her out and dragged her here, or worse, used magic to put her in a trance! All assumptions aside, he introduced himself and gave her the debrief; "I am Derek. What went all over you was my morning coffee. It seemed to wake you up, so I wouldn't get too mad, but I'd wash myself if I were you, coffee gets sticky, and sticky is annoying to the fur. By the looks of you, you were here for only a few hours, which is strange considering you could've easily been found by anyone, worse people than us. You are on the sidewalk of New York City, If you don't know what New York City is, then you have problems. And as for the time, if that's what you're asking, it's 5:08PM on Tuesday." He went over to the table the monkey made, and crossed his arms at him, "You mean to tell me you were with her for so long, that took her in here, got a table, got her drinks and food, AND nobody saw a damn thing? People are really oblivious to the world if you ask me. Logic out the window..." Derek noticed the glowing amulet, and narrowed his eyes at the girl and monkey, he changed the subject, suddenly growing increasingly angry with each moment of staring, although his words seem to just barely hold it in, "Do you mind telling me a few things, first of all, I would like for you to explain your last thoughts before you got here, and fell unconscious, then, I want for you to tell me why exactly your ring is GLOWING? It's SURELY an L.E.D bulb, right?"
  19. Jack listened to the two then remembering the thing he picked up of the girl's he shrugged. "Well first off to answer the lady's question. I didn't plan on stealing it. Well unless.... Is it valuble?" He asked curious having an idea what he might could get from it. ThenJack shook himself. "Well if it is I still wouldn't steal it." He stated hoping to get her to relax. Then he was quiet a moment on Derek's comment. "Well I'm not sure why no one seemed to care about a monkey holding a fox." Jack stated with a shrug. "Maybe it was the fact that it started to rain." He stated then seemed to lean on his staff. "Now yes she has been here long enough for me to have drinks and snacks ready for when she woke up. I figured after being out for so long she could be hungry we she came to." He stated with a grin. "Hey I may be a monkey but I have manners for house guest."
  20. Derek raised an eyebrow at the monkey, and nodded in agreement; "Yeah, I guess it does make sense to do that, given you had hours to do it, and I'm not poking at you because you are a monkey...now, about the amulet..." He gave Lillian an angered glance before turning back to the monkey. "Since she won't be doing any of the talking, you mind telling me how that thing glows?" He gave Jack a courteous gesture of his head, pleading him to answer.
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